The Best Twitter Management Tools That Guarantee Growth in 2021

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Twitter is a social media platform for small posts – witty and engaging. According to Oberlo’s research, there are 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. And the most appealing fact for marketers: in 2020, 40% of users carried out a purchase after seeing it on Twitter. As such, this platform is a great place for your social media marketing. 

There are a million Twitter tools on the web, but only the best can complement your social media marketing strategy when you’re just starting a small business. No doubt, it might be difficult to increase your follower base on Twitter if you’re alone. However, it doesn’t mean you should stop and do nothing. Twitter has the most caring algorithms, allowing you to organically reach 100% of your audience, compared to other social networks. Free or paid, all of these tools can help you tweak your strategy and get your first thousand followers.

How to choose Twitter management software?

If you have ever used Twitter, you already know that this platform is not the easiest one when it comes to management. To optimize your marketing strategy for this platform, you need to consider numerous variables:

  • Characters limit (280 characters)
  • Relevant hashtags 
  • Consistent posting
  • Ways to interact with potential customers
  • Accumulation of constant users’ engagement 

To choose the right tools, you should decide which Twitter activities boost your brand marketing considering the peculiarities of your niche. Also, mind your customers’ needs and preferences – you can only keep them active when you post something that makes them excited. Analyze your previous content marketing campaigns to see which posts boost better reactions and see which of the processes require automation. Take a look at this list of Twitter tools we have gathered for you to choose those that will make your campaign skyrocket! 

Top Twitter management tools and software

Twitter Tools for Analytics

Before jumping to different tools, the best advice would be to learn how to use Twitter account home. It’s the official analytical overview you get creating your Twitter profile. Just visit and you’ll see your own profile analytics, including useful information collected during the past 28 days. If there’s more you’d like to discover when other users’ analytics is concerned, you’re welcome to check what comes next.

1. Daily 140

Daily 140

Free package: Yes (for 3 accounts)

Daily 140 is a dedicated Twitter tool with only one feature – sending you a daily email with the information about three guys you find particularly interesting. There are 3 accounts to track for free or you can pay a $5 fee to track more people. You will get daily reports about their tweets, likes, and shares via email every morning.


Daily reports

Free package + cheap extension 

Easy to use


Only one feature to enjoy

Best for:


Everyone who wants to keep an eye on their competitors and niche influencers 

2. Twitonomy


Free package: Yes

Twitonomy is a Twitter follower tracker and one of the best apps that gives you an opportunity to get detailed analytics both on users and their tweets. Simply choose a user and you’ll see a dashboard of analytics with the analysis of a profile, its tweets, engagement, and other insights relevant to marketers.


Detailed visual analytics

Downloadable lists 

Desktop and mobile versions

Search analytics on keywords, hashtags, usernames, URLs

Huge amounts of data that is hard to manage and compare

No custom reports

Crowded dashboard 

Best for:


Those who are looking for an opportunity to know everything about other Twitter users

3. Bluenod


Free package: Yes
Bluenod is good at community visualization. It’s an all-in-one Twitter app that gives you insights about your target influencers and their networks. This tool will build you a map around a specific user or hashtag.


Great for audience targeting

Makes brand management simple

Visual analytics


No SEO tools

No scheduling tools

Best for:


Digital strategists and marketers will find this app especially useful

4. SocialRank


Free package: Yes

SocialRank is one of the Twitter followers tools powered by features that analyze your audience and segment them to a list of your best and the most popular people you engage with on Twitter. It’s one of the easiest ways to manage your audience on social and discover which professional relationship on Twitter should be a priority. 


An opportunity to track your most active followers

Easy to use

Convenient data export

You can only track followers, but not competitors

Hard to navigate 

Best for:


Small social media agencies

Great for Twitter and Instagram 

5. Klear

Free package: Yes
Klear is one of the best Twitter tools with many free influencer marketing capacities, including one which helps marketers find influencers on Twitter by means of keywords. It’s presented in the form of an iOS app and a Chrome extension.


