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What Is Instagram Live?

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Instagram Live can be defined as a feature in Instagram Stories allowing users to broadcast videos to followers and engage them in real-time. You can use this feature both for individual and business needs. Let’s examine some interesting ways to promote your product or service through a live Instagram story.

Tip 1. Make an announcement about the new product launch. You can simply inform the audience about a new product, present the tutorial or show demo.

Tip 2. Show business activities behind-the-scenes.It works perfectly for the marketing of complex products. You can also show how your team works on new product releases or use Instagram Live stream to illustrate the step-by-step production of your goods.

Tip 3. Organize live chat with your clients – you can schedule an interview with your top customer, arrange Q&A session or present them with special discounts during the live Instagram session. The other option is to connect influencers with your potential leads to boost direct traffic to your feed.

Tip 4. Broadcast from a live event focused on your company’s promotion or charity fundraising.

Investigate Instagram Live Stream Features.

The main features available during Instagram live feed are:

  • Broadcast live in real-time
  • Engage with followers through likes and comments in real-time
  • Save live video to stories, place proper #hashtags and make them available for your followers
  • Place most popular comments at the top of the screen

How to Make Live Video on Instagram

Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide to gain the maximum from your live stream on Instagram:

Step 1. Prepare for broadcasting beforehand – make the proper announcement to attract your, record a test video to check the light and sound, check the settings to manage your future live audience.

Step 2. Start Instagram Live by clicking the button with +sign near Your Story Profile Photo. Choose Live, Normal or Boomerang mode for broadcasting. Click Start Live Video button when you are ready to start.

Step 3. Manage your followers on the go – answer live comments and initiate new discussions during Instagram Live feed. You can also turn off the commenting or place comments controls

Step 4. End the live feed through tapping the proper button and make a screenshot of the number of views you had.

Step 5. Save and/or Share the stream with your followers during the next 24 hours.

Such Instagram Live Stories can be beneficial for your business ensuring engagement growth through live interaction with followers. It is also a great example of an effective marketing campaign with no budget. If you only develop your digital presence or require a new powerful instrument to success in the online world, make sure to start your next live stream right away. Remember to use proper social media analytical tools to track the results of your future broadcasts.

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