Top 10 Local Listing Management Tools for Brick and Mortar Business

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Viktoriia Horbunova
Viktoriia Horbunova
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Online business listings management isn’t just about making it easier for buyers to find you on the map; it’s about converting potential buyers in the local vicinity. When people are looking for businesses, they often use online search tools to find your products and services. That’s a clear wake-up call – if you wish to succeed in today’s competitive world, you must do everything you can to make it easy for potential buyers to find you wherever they look.

Sadly, most businesses in the digital landscape struggle with growing their visibility and staying top of mind with the target audience. To illustrate, 56% of local businesses do not yet have a GMB listing. If you don’t believe growing your presence across local listings is key, perhaps these numbers will convince you how important online listings management is to your local ranking:

  • 61% of companies state improving their SEO as their main priority
  • 97% of consumers learn more about a business from its online presence
  • 62% of consumers will not seek a business further if it lacks an online presence

Choosing the best listing management tool can get quite hectic, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best local listing management tools to expand your visibility to nearby local buyers.

1. PromoRepublic – the all-in-one local marketing platform

local marketing platform

PromoRepublic is an all-in-one local listing service that helps businesses like yours grow their revenue and stay consistent across all local platforms. PromoRepublic’s insight-driven marketing technologies enable your business to boost awareness, engagement, and conversion rates in no time.

With a deep understanding of what tools your business needs the most, this business listing software can help you discover untapped growth opportunities and help you dominate your market.

Key Features

  • All-in-one solution – PromoRepublic features a vast collection of tools for franchises, small businesses, enterprises, and marketing agencies
  • Multi-location management – Keeps you connected and keeps your marketing consistent across all locations with PromoRepublic’s business listing software
  • Reputation management – Does your business rely on a positive reputation? PromoRepublic has you covered with advanced reputation management tools across social media and review sites
  • Decentralized data for your local campaigns – Enables marketers to collect data from local marketing activities and track their marketing efforts
  • Buyer communication management under one roof


  • Consolidates 130+ review sites in one dashboard
  • Bulk upload feature
  • Inbox
  • Great value for money
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent customer service


  • Could use more integrations with third-party apps
  • Limited language options

2. Yext Listings

Yext listing management

AI-powered local listing services are rapidly taking over today’s marketing landscape at an astonishing rate. Yext is an AI search listing management software that helps businesses deliver more precise and meaningful answers to their buyers.

Key Features

  • Review management platform – Enables businesses to build a good brand image with buyer feedback monitoring
  • Yext knowledge graph allows brands to upload business data safely and securely while making necessary changes when needed
  • Yext provides answers to buyers based on the uploaded brands’ data on the Yext knowledge graph. This ensures that buyers read accurate data only
  • Listing platforms allow businesses to appear on the Yext platform and other third-party sites depending on the purchased subscription
  • Easy customization of web page features for search engine optimization and higher conversions


  • The user can make fast changes across multiple platforms
  • Yext is moderately easy to use
  • Easy online business listing management in one space
  • Seamless integrations with WordPress, Shopify, and several other platforms


  • Poor customer support
  • Low-quality data analytics
  • Quite expensive

3. Chatmeter


Chatmeter is a reputation and business listing management software designed to deliver personalized engagements with buyers across all locations. Chatmeter claims to yield an average of 70% increase in local visibility for its buyers annually, although, technically, this depends on how much work your marketing team puts in.

This business listings management software helps users quickly take care of negative feedback and push ahead with positive feedback in order to remain competitive on a local listing.

