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What Is a Twitter Card?

Whether you have used twitter cards or not, you have definitely seen them in your Twitter feed. We can define a Twitter card as content shared via your tweets and promoting your products or services. Video, audio or other media attachments to your tweets are various types of Twitter cards. These tweets have a link to the company’s website inside, which makes them a perfect source of a traffic increase.

Twitter cards first appeared when Twitter posts were 140 characters in length. Companies used them as an additional source to catch conversion. Later when Twitter increased the post’s length to 280 many users still did not have enough space to engage followers and continued Twitter cards application.

In addition to engagement growth, Twitter cards have several other advantages for your business account:

  1. Growth of followers
  2. Higher posts attractiveness
  3. Growth in conversions from target customers
  4. Growth of website traffic

What Is a Twitter Summary Card: Get It Started

The easiest way to create your card is to follow Twitter instruction :

  • Choose the card type you plan to use
  • Add the necessary meta tags – this will help to describe all the features
  • Run your site’s URL through the validator tool to perform testing. Remember that Player Card requires whitelisting. As a result, you will receive the code, which you can place to your website
  • After testing or whitelisting make an URL posting and see how it displays in your Twitter

A good practice is to preview your Twitter card before posting using PromoRepublic posting tool. Such an approach will guarantee that your post appears as you expect. Taking into account the importance of brand reputation for any company, you should not skip out on this opportunity.

There are several types of twitter cards:

Summary Card.

example of summary card

The name of this card clearly refers to its meaning. It presents the preview of the site content through several main elements: image, title, and description. In most cases, companies display the site URL at the bottom of the Twitter smart card serving as a perfect option for traffic boost to their sites. You can also use this card type to promote your new article in the blog, demonstrate a new product feature or inform about a brand’s news.

Summary Card with Large Image

example of summary card with large image

The specificity of this card type lies in its image size. Whereas smart twitter card can incorporate image at least 120X120 pixels, a card with large image typically contains picture no less than 280X120 pixels in size. Such image attracts the user’s attention and work perfectly for the demonstration of new product feature or highlighting some important event.

Player card

example of player card

This card perfectly displays the multimedia content, including videos and audios. You can watch video clips with just a single click on a Twitter account. Following the growing trend of video popularity among users, it can serve as your unique marketing tool.

App Card

The idea of this card is to sell the mobile app advertisement to the users. Such ticket typically includes the preview of your app icon, a brief description of your product or service and in some cases the rating of your app at the store. If you have recently launched a new app, it is a great place to inform your customers about it.

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