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Hey, Social Media Day is almost here, so we will give you some advice on what to post and how to celebrate it, so you will meet this holiday fully prepared! After all, when, if not on International SM Day, your brand should show the full power of its social media. Let’s get started.

What is Social Media Day

Social Media Day was first launched on June 30, 2010, by Mashable “as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication.” Since then, the celebration has grown each passing year and became an international holiday. People from all around the globe join in celebrating the impact that social media has had on our lives.

Post Ideas

SM Day is all about communication, so crack your knuckles and prepare to improve your content plan. Here are some cool ideas:

Remind People How Your Brand Got Started on Social Media

No matter what stage of development your company is now, people are always interested in how and where your path began. For example, on the Instagram feed of many people, you can see how they changed, how the number of subscribers, likes, comments grew from the very bottom of the feed to the top. The same thing happens with a brand, and this story can be fascinating in one or more posts on different social networks. So think about it, sketch out a short timeline with critical checkpoints for the company and write about it.

Share Your Favourite Accounts to Follow

Even big brands often follow someone on social media. People are always interested in noticing such details, looking for connections, observing communication, reposts, mutual support, and especially squabbles. For example, couples like Burger King and McDonald’s, Mercedes and BMW, Adidas and Nike, Pepsi and Coca-Cola arrange whole shows out of their local wars, which are then discussed by the entire world, and advertising agencies remember them as examples of successful cases. It is not necessary, of course, to fight with someone, but you can tell your followers who your brand reads, which accounts you should subscribe to and why, whom do you recommend, and from which business area it is.

Write about Your Mistakes on Social Media

There are real people behind every brand, and they, as we know, make mistakes. Your readers will be interested to know what mistakes you made in social networks and how you later managed to get out. After all, we can hear about successful cases from every corner, but there are much fewer posts about all sorts of disasters, where you can really learn invaluable experience. Share this with your readers, and it will bring you closer.

People will understand that your company is not some kind of soulless robot, but a person or a team of people who works, try, makes mistakes, and tries to fix everything. If you do not want to talk about specific social media cases where something went not quite according to plan, you can remember the most difficult periods for your brand. This will also be interesting because everyone understands that there are no perfect companies.

Show Some Interesting Data about Your Company over the past Year

Have you collected statistics on your brand’s performance over the past year? Share it with your followers! Tell us where you grew, where you became better, what metrics improved and what personal brand records you managed to break. Rejoice yourself and share this joy with those who read you. This is a great reason to start communication and show your followers and potential customers that your brand does not stand still and is constantly evolving and becoming better.

Share Some Memes

And of course, we couldn’t help but mention the best and most versatile tool on the Internet – memes. Yes, your brand could post memes every day all year round. Still, only on Social Media Day can you add a few hashtags like #smd or #socialmediaday and draw a little more attention to your posts than usual because this is a powerful informational lead. So tell people what you think about this day, share some insights about your brand, tell us about your plans for the year, and spice it all up with a good dose of humor.

SM Day Celebration

Okay, we figured out the posts, but how is this day generally celebrated? Let’s see what else brands can do on Social Media Day and what activities can be launched.

  • Start Communication with Your Followers

Why not start active communication with your readers? In the end, this is what we celebrate. So it’s a good idea to start a conversation with those who read you and listen to what they would like to know about you. Create some kind of open chat, write a post where you will respond to comments, answer questions, or announce a Q&A session that will last 24 hours! So you can not only tell about your brand but also get to know your audience better by the questions they ask.

  • Start a Live Video

Do you want to make your communication with readers even more active? To do this, there are live streams where you can humanize your brand by answering a question, responding to comments, and sharing real emotions with viewers. No post with fascinating insight or funny meme will bring your brand closer to the reader than one or more people in front of the camera.

  • Prepare some SM Day presents.

Since we say that the day of Social Media Day is a holiday, it would be nice to prepare some gifts. If your brand’s work is directly related to social media, it is an excellent option to offer readers a selection of cool templates! At PromoRepublic, you can always find convenient post templates for all occasions, and Social Media Day is no exception. So do not hesitate to visit our library where everyone can find something useful for themselves.

We hope this short text will help you come up with a couple of ideas for how your brand can celebrate SM Day and improve your relationship with followers. So raise your glasses to social media and clink it straight to the webcam.

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