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What Is News Feed on Facebook?

If you work on your social media marketing strategy, you definitely consider Facebook one of the most important parts of this strategy. To achieve success in Facebook marketing, you have to learn news feed Facebook meaning and understand its algorithm.

The Facebook news feed finds its place in the center part of your home page and shows updates from people and pages that are popular among users. It also includes third party advertisements. The content finds its place following the algorithm that takes into account the number of people discussing and sharing similar content, the type of content, posts recency, type of post (image, video, link, etc.) and the engagement of other people with this post.

The users can also control their news feed adjusting the preferred content within Facebook settings. This algorithm is constantly changing, therefore, it is important to monitor the updates to adjust your content customization.

How Does Facebook News Feed Work?

To prepare the proper content for your business page it is essential to understand the main values of Facebook news feed:

  1. Friends and family posts are the priority
  2. Relevant information for the user – the content, which is most relevant for the user according to his recent activity on the page – posts, comments, and shares, appears in news feed after friends and family posts
  3. Unique stories – Facebook prefers unique pieces of content to spam
  4. Customized experience – user have an opportunity to customize their news feed through unfollowing or highlighting of some posts. Afterward, the future news display adjusts according to the user’s preferences

You should also know that Facebook sometimes launches new products like live video and to test how many people will use these products algorithm starts to make many posts about them. Such posts will disappear from your news feed after some time.

How to Make the Most Of the News Feed on Facebook?

Facebook also places the ads within the news feed. With the growth of advertisement on the platform, Facebook monitors how users interact with them. When the user engages with ads in any way, the algorithm starts to show him similar ads in the future. As a business owner, you have to remember that your content has to be relevant and engaging for target customers. That is the key to the success of your advertisement appearing in the news feed.

The other important factor is the type of content interesting for users. Facebook measures the interaction of the users with the content and advises the business to create quality content on their pages. The growth of video consumption also influenced news feed development. While businesses use video ads more than ever, Facebook controls the relevancy of these video to users. User can now hide the ads not relevant for them or even claim it as offensive. In such case, it is likely that your advertisement will not appear in the news feed of other users for some time.

Remember that Facebook news feed likes quality content, engaging posts, posts from pages with which other users interact, posts types most relevant for the majority of users (videos) and popular posts. At the same time, Facebook does not like spamming posts, repeated posts, posts, which are frequently hidden by other users, and content directly asking for purchase of certain things.

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