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What Is Link in Bio on Instagram?

Most social media platforms provide some opportunities for users to information about their business. For example, on Facebook, you can provide information about your business in the “About” section. Similar opportunities exist in Linked and Twitter. However, Instagram for the long term remained the only platform without a direct link to your bio. The reason for that lies in the nature of the Instagram architecture. It does not allow including clickable links anywhere within its interface.

Currently, the situation changed and the single hyperlink in the Instagram bio is present. “The link in bio” means the clickable URL appearing in your Instagram profile description, which provides essential information about your business and your products. It typically contains the link to the corporate website or business page on Instagram and contacts to get in touch with your company.

How to Use the Link in Bio for Instagram

The Instagram bio link is a perfect place for target customers to learn more about your company and your brand. It is a great spot to build higher engagement with potential customers, attract influencers and promote your product.

The most popular areas for “link in bio” application are:

  • Promotion of your product or service
  • The attraction of the target customers to the new product launch
  • Promotion of the big event related to your brand
  • Special discount and offerings for Instagram users
  • Information on your most important products
  • Transfer of potential customers to your website, podcast or YouTube channel
  • Link to video or blog post with unique content

The links for Instagram bio requires special attention in terms of analytics. You have to constantly monitor and adjust the content in your bio to achieve your marketing goals. The more you analyze how your Instagram bio link is performing, the higher the chance to achieve your social media goals. Remember to adjust the content after some time, as Instagram users look for innovation and will be happy to see the interesting updates in your Instagram bio.

How to Add Link in Instagram Bio

As you remember, there is only one place in Instagram to place your link URL, hence think for a while what to display here and follow the special algorithm to add the proper hyperlink in Instagram bio:

  1. Open your Instagram application
  2. Click your personal profile icon at the top of the screen to enter it
  3. Click “Edit Profile” button
  4. Write a brief description of your bio – it should include no more than 150 characters
  5. Place @ to provide a link to the profiles connected to your Instagram account, it can be a link to your Instagram business page or page of a specific product
  6. Add a link to your corporate website
  7. Add contacts

It is also popular to add hashtags to your bio in the form of #. This symbol has to mark all the publications related to your Instagram account and has to associate with your brand. Instagram will help you to choose among popular hashtags in your field to choose the most suitable ones for your business needs.

Remember that other people on Instagram will not be happy if you tag them within your bio, hence provide links only to the accounts being relevant for your business. Keep in mind to update the Instagram bio links after a while to raise your audience engagement.

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