QoQ growth of interactions on GBP (website clicks, direction requests, calls)
QoQ jump in clicks on social media posts
Drop of average response time QoQ
ohdeer story
ohdeer story

ohDEER is an industry leader in all-natural deer, tick and mosquito control services.
The company is on a mission to safeguard people and pets from insect-borne diseases.

ohDEER sprays outdoors and protects landscaping with natural solutions so people can enjoy more time outside.


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  • Digital Asset Management
“PromoRepublic helped us grow our social media presence and achieve the outcomes we expected.”
Bryan Vohsing, Marketing Manager, ohDEER

The Challenge

Google Business Profile (GBP) is the one of important channels for lead generation for ohDEER.

When potential customers first come across ohDEER on Google, they can interact with its listing in three ways: by visiting its website, calling, or requesting directions.

The marketing team’s goal is to grow the number of leads and offer them a free consultation.

To increase local sales, ohDEER needed a growing flow of local leads interacting with their GBP and the ability to gain insights into visibility and customer actions.

However, constantly checking all the key metrics is time-consuming enough for a single unit, let alone across
multiple locations.

A significant part of ohDEER customers also goes to Facebook and Instagram to check the company’s activity and to read customers’ reviews. At this point, consistent social presence and review management became vital for building awareness and trust.

The Solution

OhDEER has chosen PromoRepublic as their local marketing platform to grow rankings on Google, bring in more leads, and ensure a consistent social media presence across all locations.

The team started using dashboards with aggregated data indicating how often ohDEER locations showed up in local searches and how these results could be optimized.

From the franchisees standpoint, the company improved marketing support by creating and distributing on-brand content to be posted on Facebook and Instagram. The corporate team also got a tool to manage
communication and reviews faster.


Insights helped ohDEER track key metrics across search and social and spot opportunities for growth. Integrated GBP analytics allowed teams to see the number of total views vs. customers’ actions vs. the number of leads. This data helped to get more views and clicks within GBP.
Advanced Social Performance Analytics helped marketers identify the most liked/commented and shared content.

Review Management

All-in-one Social Inbox helped ohDEER quickly react to every direct message, comment, or review and keep response rate high. Their team succeeded in cutting response time by more than six times! Such a fast communication became possible through a single view where all communication is aggregated and managed.

Social Media Marketing

The head office scheduled on-brand content for their locations one month in advance allowing managers to edit templates for more local impact. Locations actively using PromoRepublic as their single tool for local marketing saw growth in traffic and engagement.

Digital Asset Management

The head office has distributed content across all locations to ensure consistent branding and posting. Franchisees could manage their social pages independently and decide whether to use only ready-to-go templates or add lifestyle content to their content plan.

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