How to Market Socially on Valentine’s Day

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How to Engage (posts ideas)

How to Entertain (posts ideas)

How to Promote (posts ideas)

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, you can really stand out among the competition and engage with your followers on a deeper level. Even if you don’t sell jewelry or flowers or other Valentine-related things, you can still use effective marketing tactics to leverage success from this widely celebrated holiday.

The National Retail Federation informs that consumers plan to spend $18.2 B this year on St. Valentine Day.

Valentine's Day Spending Chart, Statistics

More than 27% of those dollars will be spent online. And this is a great information for digital marketers.

Where consumers buy Valentine's Day gifts

Nevertheless, even though florists, jewelry, and clothing stores are predominantly offline businesses, we know that before buying a thing, people surf the internet searching for best options and prices.

It means that your social media presence plays an important role regardless of whether you sell or provide service offline or online.

Now, let’s think over one important thing: when and where people search for the gifts? Exactly – at work. One more point to social media campaigns during holidays. Just take a look at these statistics:

Facebook Usage chart, statistics

Facebook is the clear favorite for web browsing during work hours.  Below, you will see many examples of St. Valentine’s Day posts idas you can easily implement into your social plan. The visual templates are taken from PromoRepublic’s Posts Ideas. The following examples will show you how to engage, entertain, and sell with the help of this special day. Let the fun begin!

  • Engage with movie lists, dinner suggestions, interesting facts
  • Entertain with quotes, polls, infographics, gift ideas
  • Promote with contests, special offers, discounts


TOP 10 Romantic Movies

It’s always a good idea to post useful information that your followers would like to save, like, comment on or share with their friends. Try to offer them a list of top 10 romantic movies for their St. Valentine’s special evening. You remember that people “read” visuals. They see the picture first and then decide to read or not to read the information it contains. So, there is no difference, how awesome your top tens are. No one will read them if they are not placed in the romantic St. Valentine’s picture.

Top 10 Romantic Movies

The Benefits of Single Life

Sharable posts are also those which surprise and wow your followers. Lots of people hate Valentine’s Day because they don’t have someone special to share it with. What do you think about the idea to share The Benefits of Single Life post this evening?:) I bet that type of post could go viral!

The benefits of single life


“Love is not only a feeling” – Honore de Balzac

There are many reasons why people love quotes so much. First of all, they affirm what we already know (or think we know) about ourselves. Quotes are also great motivational gears. Didn’t you notice that sharing a quote with your friends feels like you’ve already done something important and extremely valuable?

People are looking for romance these days. They want to decorate their timeline with love, tenderness, and peace. Be the page of motivation for them and get your posts shared.

Great visual design and appropriate motivation or quote by famous people in your post will guarantee dozens of likes and shares!

Love is not a feeling, it is an art

What’s Your Ideal Valentine’s Day?

How often do you ask your audience questions? Do they actually know that you are interested in what they think about this or that topic? Surveys show that 90% of posts have no comments simply because people see no question in them. Polls are a great option if you don’t know yet what to ask them about. Ask them what they prefer – a romantic evening or outdoor camping!

what's your ideal valentine date, quizz


Timeline Essay

Pizza Express posted an excellent example of an easy-to-enter St. Valentine’s Day contest. They asked their followers to write a poem about pizza in the comments to the contest post. The Pizza Express page post received 456 comments, that is more than good for such an easy to perform holiday campaign!

Pizza Express facebook post

Photo/Video Contest

Motivate your followers to share their emotions in photos for a chance to win a gift from you. 1015 Photography & Design asked users to send the photos with their beloved (and pets count!) through FB messenger. You see, it is not necessarily to use 3d party apps to run the contest on Facebook. I love timeline contests for their simplicity!

Photography & Design facebook post

Timeline Promotion

Do you still think you can sell only flowers and jewellery on St. Valentine’s Day? Kids Paradise sells furniture with a 20% discount and according to the number of likes to this post – very successfully!

Kids Paradise facebook post

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to connect with social users when they’re ready to shop, feeling the love, and looking for reasons to spread the love!


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