Key Features

  • Reputation and listing management ensure your business remains noticeable online
  • Performance metrics generate real-time competitor data, which then helps businesses keep up with competitors
  • Landing pages are designed to optimize zero-click searches and unbranded keywords to help businesses rank higher and boost ROI
  • Social media tracking allows businesses to get social media analytics, post, and answer questions across all platforms under one roof


  • Offers omnichannel integrations
  • The platform is mobile-friendly and secure
    Supports voice search optimization
    High-quality buyer support


  • You only get to respond to a few reviews from the site
  • Limited information on the feedback
  • Some features are hard to use

4. Semrush Listing Software

Semrush listing software

Semrush is an all-time favorite SEO listing management software that helps businesses increase brand visibility by growing their organic traffic. If your local business needs software that helps it rank higher, Semrush is the local business listing management tool you need to get started.

With a long history in successful business listings management, Semrush enables your sales and marketing teams to discover trending keywords, analyze domain backlinks profiles, monitor websites, and run technical SEO audits.

Key Features

  • The competitive research feature helps businesses keep a close eye on competitor market analytics and traffic analysis tools
  • Semrush content makes it easier for your content marketing team to create keyword-rich, relevant, and engaging content with keyword research, topic research, SEO assistant writing, and content audit
  • On-page SEO tools monitor the performance of your web pages and provide insights on how to improve SEO performance
  • Social media tools make it easy to interact with buyers across all platforms, which helps win new, potential buyers
  • Website monetization tools help with paid advertising


  • Detailed site audits and reporting
  • Suggestions to monetize websites (for example, paid keywords suggestions)
  • Competitor analysis
    Helpful buyer service


  • High price tag
  • The Semrush website is difficult to use on mobile devices
  • Semrush backlinks need some improvements

5. LocalFX


LocalFX is a sub-domain of the renowned WebFX platform, whose major role is to provide a broad scope of marketing solutions to local businesses. With LocalFX, you’ll get access to real-time user actions, synced listings management, and stick to a consistent approach in your local business listing management software. This way, you can target nearby buyers interested in your products and services.

Key Features

  • Ad management enables you to drive more traffic to your store and generate more leads for your business
  • Accurate, synced directory listing management across 100 directories to help your buyers find what they’re looking for
  • Review monitoring for social media and review sites enables your sales, marketing, and buyer support teams to track your reviews and ensure that they fall in line with your company’s values
  • SEO audit reports – this tool offers deep SO audits to help you see a complete overview of your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO


  • Provides access to real-time user activity
  • Automatic listing updates
  • Performance tracking for your listings
  • Responsive buyer support
  • User-friendly interface


  • Too many tools may overwhelm the absolute beginner
  • May not efficiently handle multiple tasks at once

6. BrightLocal


If you are looking for a comprehensive local ranking tool, then BrightLocal can get you started in no time. BrightLocal is a business listing management software that generates a detailed picture of your local ranking efforts, which gives more suggestions to rank higher.

Key Features

  • Local SEO tools designed to monitor web pages. Your marketing team can finally see the pages that rank well, how they perform, and what areas to improve to rank higher
  • Reputation management tools help businesses maintain a good brand image through constant monitoring and feedback showcasing
  • Agency dashboards help start conversations with site visitors and share automated reports with your clients automatically
  • The citation builder helps push data across multiple locations, ensuring consistency. This gives businesses greater control over the listings management process


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Extensive and helpful resources
  • User-friendly platform


  • Running reports can sometimes be slow
  • Needs more suggestions

7. Whitespark


Whitespark offers some of the most effective online listing management services that boost local SEO success by turning your Google listing into a high-performance tool. With Whitespark, optimizing and managing your local rankings and solving your local search data problems couldn’t get any easier.

Key Features

  • A local rank tracker enables you to manage your site’s position on results pages and keep track of any changes over time
  • GMB management enables your business to increase visibility, and grow your business more efficiently with better Google My Business management
  • Reputation builder enables you to connect with your buyers by monitoring your brand’s reputation and collecting reviews across the internet


  • A perfect tool for beginner local campaign managers
  • Easy to use
  • Combines multiple Google properties


  • The local citation finder could use an upgrade
  • Supports English only

8. Advice Local


Advice Local is a data-driven listing management software that enhances online visibility wherever your business matters. It also provides customized solutions for your business needs. Its key features are designed using search tech and combined analytics.

