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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

The first iteration of PromoRepublic’s Inbox feature is available for Facebook business pages. It will help you easily manage all your messages, comments, replies, and reviews from one place. Use every opportunity to interact with your audience and increase your Facebook engagement.

What is Engagement and Why You Need to Improve Engagement

Engagement is any kind of interaction with your Facebook page or post: clicks, likes, shares, comments, tags, or even location check-ins. It shows how loyal your fans are to your brand and helps develop your business by extending the organic reach. 

Engagement is one of the key metrics that measure your posts’ effectiveness and indicates that your business page is still appealing to your followers. It helps to boost your advertising power all across Facebook and beyond;  it significantly saves advertising budget, improves brand awareness, trust, and affinity.

According to The Manifest, 74% of consumers follow brands on social media, and 96% of these consumers interact on social media with the brands they follow. People are more likely to purchase a brand they follow on Facebook (52%) than Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Reddit combined (48%). 

Basically, Engagement brings you fame and money. Inbox will help make sure that this is happening. Let’s dive a little deeper into details.

Ads Efficiency

A prompt and insightful response to ad comments can help elevate your brand image and increase lead opportunities. Marketers spend a lot of money on Facebook ads to create awareness about the brand and bring in more Engagement; Timely and high-quality communication will save your budget and reputation.

Brand Awareness and Trust

Brand awareness is the persons’ ability to identify or recall a business’s familiar aspects and its marketing items – product or service, style, logo, slogan, or a message. RedC research showed that customers start a vast majority of online searches (82%) with the brand they are familiar with. 

High Engagement builds brand awareness and trust, which is a key factor in consumer buying behavior. When customers trust a brand, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases with little to no forethought. This turns trust into loyalty, which dramatically impacts conversion rates and can support long-term revenue growth. According to data from WorldStream, people buy 2x  or even 3x  times more from a brand they know.

Inbox feature and Engagement

So, the scheme is simple. But how do you get more engagement on Facebook?

Communication → Engagement → Brand Awareness → Loyalty 

When it comes to communication, Inbox is the best way to manage it. Nowadays, social media, including Facebook, is an excellent tool for providing customer service, developing positive brand perception, and improving social listening. All these depend on your brands’ communication quality, including availability, response time, tone, answer effectiveness, and feedback management. 

But hey, no need to worry about it anymore because we got you covered. PromoRepublic Inbox will help keep your followers happy and loyal with fast, personalized, and effective replies.

Foolproof  customer service

It’s not a secret that many people find social media a great place to communicate with brands through platform pages 24\7. So there is absolutely no doubt that your brand will face customer service provision too, and the only question is how you will rank in quality and effectiveness. 

According to The State of Customer Experience 2020 Report, 56% of people use messaging in social media for customer service and to engage with a brand, and 71% expect brands to provide it.

  • Be available, be fast, be responsive

First of all, potential customers are watching, and you don’t want them to see your oversight. To respond effectively to customers, they have to be able to reach you, period. Brands that want to deliver effective customer service on social media should use social media monitoring to flag all messages related to their brand or products. 

Customers want to communicate with companies over the same familiar channels they use to talk with family and friends, and they value having issues resolved in real-time. 

Here are 2018 Conversocial findings that will help to understand how to increase Facebook engagement by discovering real customer needs:

Facebook actually wants businesses to be helpful. There is a special section on your page that shows users how fast you reply to your Inbox. Facebook rewards you with special badges like “Typically replies within an hour” or “Very responsive to private messages.” Response time shows fans that your business is active on social media, and in turn, your brand appears more trustworthy. 

Inbox perfectly solves these issues giving you the ability to track all incoming messages, comments, and reviews so you can reply fast and improve your brands’ reputation on Facebook.

  • Manage negative feedback

Sometimes customers leave undesirable comments or reviews on your Facebook page, and this is a perfect opportunity to improve your brand’s reputation as a caring one by responding swiftly. 

Inbox will help monitor all the incoming communication, respond quicker, and effectively manage negative feedback. Handling customer complaints and concerns on social media will show other customers how dedicated you are to keeping them satisfied. It’s a great way to build a loyal customer base and crystallize your brand’s voice. 

Agency owners can offer their clients this convenient feature to improve communication quality between the client-brand and its own followers. Such mutually beneficial offers can significantly improve your relations, including financial ones. This is the first step in building a quick-response SMM, and PromoRepublic is moving toward even more improvements. 

Positive brand perception

Besides Brand Awareness, there’s also Brand Perception because even if a person can recognize the brand, impressions may vary. Brand perception affects people’s behaviors, builds memories and feelings to drive their loyalty.

  • Interact with your customers and be more human

Use Inbox to communicate with your audience better. Ask people questions, create surveys about your brand based on their DMs to your page, and encourage them to share their opinion on everything. And we all know how people love to express their views, especially on Facebook!. But a brands’ proactive position and live-chat communication will make your company more human and caring. 

  • Share brands’ opinion on social or political issues and be meaningful

Monitor all the reviews and comments to study your audience’s views. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers worldwide will buy or boycott a brand solely because of its position on a social or political issue. Also, 77% of consumers buy from brands that share their values. So your business needs to stand for something other than profit. Care about customers, address what they care about, and be vocal about it. The key is to stay real and transparent. 

If you are reading this paragraph, then you have reached the end of the article. Thank you, you’re cool. Follow the link to experience all the benefits of using our inbox feature, increase your Engagement on Facebook and bring your communication with followers to a whole new level, together with PromoRepublic.


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