Skill Samurai Has Teamed Up with PromoRepublic to Boost Its Local Impact

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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Upd. on: 8 Jan 2024

PromoRepublic, the intelligent local marketing platform, announces a new client partnership with Skill Samurai, an enrichment education provider offering after-school coding & robotics сlasses.

Founded in 2014 by Jeff Hughes, Skill Samurai is an innovative and non-traditional approach to children’s STEM programs.

The company started with just one location in New Brunswick and has since expanded globally with locations across Canada, The United States, Australia, and Latin America.

Skill Samurai has teamed up with PromoRepublic to oversee performance of its franchisees’ local marketing and boost its online reputation – locally and globally.

This partnership will help Skill Samurai:

  • Create a central content hub and automate social media marketing across the entire franchise
  • Provide franchisees with tools to streamline customer communication and local posting
  • Become masters of speedy response, saving time and shining bright
  • Maintain strong and consistent branding
  • Centralize data across all locations and channels to make data-driven decisions.

“With PromoRepublic, we’re aiming for some serious social media wins, while also cutting our franchisees some slack with time. It’s all about owning that customer experience and having data as our trusty guide on every channel and platform,” states Jeff Hughes, the founder and President of Skill Samurai.

“Skill Samurai is going to be all about more automation, seeing things clearer, building that rep, and getting those “a-ha” insights. Thrilled to jump in and help them grow,” says Raakkel Sims, Head of Customer Success and Partnerships at PromoRepublic.

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