Key Features

  • Reporting analytics generates online visibility reports that help businesses track their performance online
  • GPS Mapping feature makes it easy to track buyers’ addresses and send them to business GPS mapping technologies
  • Listing distribution is designed with high-quality data aggregators to send buyers business information
  • A citation tool that helps ensure consistent and accurate Nap data across all business platforms.
  • GMB tool makes it easier to connect with clients, schedule, and upload GMB posts.
  • The Voice app tool makes it easy for users to manage content on voice assistant platforms powered by Alexa, and Google Assitant


  • Fast update speeds
  • Links seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter
  • Produces detailed white-label reports for agencies


  • Lacks a Google Analytics integration
  • A bit pricier than other tools in the same price range
  • Available in the US and Canada only

9. Marketing 360


Marketing 360 is an online listing management software that helps small businesses optimize their marketing programs and scale up their businesses. You don’t need any coding skills with marketing 360; the built-in drag-drop website builder helps you create your business website in minutes.

Key Features

  • A secure payment feature makes it easy to track and receive payments and connect quickly to your bank
  • The Ecommerce platform makes it easy to sell products online. It allows buyers to easily search, choose, buy, and exit the platform at their convenience
  • CRM platform makes it easy to organize buyers and their details on one platform, monitor workflow, and check reports
  • Email marketing visual tools make it easy to plan for campaign marketing.


  • Vast analytics
  • Easy user interface
  • Great buyer service
  • Great CRM dashboard


  • Expensive
  • Web-only, you can’t work offline
  • Hassle setting up the platform

10. Uberall


Uberall is our last listing management platform that makes it easier for businesses to be found and chosen among tens of other businesses in the same field locally.

Key Features

  • The social media platform helps create engaging local content that helps build strong relationships and gain loyalty.
  • Insights features help turn buyers’ feedback into actionable strategies.
  • With real-time analytics, businesses can follow up on leads and improve their sales management team.
  • Locator page is designed to convert web pages and suggests to businesses clear pathways to follow.
  • With the Uberall listing platform, it doesn’t matter how many online platforms your business is engaged in. Businesses get control of over 125 networks.
  • Review management software simplifies online reputation control. Businesses get to monitor and respond to buyers’ feedback easily.


  • Excellent buyer service
  • Best for multiple location businesses
  • Uberall builder easily creates custom pages
  • Ease of implementation and changes


  • Can be difficult to upload some pictures
  • GMB bugs make it hard to connect
  • Quite expensive, but worth it


Q: What is the best local listing management tool?

A: Promorepublic is the best local listing management tool for SMBs and enterprises. It’s the simplest way to grow your business with reviews, buyer feedback, and social media. With its all-inclusive dashboard, you can manage all of your buyer communications and reviews in one place, post from anywhere, and monitor your end results.

Q: Why use Promorepublic for local listing management?

A: Using Promorepublic, one of the best business listings solutions, allows easy management of your buyer communications, reviews, branded content, and local marketing campaigns. Each user gets access to:

  • Insight-driven marketing – By incorporating data about your buyers’ past purchases, shopping preferences, and site interactions, you can deliver more insightful and relevant marketing material to your buyers.
  • Multi-location marketing campaigns – This allows you to better tailor your messaging and engage your buyers at different locations.
  • Unveiled growth opportunities – Stay on top of industry trends and new problems that your products, services, or offerings can solve.

Q: What is a local directory listing?

A: A local directory listing is a business profile that appears in a local online directory or website. Many of these sites allow you to create a free profile that includes basic information about your company, such as your address, phone number, and hours of operation. Read more about local directory listing here.


You don’t need to look far or wide to discover more local listing management tools. Similarly, keeping your business on top with efficient local listings management has no secret recipe. Start with tracking regular reviews, monitoring your company’s online reputation, and working to improve the way potential buyers view your business.

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