PromoRepublic Chosen by Intelligent Office to Drive Traffic to Its Locations and Boost Sales

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
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Upd. on: 8 Jan 2024

March 7th, 2023 – PromoRepublic, the intelligent local marketing platform, is thrilled to announce a new client partnership with Intelligent Office, а company offering virtual office solutions and business support services.

After receiving positive feedback from their sister brand, Jan-Pro which is also operated by Empower Brands, Intelligent Office has partnered with PromoRepublic to improve its brand reputation and increase local visibility. With 56 locations across the US and Canada, the franchise aims to enhance local findability and attract more clients to support its franchisees.

This partnership will help Intelligent Office:

  • Set up a single hub for social media marketing, enabling fast scaling and content localization
  • Modernize directory management and keep their listings accurate and consistent
  • Oversee review handling and improve brand reputation
  • Increase visibility in local search by tracking local search results and getting suggestions.

“PromoRepublic is the ideal solution for enhancing visibility, increasing traffic and ultimately driving sales, by ensuring that each of our locations is consistently and regularly represented online. Its powerful tools encompass social media, online reviews, listing management, and convenient dashboards, making it a must-have for businesses seeking to maximize their online presence,” says Heather Harris, President of the Intelligent Office.

“In today’s digital age, a franchise’s online visibility is as important as its physical presence. It’s not just about being seen, but about being found, chosen, and trusted by the modern consumer. And PromoRepublic covers all those needs,” says Raakkel Sims, Head of Customer Success at PromoRepublic.

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