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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

A list of popular social media acronyms that all marketers should know

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Each field of activity has it`s own specific lexis with non-standard phrases and words. The same thing is with social media marketing – when people are getting tired of using the same phrases again and again, they`ve created a list of specific acronyms to abbreviate repeatable phrases. And, today, we will be talking about the most popular social media acronyms. After reading this article, you will realize that your work is getting much easier if using acronyms instead of full phrases. So, let`s go.

Network-specific acronyms

First of all, you should know how to abbreviate the name of each social media that you are working with:

  • FB: Facebook
  • IG: Instagram
  • LI: LinkedIn
  • TW: Twitter
  • YT: YouTube

Popular acronyms used on social media

And now, we will give you the list of the most popular phrases that social media marketers use. You will know what they mean and when exactly you should use them.

AMA: Ask me anything

Such acronym is very popular in Q&A sessions, especially on Twitter. When you have a strong limit of symbols, it will be better to write three letters instead of thirteen.

BAE: Before anyone else

A term of endearment for your loved one.

DM: Direct message

This is a messaging function on Twitter. With it, you are able to send a private message to another Twitter user who is already following you, and you can only receive messages from people you follow. However, you can change settings of your Twitter account to get messages from anyone.

ELI5: Explain like I`m five

Popular on Reddit, this acronym is used when someone is asking for a simple explanation of a complex topic.

FOMO: Fearing of missing out

It`s normal when you fear that you can miss something (huge event or a big date), so this acronym is just for you.

FTW: For the win

People use this social media acronym to add excitement or emphasis at the end of social media post, but in most cases, it is used sarcastically.

IMO/IMHO: In my opinion/ in my humble opinion

If you are posting a phrase about something, but not completely sure that it`s right, make people know. Put this acronym in the end like. “IMHO, of course”.

LMK: Let me know

If you see this phrase in the upcoming message, keep in mind that person is waiting for an answer.

NSFW: Not safe for work

This means that your discussion or content isn`t suitable for work.

OOTD: Outfit of the day

This is a popular Instagram hashtag, which means that you are showcasing an outfit you`ve worn that day or an outfit that is suited for that day.

SMH: Shaking my head

If you find something really stupid, and you don`t have words for respond, it`s time to post such acronym.

YOLO: You only live once

People often use this phrase before or after they take a risk in life. Also, if something stupid or jokingly happened to you, such phrase is also applicable.

So, there it is. Of course, you can find more acronyms that are popular in the social media, but we`ve gathered phrases that are the most common for use and our readers. If you think that something should be added to this list, let us know.


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