Direct Sales Industry Roundup: The Top 5 Stories of September

Andrew Bevz
Andrew Bevz
Content Marketing Manager
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7 Oct 2021

“Be a cultivator of change”, – pursues the site of MyL’Occitane, a place where the world-famous beauty brand is capturing salesforce for their direct selling premiere. 

What’s Inside

Newcomer to direct selling industry, revolutionary digital platform, entrepreneurship contest, growth strategies from leading brands, and new executives with some expert analytics on top of that. Stay tuned and never miss a beat!

L’Occitane en Provence Enters Direct Selling Channel with MyL’Occitane

To expand its omnichannel brand, L’Occitane en Provence unveiled its new social selling platform, MyL’Occitane that will provide the company’s community with the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. This is the first time in the company’s history that the L’Occitane name brand will be an active member of the direct selling channel.

Pampered Chef Launches Virtual Kitchen Experience

To meet the rapidly growing demand for virtual experiences, Pampered Chef has launched Table, a wholly-owned digital platform that enables its consultants to host customized and personalized virtual cooking parties that deliver value-added content designed to improve a consumer’s mealtime journey. 

Canada DSA and DSEF Initiate Canadian Academic Entrepreneur Challenge

It is a contest that celebrates innovative thinking, with the goals of promoting entrepreneurship amongst young Canadians, providing an introduction to the direct-to-consumer and direct selling channels, and building relationships between academia and industry.

Herbalife Nutrition Shares Growth Strategies

Over the past four quarters, the U.S. generated approximately 3.4 million new customers, and Herbalife believes there is a huge opportunity to drive top-line growth by improving customer activity and retention rates by focusing on key strategies including new product innovation, nutrition club expansion, digital transformation, and efforts to enhance trust in the brand.

L’Occitane Group Welcomes New CEO

L’Occitane Group announced André J. Hoffman will succeed Reinold Geiger as Chief Executive Officer. Geiger, who has led the company for more than two decades, will now serve as chairman of the board and executive director. Hoffman will continue in his role as vice-chairman of the board and an executive director.

A more good read for you.

The Truth About Your Top Leaders

In a direct sales company that’s 15 years old or older, your current top leaders can’t be the source of your future growth. Why? Brett Duncan, who helps direct selling companies transition into the new era of direct selling – explains it thoroughly.

5 Tips to Improve Productivity and Retention

The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day. Daryl Wurzbacher, CEO of ByDesign Technologies with 20+ years of experience in the direct selling industry shares insights on how they prevent interruptions to boost productivity and increase collaboration inside the team.


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