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How to Grow your Facebook Following: 7 Steps to More Leads

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To grow leads and turn them into clients, it’s not enough to blindly grow your number of followers. You need to target prospects by interests that are related to your product. In this post you will learn how to find your potential clients on Facebook.

  • Facebook Audience Insights

Get to know the people who matter to your business, so you can understand what matters to them. With Facebook Insights, you can learn about their locations, interests and behaviors, so you can create messages that will help your business grow.

Follow this link to Facebook Insights and find Create Audience Section on the Left.


Enter the country and regions where your target audience is located. If your business has a physical address – your location is clear. If you sell products/offer services online, set all locations which you want to target.


Age and Gender

If your target men or women specifically, you can exclude this or that gender. Same with age – if you offer services for retired people, you should exclude teenagers.



In the Interests, define several interests that are related to your business.  If you are a real estate agency, search for property, if you’re a fitness studio search for gym, yoga, pilates etc.


Once you’ve fine-tuned your ideal followers, you can save the Audience Section, as you will use it for boosting your post. Click Save at the top of the page.


Now choose name for your audience and click on Save. Done! Your Target Persona is created. Use it when boosting your posts or manage Ads.


  1. Define Niche Interests to Create Better Content

Niche interests will help you when creating content for Facebook posts. Click Open at the top of the page and choose the audience you saved.


Now look at the Page Likes and Purchase tabs to identify your core audience’s niche interests. Choose from 3 to 5 categories you think will fit your ideal followers best.


Let’s use an example. If you are a restaurant, choose cafes, distributors etc. These Pages are suggested by Facebook for you to see what content works best for your ideal followers. Follow these Pages and gather good ideas for posts.


  1. Target Them with A Post

Now when you researched and analyzed,  what type of content resonates with your target audience most? Start creating your content plan according to the examples you’ve seen in your competitors’ feeds.

Again, imagine I’m am in charge of Facebook marketing for a restaurant and I choose the first suggested Page Whataburger for inspiration. So, THEIR top 2 posts according to my research are:

  1. Holiday Post


No doubt this post is trendy as Halloween is around the corner. Holidays, special days and trends are viral because of their short life.

Types of Holiday Posts

General greetings are too simple to expect great engagement. Try to surprise them with:

  • Interesting facts
  • Holiday menu ideas
  • Photo contests
  • Activities
  • Sales/Promotions

Library of Holiday Posts

In PromoRepublic’s Post Ideas of ready-to-go templates, you will find dozens of different posts for national and local holidays. Go to Today’s Topics and choose the holiday you need.


  1. Industry Event Post

If people follow you, they are likely inspired by or interested in your industry. You are an expert in your field, so surprise them with special days little people know about.


Whataburger Choose A Sandwich Day

You not only need to monitor niche days relevant for your industry, but you also need to  come up with ideas for posts.  AND, you have to create stunning design, because most people only respond to visual content.

In PromoRepublic’s Post Ideas, choose October Topics or Events to see templates for more than 50 industries.


For this month, October 2017, for the food industry, there are the following days to celebrate:

19 October – Get To Know Your Customer Day

20 October – International Chefs Day

21 October – National Sweetest Day

24 October – National Food Day

26 October – National Pumpkin Day

28 October – National Chocolate Day

Post templates go with copy, hashtags, and visuals.


  1. Contests to Grow Your Following List

Easy-to-enter timeline contests have always been an effective way to increase your number of followers. When running a contest remember:

  • It should be easy to enter – 2-3 steps where one is Like us on Facebook (it isn’t against with Facebook contest rules) and just one other step, like a comment or a share
  • Relevant prize (think of what they would like to have)
  • Catchy visual (the less text the better your post will perform on Facebook Ads)


Gift Ideas for Different industries

Try to have your contests on special days and holidays. This will allow you to offer thematic gifts, which are much more universally popular.


Increase Your Chances with Email

Your clients are loyal and it’s great to send them the contest details as well. Some of them can simply lose it on their Facebook feed. So make it stand out!


  1. Boost Your Post to Target a Niche Interest

When you know what type of post your target audience likes more than others and where to get these posts, it’s high time to boost them. But, there’s a trick: if you invest a small budget into your Facebook Ads, you need to be sure you target right people by niche interests. In #1 you’ve already learned how to define them with Facebook Insights. So, you’re ready to boost ads you think might perform well with your audience. Here’s how:

Hit Boost button in the right corner.


Choose a call to action button if you need it. If you goal is to make people engage with your post: likes,comments or shares – no button needed if you get the message across with your visual elements.


During Step 1 you created an Audience and titled it. Now scroll down and find it. I have several audiences, and you may have only one. Don’t worry! You can make more. Now, watch what I do.


Click on Edit to narrow your audience.


Scroll down and choose Narrow Audience.


Now enter the niche interest topic in the search bar and select the relevant niche interest from the drop-down list. GOT IT! Then click Save.


Choose your budget. To check how great your audience selection is, start with $5. For the duration, choose 1 Day and then click Boost.


  1. Email Them – Tell About Your Page

Spread the word about your Facebook Page. Your clients would definitely want to join your Facebook Community, whether you’ve set up a fan page or you’ve created a closed group or community. The name of the game, especially on Facebook in a particular niche, is COMMUNITY. So, tell your email list about your Facebook page. Write a clear letter with a link to your Page and explain why they should join you.


  1. Change Your Email Signature

Add your Facebook Page or Group to your signature. This way everyone you are texting with will learn about your page.

Add or change a signature on Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail
  2. In the top right corner, click on the gear icon and choose Settings
  3. In the “Signature” section, add your signature text in the box. If you want, you can format your message by adding an image or changing the text style.
  4. Scroll down and click Save Changes.


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