Accurate tracking 

Daily tasks automation

Perfect for influencer programs 


The full version is pretty expensive
Best for:

Professionals and newcomers

Suits for different social networks, including Instagram and Tik Tok

Twitter Tools for Chats

Twitter chats are efficient for networking, sharing, and communicating with like-minded people. They need to be hosted and monitoring popular chats is challenging – they move fast and answering timely becomes nearly impossible. How to manage them successfully? Try using these tools.

6. TweetChat

Free package: Yes 

TweetChat is a tool for Twitter conversation aimed at filtering messages by hashtags – they can be added automatically to your posts. Also, there is a sharing button to promote your chats. Also, this app can slow the chats down and give you a chance to read them in your pace and reply. 


Retweets filtering

Spammers block


Slow-down intervals have limits

Best for:


Brands that want to communicate with customers directly and hold online events

7. Twubs

Free package: Yes

Twubs is a Twitter management tool that helps you find relevant Twitter chats. Also, you can use this app to host your own chat. It is API-compliant and able to aggregate pictures, videos, and tweets into a brand page. 


The tool creates branded homepages for chats and adds them to a global calendar visible for new users

Convenient interface 

Separated feeds for host messages and regular feed

Adjustable speed

Commercial hashtags can be added to paid version  

Best for:


Those who would like to arrange public talks and invite special guests 

8. Hootsuite

Free package: Yes (up to 3 social profiles)

Hootsuite is a multifunctional app with numerous Twitter softwares and tools. It is widely used for chats due to advanced moderation opportunities and multiple streams to add. As such, you can track and host a number of chats at the same time.


Track chats by hashtags and mentions

Internal features for collaboration and inner chats

Advanced moderation options


Too many tools and features – might feel confusing

Best for:


Those who are looking for a cross-functional app

Twitter Tools for Discovering Fresh Content and Entertaining Users

To engage your users and keep them active, you should post interesting content regularly. All in all, they come to this social media to have some fun! Give them what they want by means of these apps:

9. BuzzSumo

Free package: No| Free trial: Yes, for 30 days/100 searches

BuzzSumo is a tool for content management that allows you to search for tweets and influencers by hashtags, shares, and likes. With its help, you can find engaging content that resonates with your target audience. You can use it to retweet popular posts and get ideas for your own.


Extended filtering by themes and authors

Personalized dashboard

Data export

Content analysis reports 


Full version is expensive (starting from $99)

Not very suitable for small companies 

Best for:


SMM and content specialists 

Great for numerous social networks, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn 

10. Buffer

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (14 days)

Buffer is a content management app that allows you to find the best hashtags to use, engage your fans, and find influencers to collaborate with. In addition to content search, this tool provides numerous opportunities for campaign analysis and scheduled posting.


Tools for publishing, search, and engagement

Strong analytics

Visual content plans

Custom reports


No free package 

Best for:

Growing businesses 

Suitable for Twitter and Instagram

11. Hashtagify

Free package: No

Hashtagify is one of the most advanced hashtags tracking tools for Twitter and Instagram. With its help, you can find relevant hashtags for your target audience. The app provides custom suggestions and helps you get an insight into your competitors’ campaigns. 


User-friendly interface

Numerous features for hashtag search 

Tools for influencers’ and competitors’ analysis

No free version

The starting package is expensive ($99) but doesn’t include too many features

Best for:


Suits for Instagram and Twitter hashtag search and analysis

Twitter Tools for Following & Unfollowing

Monitoring who follows and unfollows you helps you drive meaningful connections. Often, when building up your audience from scratch on Twitter, you’ll have to follow domain experts you don’t know. If they don’t follow you back in return, the number of who you follow will be bigger than the number of your followers. This can make you look bad in the eyes of your target audience. The next Twitter management tools come in especially handy if your mission is to create a whitelist of followers on Twitter.

12. Tweepi

Free package: Yes

Tweepi is an AI tool that helps you find the best relevant tweets and engage with the users. Additionally, it allows you to scan the list of accounts that follow your own followers. Daniel Vahar, a Social Marketing & Brand Communications expert at Forbes proves that Tweepi can grow your Twitter account by as much as 100 new followers a day!


