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Viktoriia Horbunova
Viktoriia Horbunova
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Upd. on: 30 Jan 2023

The set of the case

SOCIALDEALER was looking for a platform for organic social media services that would provide a smooth flow for collaborating with more than 100 of its clients. Besides creating and scheduling content tools and robust analytics, the platform had to provide a convenient approval flow for both the team and its clients. With the great flexibility of PromoRepublic’s white-label solution, we resolved the problem of client notifications within the first few weeks. 


SOCIALDEALER is the premier automotive social agency servicing clients in the United States with paid, organic, and reputation management solutions. Founded in 2008, SOCIALDEALER has helped hundreds of automotive dealers increase their social presence and bring more clients to their businesses with the help of precise data and personalized targeting. This agency has helped dealers like Murgado Automotive Group elevate their social media campaigns and turn their social media presence into clients to help their dealerships sell and service more cars.


SOCIALDEALER, as an agency, had more than 100 clients to deal with on a daily basis, managing their social media, scheduling content, and analyzing their social media campaigns. However, there was a need to make the scheduling of posts for each dealer more convenient, with an easy workflow for agency approval of suggested content. As its client base of dealers grew, so did the urgency for social media performance reports where all the data regarding client campaigns could be represented on easy-to-read dashboards. 

Additionally, the company was searching for a platform to cover the needs of producing branded content for its dealers, receiving notifications about reviews and dealers’ activities within a short time span, and monitoring results through dashboards.


PromoRepublic provided SOCIALDEALER with a highly-customizable white-label solution. Now SOCIALDEALER can deliver its branded content to its clients, send branded emails and put its logo on the platform and have its assets used by dealers. 

In a few weeks, PromoRepublic managed to fix the content approval workflow for the agency, making it easier to distribute approved content to all its dealers. PromoRepublic also added social media performance dashboards to gather all analytics into one comprehensible report that can be customized for each dealer to monitor organic social media campaigns.


From February 21st to November 21st: 

  • Dealerships managed on the platform increased to 38% (90 -> 125 of dealerships using social media scheduling) 
  • Increase in social media pages managed from 450 to 700
  • 86,490 posts were made
  • 3,118 reports were downloaded
  • 3,138 templates were created on the platform
  • 2,004 template ideas were used (Post ideas) 
  • The rate of failed posts diminished to 2% 
  • Followers increase: 88,783 new followers across all social media accounts
  • Engagement spike: 3%
  • Increase in dealerships using the platform: from 90 to 125
  • Increase in connected social pages in the platform:  from 450 to 700

With the PromoRepublic platform, SOCIALDEALER spends less time waiting for approval, saving many hours on approval flow and setting up new dealers on the platform.

Here is what SOCIALDEALER says about us:

Since the start of using PromoRepublic, the customer success team (Hanna and Emma) has been extremely responsive to all of our needs. They continue to proactively bring new ideas to the table. Hanna has been amazing with her customer service individually to our entire team 24/7 handling any issues or questions sent her way. The development team on the Promo side has taken all of our suggestions for upgrades to the platform and has worked to implement them so that we can continue to offer our clients the best product. The SOCIALDEALER team and our clients like the ease of the PromoRepublic platform and the mobile app and look forward to continuing to grow with them.”

Mary McAdams

Sr. Director of Operations


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