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20+ Best Twitter Management Tools That Guarantee Growth in 2019

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There are a million Twitter tools on the web, but only the best can complement your social media marketing strategy when you’re just starting a small business. No doubt, it might be difficult to increase your follower base on Twitter if you’re alone. However, it doesn’t mean you should stop and do nothing. In the first quarter of 2019, Twitter averaged 330 million monthly active users and 46% of them are on the platform daily! Besides, Twitter has the most caring algorithms, allowing you to organically reach 100% of your audience, compared to other social networks. Free or paid, all of these tools can help you tweak your strategy and get your first thousand followers.

Tools for Scheduling Posts on Twitter

Think about the last time you had to post something on Twitter. Did you do all the work manually? Now, you can stop right there. Current Twitter engagement tools allow you to schedule dozens of posts to get them published automatically without any additional efforts needed.

Spend a couple of minutes and chill out, using one of the following:

PromoRepublic is one of the best social media scheduling tools in a class of its own. The truth is, there’s no alternative to PromoRepublic when it comes to a combination of visual content creation, posting, and analytics. There’s a post library, for almost every industry, where you can choose a premade post and schedule to publish it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. Additionally, the system will give you a hint when it’s best to schedule Twitter posts based on their type.

holiday pictures and post ideas

Hootsuite is the classics and an old-timer on the landscape of professional Twitter marketing tools. While scheduling posts for Twitter, you’ll see the number of characters when printing your text in a Compose Message Box and be able to even mention someone, using their special Twitter box. Unlike PromoRepublic, Hootsuite doesn’t have a library of premade posts, but it lets you get more granular with your scheduling options.

Buffer is another tool that allows you to make a social share schedule. You’ll need a helping hand to set it all up. The good thing about Buffer is that it offers a lot of integrations, extensions, and extras to simplify and speed up your scheduling process. If you’re always on the run, this tool might be a good choice.

Twitter Management Apps for Follow & Unfollow

Monitoring who follows and unfollows you helps you drive meaningful connections. Often, when building up your audience from scratch on Twitter, you’ll have to follow domain experts you don’t know. If they don’t follow you back in return, the number of who you follow will be bigger than the number of your followers. This can make you look bad in the eyes of your target audience. The next Twitter management tools come in especially handy if your mission is to create a whitelist of followers on Twitter.

apps for Twitter

Tweepi is an AI tool that helps you find the best relevant tweets and engage with the users. Additionally, it allows you to scan the list of accounts that follow your own followers. Daniel Vahar, a Social Marketing & Brand Communications expert at Forbes proves that Tweepi can grow your Twitter account by as much as 100 new followers a day!

DoesFollow is a helping wand if you’d like to know if Elon Musk, for example, follows Richard Branson. The only thing to do is to fill in the boxes with two usernames you have in mind and see who follows whom.

ManageFlitter has a set of features to make a presence on Twitter a breeze. Aside from scheduling tweets and viewing analytics, you can follow and unfollow in bulk. The beauty of ManageFlitter is also in the possibility it gives you to segment your followers based on a number of factors, such as last tweet, follower count, location, language and if they follow you back.

FollowFly is a good choice if you’d like to discover the best content on Twitter, including what users are sharing and posts that were the most successful. The following post from Bill Gates, for example, received the biggest number of likes for the past year: is a magical free tool to grow a community on Twitter by social monitoring, insights into top curated content, analytics reports, and on-time follow/unfollow info. In general, enables marketers to better know their followers and build relationships.

Twindr is a smart iOS mobile app that follows the Tinder principle, but applies to Twitter! Just follow two simple rules: 1) Swipe left to unfollow and 2) swipe right to keep following.

Twitter Tools for Marketing Analytics

Before jumping to different tools, the best advice would be to learn how to use Twitter account home. It’s the official analytical overview you get creating your Twitter profile. Just visit and you’ll see your own profile analytics, including useful information collected during the past 28 days. If there’s more you’d like to discover when another users’ analytics is concerned, you’re welcome to check what comes next.

Daily 140 is a dedicated Twitter tool with only one feature – sending you a daily email with the information about three guys you find particularly interesting. Just choose three people and Daily 140 will do the rest, keeping you updated with people they followed and tweets they liked.

