PromoRepublic Has Updated Its Product Set for Partner Marketing on Social

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Andrew Bevz
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How we help brands thrive in the current boom in the gig economy and digital transformation.

The explosion of the gig economy

People have been earning in the gig economy for years, but COVID-19 has pushed this tech-reliant way of working much further. From delivery service to education, gig workers have provided much-needed assistance during lockdowns all over the world.

Many Fortune 500 CEOs agree that the gig economy is the new future of work. Research from Monster shows that a whopping 92% think that now is the time to look for gig work.

The rise of the gig economy makes one thing clear: the stage is set for a partner-based business model with brands competing for gig workers.

Direct sales companies like Amway, Oriflame, and others are booming despite the Covid pandemic. According to DSA, direct retail sales grew 13.9% in 2020, with a 13.2% direct-seller increase over 2019. Meanwhile, the franchise market is projected to recover from Covid in 2021, with total franchise establishments growing at a rate of 3.5%, according to the International Franchise Association.

The acceleration of digital transformation

A recent CEO survey conducted by Fortune/Deloitte showed that 77% of CEOs accelerated their digital transformation plans due to Covid.

Сompanies in direct sales and franchise industries are following the trend and allocating budgets to online as well. Thus, investments in technology, particularly for marketing purposes, are growing, helping enterprises switch to digital faster. According to BIA, national multi-location brands and franchises in the U.S. will increase spending in local marketing by over $17 billion over the next 4 years.

How can such organizations equip their distributors, locations, or franchisees with tools for consistency, compliance, and amplification leading to instant sales results online?

Social media is the key to succeeding in the gig economy.

Today 4.2 billion or 90% of people connected to the internet use social media. No wonder the buying process has changed.

The stats tell us that 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over advertising. Still, the global pandemic has reduced their opportunities for communication. 75% of them went directly to social media to find recommendations and make their purchasing decisions.

Marketing tactics and techniques are constantly evolving. And as technology advances, so do the ways brands promote their products and services. If your team aims to increase its brand awareness and drive sales, partner marketing on social cannot be ignored.

Enterprises that invest in enabling their partners with social media management tools can expect to achieve a higher ROI and gain a larger market share.

What partners expect from gig economy companies

Implementing partner-based sales within social media, especially in direct sales and franchise industries, requires meeting the gig workforce needs, such as:

  • ready-to-use marketing & sales collateral;
  • intuitive plug-n-play tools to promote and sell company products or services on the go;
  • onboarding & training that will help workers get started and sell more right away.

To support partner-based enterprises in meeting these needs, PromoRepublic is launching a new set of products.

They are built to help:

  1. Confidently manage brand consistency across all markets and provide up-to-date compliant content for teams and partners.
  2. Empower partners with an easy-to-use mobile app packed with content to dazzle while representing brands on social.
  3. Amplify brands’ voice by achieving posting automation, promotional campaigns, and tracking results across the network.

Meet PromoRepublic’s Enterprise Product Set to secure brands, empower partners, and amplify marketing results while ensuring one-click-confidence on social.

Max Pechersky, co-founder and CEO at PromoRepublic, is sharing the news:

“Our mission is to empower brands for success on social media by arming them and their partners with easy-to-use technology.  Riding the gig economy trend, we’ve updated our product set to address the specific needs of franchise and direct sales enterprises in becoming innovative and digitalized. Now it’s easier for them to amplify their marketing results with technology for one-click-confidence on social.”

How PromoRepublic for Enterprise enables companies with a partner-based sales model

PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform that helps brands manage partner marketing on social media easily and confidently. Our tools are robust for HQ but intuitive for end-users.

PromoRepublic is already trusted by 50,000+ franchise and direct sales companies, marketing agencies, small businesses, and individual representatives. More info on specific solutions for direct sales and franchise brands can be found here

Book a demo to talk to our product experts to see how PromoRepublic can work for your brand. 

Previously, PromoRepublic announced in Forbes, that it had raised $1.5M to help corporations keep their sales messaging consistent.

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