Uses advanced AI

Sorts followers in meaningful lists

Suggests custom hashtags and retweets


Limited to Twitter only

Free version is pretty restricted 

Best for:


Brands focused on Twitter only

13. DoesFollow

Free package: Yes

DoesFollow is one of those simple and 100% free Twitter management tools. It is a helping wand if you’d like to know if Elon Musk, for example, follows Richard Branson. The only thing to do is to fill in the boxes with two usernames you have in mind and see who follows whom.


Simple and fast


Free to use

Just one feature for followers search 
Best for:


Can be used for the first steps in content management 

14. ManageFlitter

Free package: No

ManageFlitter has a set of features to make a presence on Twitter a breeze. Aside from scheduling tweets and viewing analytics, you can follow and unfollow in bulk. The beauty of ManageFlitter is also in the possibility it gives you to segment your followers based on a number of factors, such as last tweet, follower count, location, language and if they follow you back.


Easily detect and get rid of spammy and useless accounts

Easy to use

Detailed dashboard

Slow loading

You can unfollow only selected account with a minimum number of 100 daily 

Best for:


Those who want to keep their list of followers clean and neat

Twitter Tools for Hashtags

Hashtags work great to build your presence online and here are some effective ways to use them on social. However, you might need more than that to succeed. The following apps for Twitter will let you boost engagement faster and make it up to more efficient strategic planning.

15. RiteTag

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes  

Rite Tag is the best hashtag recommender that works great if you need instant suggestions in terms of a hashtag’s reach. After filling in a hashtag, you’ll see the number of unique tweets, retweets, and exposure your hashtag and other semantically close keywords get per hour. You can download the full report as well. In addition, Rite Tag suggests relevant hashtags to get seen over time and creates a beautiful map. Hashtags to get seen over time appear as blue highlights, while the ones you should use now are green.


Mobile app plus Chrome extension

Integrates with Buffer

Twitter only (if not complied with Buffer)

Doesn’t have trending hashtags search
Best for:

Beginners and professionals

A great tool for PR and audience engagement  

16. Tagboard

Free package: No

Tagboard is one of the top tools for Twitter and other channels that creates mood boards for hashtags, keeping all posts under one roof. You heard that right! Entering a hashtag, you’ll see posts from different social networks that used it and be able to filter them respectively. The only thing left to do is engage!


Simple drag-and-drop interface

Customized cloud-based graphics

Real-time content curation
No free trial

Best for:

Small business

Medium business

Twitter Tools for Images

Images are more captivating than text, so you cannot ignore their power even if you are using Twitter. How to make your tweets more compelling? Add visuals with the help of these tools:

17. Perfect Quote

Perfect Quote
Free package: Yes 

Perfect Quote allows you to create tweets with beautiful images and memorable quotes. You can customize your pics entirely. There is a large base of images, patterns, photos, and quotations that can be found with the help of powerful AI.

Great AI search 

Tool matches relevant quotes and photos 

More than 5 million quotes by author or term


The app is relatively fresh and includes bugs

Best for:

Beginners and professionals

Brands that offer goods for ladies 

18. Twit Helper

Free package: Yes

An online graphic editor that allows you to locate your tweets on the images and post them right to your account. Simple and neat.


2000+ images to use

Works online

You can upload your own background

Search by filters


Just one function

Best for:

Small businesses 

Motivational posts 

Twitter Tools for Mentions & Monitoring

Stay updated and be aware of all mentions and shares from your account. This becomeи easy with the tools listed below:

19. Warble

Free package: Yes

Warble is a free tool for social media marketing. One of the main features of Warble is a system of notifications sent to your email whenever something important happens on your account. Namely, you will get emails when someone shares your tweets or mentions your name on his/her page. Also, this app does keyword, hashtag, and name tracking.


Completely free tool

Custom alert schedules

Advanced search actions

Will suit small businesses only
Best for:

Beginners, small companies, individual use

20. Twilert

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (14 days)

Twilert sends real-time alerts for particular keywords. Track the keywords that interest you and receive an email notification every time someone mentions them. This way, you can keep an eye on products, branded hashtags, and companies’ names.


