PromoRepublic and Verb Partner to Empower Direct Selling Brands to Increase Customer Engagement and Sales Conversion Rates in the Digital Era

Andrew Bevz
Andrew Bevz
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Upd. on: 10 Nov 2021

PromoRepublic, the leading social selling app that ensures compliance on social media, and Verb Technology Company, Inc., (Nasdaq: VERB), a leader in interactive video-based sales enablement applications, including interactive live stream, e-commerce, webinar, CRM, and marketing applications for entrepreneurs and enterprises, are proud to announce their first-ever collaboration. Together, the companies aim to equip direct sales brands with a cutting-edge tech stack to boost their distributors’ social selling.

Rise of direct selling

The direct selling industry is booming despite the Covid pandemic. According to DSA, direct retail sales grew 13.9% in 2020. Meeting demand despite lockdowns became possible with the adoption of social media as an additional selling channel.

GWI states that 54% of people connected to the internet actively use social media. They are researching brands, looking for recommendations, and making purchasing decisions. Their number is growing – anchoring new approaches for the buying process.

Tools to thrive

Direct sales companies that invest in social selling apps for distributors’ enablement expect to boost sales and extend retention results. No matter if the communication happens with large audiences or 1-to-1 conversations.

Implementing Verb and PromoRepublic into an enablement tech stack allows direct sales companies to amplify their brand voice on social media, transforming every distributor into a sales superstar along the way. Your brand reputation is kept intact because each message that goes out is checked for compliance.

How it works together:

PromoRepublic’s social selling app helps HQ distribute content assets and stay confident that every post is checked for compliance. At the same time, it simplifies distributors’ social media marketing efforts like generating buzz and joining promotional campaigns.

Max Pecherskiy, CEO at PromoRepublic

“Social selling made direct sellers came out winning from the pandemic. Joining forces with Verb makes the field even more resilient and profitable. Implementing enablement tools, direct selling brands will be able to scale smoothly, grow more loyal customers, and reduce compliance issues.”

Watch how PromoRepublic’s social media marketing platform works:

Verb’s innovative sales enablement platform supports distributors’ sales field and multiplies conversion rates with automatic sampling, mobile LMS, interactive videos, and real-time analytics.

Rory J. Cutaia, CEO at Verb

“We are very pleased to work with PromoRepublic in providing industry-leading technology to support their clients in managing their customers and content. Our interactive video-based tools create a friction-free sales experience that can increase customer engagement while providing real-time analytics for more effective, targeted follow-ups that drive sales conversion rates, all remotely from their mobile or desktop devices.”

Watch how Verb’s sales enablement platform works:

Implemented collectively, such a marketing stack will help your distributors develop and expand their business from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

Book a demo and learn more about PromoRepublic.

 PromoRepublic has previously announced an updated product set for confident partner marketing on social. 


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