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Alla Bogdan Alla Bogdan Reading time: 6 minutes

How to Set Up A Shop on Facebook – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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Why Does Your Business Need a Shop on Facebook?

The Facebook Shop is a tab on your Facebook business page which works well for selling both goods and services. If you think it is only good for online/offline shops – you are mistaken.

If you offer services, consultations or teach online, you can publish links to your free educational content and get subscribers for free. Keep in mind that conversions depend on your followers activity and quality of the content you publish.

Facebook’s Shop tab is free for all users and you can set it up in less than 15 minutes.

With this guide, you will learn how to set up a shop, manage it and promote your goods/services with actually no budget. And I’ll tell you three ways to promote your shop on Facebook.

Today we will consider the most common way to shop on Facebook – link to your website where they can finish their purchase.

It’s easier to ger more clicks and traffic with PromoRepublic.


Create A Shop Tab on Your Business Page

To see Shop tab on the left of your profile, go to Edit Page and choose Shop. Now scroll down and choose Add a Tab.


Now tap on your Shop Tab and set it up. First you need to agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies.


Then in a new window, choose the way of purchase: “Message to Buy” or “Check Out on Another Website.”


Choose the currency for your shop and hit Save.


How to Change the Currency and Checkout Method

If you chose wrong currency or want to change checkout method, you need to delete your shop and create it up again. All the goods and services added to the shop will be deleted too. To delete your shop, click on Shop Tab and find gear icon in the right up corner and choose Delete.


Set Up a Shop on Your Business Page

When your Shop is created, you need to fill it in with necessary information: description, goods/services, categories.

#1 Add Description

You have 200 characters to tell about your shop.


What should I write? Feel free to use this template:

{Solution or Pain Point} + {Your Offer to solve it} + {Your Advantages} + {Call to Action}

Example: Flios Sports Apparel offers you a wide range of sports goods in one place. With Flios you get best world brands for reasonable prices. Free shipping! Let us help you get closer to your sport goal – shop now, benefit now.

#2 Add Products to Your Shop

Click on Add Products to start filling in your shop gallery.


It depends on what checkout option you chose at the beginning:

Message to Buy: you can’t add URL links to your website

Checkout on Another Website: you can add URL links to your website

Let’s see how it works with the first option: Message to Buy.

  1. Photo/Video

To publish your product, it’s necessary to add at least one photo. It would be much better for your customers to see several photos of one product. A video would be perfect.

Photo Standarts:

  • Jpg, png format
  • Square
  • 1024 px wide 1024 px tall

If you offer free educational content, you can add visuals with text like this one below.

*Use PromoRepublic’s Graphics Editor to create images for your shop.


  1. Name

It’s clear – put down the name of your product.

  1. Price

You can mention only one price, but if you choose “This product is on sale”, you can change it. This way, your clients will see how much they save.

  1. Description

Describe your product or tell about its advantages. If you live a URL to your website, it won’t be active, because you chose the “Message to Buy” option at the beginning. Same goes with emojis – they are broken in the description.

  1. Share the Product on Page

When you have created a product, you can publish an announcement on your page.

* If you add many products, don’t share them on the page all at once. You will be able to do this later.


  1. In Stock

Let them know if you have this product in stock. Don’t delete it, just hide “In Stock”.

  1. Edit Options

If you have one product in different colors, sizes etc, you can add these options and even set special prices for each.

Click on Edit Options, Add Options and choose what you need.


  1. Visibility

You can choose if your product will be available in your shop after your added it. Now it’s all set – click on Save.


When your clients click on a product, they see this card:


As a checkout method I chose “Message to Buy,” that’s why only this option is available.

Add URL to “Buy on Another Website”

If you choose “Checkout on Another Website,” you can add the URL to your website.


This option will only be available if you chose “Checkout on Another Website” when created your shop.

If you want to change a checkout method, you need to delete your shop and create it up again.

#3 Add Collections

If you have many products of different types, you can create collections with them. It will be easy for them to navigate through categorized collections.

Click on Add Collection to start:


Create a name for your collection, add products, and choose Feature this Collection to make it stand out in your shop.


Change CTA Button

Now Facebook automatically sets your CTA, also known as your call to action button, to lead to the shop on your page.


You can change this and make it drive traffic directly to your website. Click on it and choose Other Options and add your URL.

3 Free Ways to Promote Your Facebook Shop

It’s not enough just to create a shop. You need to spread a word about it to make more people know about your goods and services. There are several free ways to make it on your own:

  • Share Shop
  • Share Products
  • Share Collections

1.Share Shop on Facebook

Go to shop and choose Share Shop:


Add copy to your post and hit Post. If you run several pages or groups, and think other followers will be interested in your goods – choose different pages and post on them as well.

This post will be link active. Your clients will be redirected either to your Facebook shop, or real one when they tap on a visual.

Every time when you have special offers, new arrivals, sales etc – share your shop with clients.

  1. Share Products

Go to your business page and start writing a post. Choose “Tag a Product”


Then choose one or several products.


  1. Share Collections

You can share your collections during blowout days or any other promotion. To do that, go to Shop and click on Share Collection.


Add your copy and post. The post will be published as a Carrousel.

It’s all set. If you want to create a better shopping experience by letting fans and followers purchase directly on your page, you will need to use the third party applications to integrate payment method. If you are located in the US, you can do this on your own, but you will need to update your goods on your own, as well. With an app such as Shopify, you can build a Facebook shop in less than 15 minutes. They have a free 14 day trial, check it out here.




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