Advanced search 

Instant notifications 

Help you find mentions and send fast respond

No free package

Best for:

Professionals and large companies

Those who would like to react on brand name mentions, competitors mentions, and industry-related hashtags immediately

21. MentionMapp

Free package: Yes

MentionMapp allows you to create and visualize the map of you and people you mention, as well as people mentioned by them. This way, you see your network and networks of other users. As such, you can target new users that are interested in brand-related trends.


Intuitive interface

Visual cloud

An opportunity to discover related content and hashtags

Data analysis and reporting are far from being comprehensible 

Trial is limited to 15 free Twitter accounts analysis per month
Best for:

Professionals, large businesses 

Brands that seek to expand their audience 

Twitter Tools for Scheduling Tweets

Think about the last time you had to post something on Twitter. Did you do all the work manually? Now, you can stop right there. Current Twitter engagement tools allow you to schedule dozens of posts to get them published automatically without any additional efforts needed. Spend a couple of minutes and chill out, using one of the following:

22. PromoRepublic

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (for Standard and Professional packages)

PromoRepublic is one of the best social media scheduling tools in a class of its own. The truth is, there’s no alternative to PromoRepublic when it comes to a combination of visual content creation, posting, and analytics. There’s a post library, for almost every industry, where you can choose a premade post and schedule to publish it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. Additionally, the system will give you a hint when it’s best to schedule Twitter posts based on their type.


Save posts to reuse them for other social networks

Calendar for scheduling

Recommendations for the best posting time

Ideas generation

Doesn’t integrate with other apps and features

No direct posting
Best for:

Small businesses

Brands that implement multichannel posting 

23. TweetDeck

Free package: Yes

TweetDeck was created by Twitter, so its capabilities suit this platform perfectly. This tool is pretty similar to Hootsuite: you can use it to schedule tweets, view streams of your content, followers’ updates, engagement rates, and messages. 


Manages multiple Twitter accounts

Great for news tracking

Simple muting

Convenient users’ lists


For Twitter only

A lack of customization options

Best for:

Small, medium, and large businesses 

Beginners and professionals will find this scheduling tool useful

24. Social Oomph

Free package: Yes

Social Oomph is a free tool that provides tweet scheduling capabilities to users. Also, you can track keywords, shorten URLs, view retweets, track mentions, and manage several Twitter accounts with its help.



Automatic content generation

Unlimited tweet schedule


If you want to use the tool for other social networks, you will have to pay a fee

Outdated and not very convenient interface 

No calendar layout

Best for:

Small, medium, and large businesses 

Perfect for active social media users that have to manage lumps of marketing information 


Have no doubts that after you arm yourself with these tools, your Twitter marketing campaign will shoot up! With their help, you will automatize numerous processes, save your time for creative work, and get better insights into your campaign. Chats, analytics, content search, scheduling, and posting tweets, as well as other Twitter activities will become easier to manage. Benefit from the fresh and advanced tools – make the most of your social media accounts! Most of them have free packages or trial versions, so give them a try!  


What are 4 things Twitter apps help you do?

The most crucial things Twitter apps help you do are analysis, audience building, increasing brand awareness, and boosting audience engagement

How do I monitor my Twitter account?

Twilert, MentionMapp, Tweepi, Warble, and other tools listed below have numerous tools for monitoring.

How do I manage my Twitter feed?

Track the engagement and analyze users’ behavior regarding tweets they like and share

Create lists (competitors, customers, influencers, events, etc.)

Use relevant hashtags

Follow people smartly and make sure that they are really interested in your offers

Track your competitors’ activity 

Use tools for efficient management, scheduling, and data gatherin

Is Twitter for free?

Yes, you can create a Twitter account for free.

What is Twitter good for?

Direct more traffic to your website and generate sales

Improve brand awareness

Create warmer relationships with your customers

Boost conversions 

Establish social media presence

How do I count tweets with hashtags for free?

Try using Hashtagify or any other hashtag-focused tool from our list.


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