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starting a social media marketing company
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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency with $500 in Your Pocket

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A new chapter in your career is about to start right here and now. Right after you read this article and realize the opportunities you have in front of you. Getting started in the social media marketing business is easier now than ever before. Wait. Why? Because there are so many honest and worthwhile tips from fellow social media managers that you’re less likely to commit any mistakes in this field and have a promising outset. In fact, in this article, we’re going to show you how to start an agency, making very few investments that will work for an outstanding result.


1. Take inspiration from other social media marketing businesses.

First of all, let’s answer the most important question. What does it take to work as a social media marketer? Generally, social media marketing involves a broad range of activities. Commonly, SMMs are engaged in

  • developing marketing strategies focused on client goals
  • setting up business accounts on social
  • copywriting
  • sharing posts
  • engaging the audience on social
  • increasing the number of followers
  • facilitating lead generation
  • running paid ads
  • tracking results and doing marketing analysis


But hold on. Don’t get all discouraged. You have as many hours in a day, as Neil Patel or Tai Lopez, famous online marketers, to figure out a strategy and get it done. It’s good to get some inspiration from them and other marketing gurus. They’ll help you bootstrap your way to wealth and give you an understanding of how social media marketing agencies should function. Additionally, to keep yourself in a good shape from the outset, read books on relevant social media topics.


how to start a social media management business


Now, let’s jump straight to what we believe is essential from a strategic point of view.


2. Starting a social media marketing company, choose a particular niche.

Deciding on social media marketing, one enters an extremely competitive field, so it’s crucial to figure out the sectors where you can bring a disruptive experience. Tai Lopez advises freshmen in social media to start a social media marketing business by getting clients with high paying capabilities so that newborn companies can survive. People with high salaries in the United States, for example, doctors, dentists, or attorneys won’t be concerned much about the prices. Dealing with lucrative niches, one can steadily develop further backed up by the necessary financial investments.


In this way, you can also start building the reputation of a marketing agency that targets specific sectors. To learn more about your opportunities, contact businesses to discover what’s on their plate in terms of marketing right now and how you can help them handle their social media efforts online.


3. Create a portfolio to validate what your social media marketing agency does.

To connect with new clients and present yourself in a positive light, showcase what you’ve done. People are hungry for success stories, testimonials, and customer feedback. Numbers of what you’ve achieved can be particularly effective. Let your potential clients know, that by hiring your social media marketing agency, they will free a lot of time they used to spend on social. They could use that time more efficiently. In this article from Wordstream, you’ll find a dozen of examples of great customer testimonial pages.


Building up on your skills and creating a portfolio of clients, you’ll most likely need packages with minimum and maximum you can do. Seeing your portfolio, the clients who want luxury services for lavish compensations may come. Make sure that you have a price list.


To make a long story short, you’ll need to launch a website with all the information above and learn how to sell your services. Current website builders allow you to create one at a cheap price that won’t take you more than $300 a year, including your domain name.


4. Follow current social media marketing trends.

To start a social media management company, you’ll require the knowledge of ever-changing social media nuances and algorithms. Be sure to check out optimal social media image sizes or peak posting times. But rule #1 to remember in social media marketing, is to be unique in terms of what you post. Visually appealing content has more chances to increase engagement on your client’s page. Explore the following infographics:


social media marketing trends


5. Don’t overspend your time on posting.

Current social media tools, like PromoRepublic, allow social media managers to schedule their content and get everything published automatically. Imagine how much time you can save, having a single place that unites all of your social media pages together at an affordable price. Iza Erskine, the founder and strategist who started one social media marketing company, reveals that time management has been the hardest piece for her team when starting a business. It’s no surprise, because when the number of clients is starting to grow, you need to optimize work.

6. Improve collaboration with clients using social media management tools.

Starting a social media marketing business will sooner or later lead you to the feeling that you’re spending too much time on collaboration inside your team and with your clients (we hope you’ll get a few immediately). As it did to Marilyn Heywood Paige, Vice President of Marketing at Inciting Marketing Solutions. See her success story with PromoRepublic here.


Tabulating all the clients that you have on a bunch of their social media pages, you’ll realize that there are around 20 pages to manage. At the same time, you might need to approve every post with the client before publishing. That doesn’t sound simple. “The back-and-forth process, when you’re talking about a dozen different clients, will drive you insane,” admits Marilyn. PromoRepublic has simplified this process. So how does it work?


best social media management tool that makes client collaboration easy


Create a separate workspace for each of your clients. Add your team and your clients to the workspace. Doing so, you will allow them to approve what you’ve prepared in real time or leave comments when anything should be changed. Forget about the spreadsheets, they won’t do you any good, at least when managing twenty social media networks! It’s really as simple as that. PromoRepublic will save you precious time that others spend on back-and-forth approval processes. Also, it’s only $39 per month! With other expenses, starting a social media marketing agency won’t cost you more than $500 of the initial investment.


7. Check the results of your campaigns.

That’s my favorite part. Every social media manager should be results-oriented. If we don’t get exposure from the public, why are we in this industry anyway? PromoRepublic has taken care of that too. With our post analytics, you’ll be able to see the reach of your post, the number of clicks, comments, and efficiency. Doing a social media marketing analysis becomes a lot easier with our tool, as you can use one single place to check up on that.


We wish you luck with starting a social media marketing company and hope this article helps. Share your experience in the comments below to keep us posted on your progress.


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