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What Is Facebook Community Page?

If you have created a Facebook Business Page, you might see that while creating your page there are other options such as community pages. Definition of Community Page on Facebook is as simple as its name. The goal of this page is to unite communities on certain topics. It helps users to learn about certain topic and exchange their views and thoughts on it. Finding people with similar views you can make new friends and form the live map of important connections.

The Facebook Community Page is similar to any other page on Facebook with some important differences:

  • It is not administered by a single author
  • The stories from it will not appear in your News Feed

An interesting thing here, which many people miss, is that your profile automatically links to various pages following your discussions of related topics and interests. For example, if you study in certain a College and shared this information in your personal profile description it is very likely that you can find yourself on the Community Page of this college.

What Is the Difference between a Facebook Business Page and a Community Page?

Facebook Community Page meaning presumes that it has not anything to do with business issues. It a space for discussion and being acquainted with something interesting. The only thing you have to do to become member of such a page is to like it. It is also different from Business Page in terms of transparency. Facebook constantly watches a Business Page and people are not able to express their true feelings and attitude to some topics. A Community Page is for the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

The important thing for business owners is that your Business Page can become Community Page at any time. It means you can lose control over it. When you attract many followers and the content of your page goes viral, you have to be prepared for such a transformation.

As a business owner, you can follow several pieces of advice to control any Community Pages related to your brand:

  1. Control mentions of your page content with any monitoring tool
  2. Control any negative comments on your page and respond to them immediately
  3. Sign up to all the Community Pages related to your Business and ask for the administrative role on them
  4. Monitor your Wikipedia content for it to remain accurate

Types of Community Pages

There are Facebook Administered Community Pages and User Administered One. Community Pages administered by Facebook has content taken from Wikipedia. Facebook automatically generates new content based on keywords and search results on the topic. Certainly, you can also create such a page yourself and it will be called User Administered.

Follow these simple steps to generate the new Community Page:

  • Start a new page
  • Enter its name, category choice is not required
  • Write information about the page
  • Update page constantly

Remember that the content of this page is public, but you can control the privacy settings to customize the content you like to show. If you have Business Page on Facebook, you should not worry much about the creation of the Community Page as well. A good thing is to control your brand mentions and Community Pages related to your brand. In addition, if you start a new project and you want it to become viral, a Community Page may be a good place to start.

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