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What Is Facebook Ads Manager?

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We can define Facebook ads manager as a specialized ads tool helping to create, develop and monitor various marketing campaigns on Facebook. It allows the preparation of customized reports concerning the results of your ads performance and sharing these reports with other team members. 

You can access the Ads Manager through the link that will open your Ads Manager account, select “Business Manager” section within the Facebook menu or use Ads Manager app to access your account at any time and place.

How to Use Facebook Ads Manager

You can start the campaign on Facebook in a number of ways – through quick creation or guided creation. The first approach helps to automate the campaign’s start setting up its parameters in one window. You can create ad sets and campaigns simultaneously. The second approach is more complicated and consists of several important steps:

  • Set up of the goals of the ad – it can be traffic growth to your site (conversions), raising a brand’s popularity or the attraction of new customers
  • Name your campaign – remember to provide a meaningful name to easily find this campaign in future reports
  • Set up the target audience – here you can choose the saved audience – the people you have already targeted through your ads or make a decision to construct a new group. Facebook will help you to understand how many potential customers you are likely to reach with your future ads
  • Determine the placement for your ads. Automatically, they will be displayed in your Facebook and Instagram accounts, but it is better to optimize the placement according to the goals of your campaign
    Determine your budget for this campaign
  • Set up your Facebook ads schedule – this is the final step in Facebook ads campaign when you determine how your final advertisement will look like, where and how often it will appear

Remember to use important features of Facebook Ads Manager to make your campaigns even more successful, including:

  1. Choice of devices to show your ads
  2. Determination of the page where the ad will be displayed
  3. Usage of contact lists in targeting
  4. Choice of the audience with similar demographics and interests as your target customers
  5. Performance of A/B testing to determine the most effective campaigns

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ads Manager on Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager as any other tool has advantages and drawbacks for its users.

Some of its pros are more or less obvious:

  • You do not have to pay for it
  • You can save time – all campaigns are stored in one location and you do not have to switch between accounts to monitor their performance
  • You can manage your campaigns efficiently – again when you see the actions of your marketing managers you can improve communication and collaboration on various questions related to ads

In addition, you raise the security of your Facebook accounts as you can manage the admin roles on your page and ensure the protection of any private information within your accounts.

At the same time, a number of drawbacks still exist:

  • You have to spend too much time to set up your Facebook Ads Manager. It might not be a straightforward task and its interface requires a long period to master
  • You do not have the opportunity to remove ads accounts
  • You can come across various bugs on the go

Nevertheless, if you are a marketing agency or a business owner working on a number of product lines Facebook Ads Manager can make your marketing efforts more effective.

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