Twitonomy is one of the best Twitter apps that gives you an opportunity to get detailed analytics both on users and their tweets. Simply choose a user and you’ll see a dashboard of analytics with the analysis of a profile, its tweets, engagement, and other insights relevant to marketers.

Twitter management tool
Source: Twitonomy

Bluenod is good at community visualization. It’s an all-in-one Twitter app that gives you insights about your target influencers and their networks. This tool will build you a map around a specific user or hashtag.

SocialRank is powered by features that analyze your audience of followers and segment them to a list of your best and the most popular people you engage with on Twitter. It’s one of the easiest ways to manage your audience on social and discover which professional relationship on Twitter should be a priority.

Klear has many free influencer marketing tools, including one which helps marketers find influencers on Twitter by means of keywords. It’s presented in the form of an iOS app and a Chrome extension.

Social Bearing is one of the professional Twitter marketing tools that provides insights and analytics for tweets and timelines. You can use its search box to find specific Twitter keywords, locations, usernames, interests, and followers. As a result, Social Bearing will analyze your tweets by sentiments, type, and source, create a hashtag and a word cloud, and many more.

Twitter Tools for Business

Twitter for Business would be an ideal option for businesses who want to advertise and express interest in parent Twitter promotion tools. essentially, there are three locations with insights to understand if your content works for your business:

  • Account home is where high-level statistics tracked from month to month resides. It’s also a place where Twitter spots your greatest tweet achievements that performed well. In addition, Account home introduces you to the influencers in your network.
  • Your Tweet activity dashboard provides numbers for every single one of your posts on Twitter. You’ll see exact actions performed against your tweets, like impressions, retweets, likes, comments, etc.
  • Your audience insights dashboard knows everything about the people who follow you on Twitter and shares it so you can track how your follower base grows. Moreover, it allows you to learn more about your followers’ interests and demographics.

Recently, Twitter has published another success story, revealing how its demographic targeting tools helped Pandora achieve remarkable results. You can follow @TwitterBusiness to keep yourself posted on tips, news, and how-tos that help you promote your business or project.

Twitter Tools for Using Hashtags Like a Pro

Hashtags work great to build your presence online and here are some effective ways to use them on social. However, you might need more than that to succeed. The following apps for Twitter will let you boost engagement faster and make it up to more efficient strategic planning.

Rite tag is the best hashtag recommender that works great if you need instant suggestions in terms of a hashtag’s reach. After filling in a hashtag, you’ll see the number of unique tweets, retweets, and exposure your hashtag and other semantically close keywords get per hour. You can download the full report as well. In addition, Rite tag suggests relevant hashtags to get seen over time and creates a beautiful map. hashtags to get seen over time appear as blue highlights, while the ones you should use now are green.

twitter tools


Hashtags to get seen over time appear as blue highlights, while the ones you should use now are green. In turn, don’t use the grey ones in your posts, as very few people are following them. equips marketers with complete analytics into any hashtag to boost the success of their hashtag marketing initiatives. It shows many things, including the popularity trends, spelling variants, top countries, tweets wall, and more. By entering a hashtag, you immediately get a trove of information to back up your decisions.

Tagboard is one of the top tools for Twitter and other channels that creates mood boards for hashtags, keeping all posts under one roof. You heard that right! Entering a hashtag, you’ll see posts from different social networks that used it and be able to filter them respectively. The only thing left to do is engage!

Twitter Tools to Find the Best Time to Tweet

I can’t say enough that the average duration of any tweet is only 18 minutes, so you should do your best to post at time slots when your audience is the most active. To find the best time to post on Twitter, read this article, or explore the following three Twitter management apps.

Tweriod is one of Twitter growth tools that finds the best times to tweet based on your and your followers’ historical data. It suggests times when it especially makes sense to post, or when your audience is at its peak of activity. The more followers you have, the longer it takes to generate data. Eventually, you receive it straight into your mailbox. Here’s how it looks:

twitter apps

Followerwonk answers many analytical questions, telling who your followers are, where they are located and when it’s the best time to tweet for them. It also compares Twitter accounts to find overlaps and grow the number of followers.

Audiense is one of Twitter account management tools that aim to understand your audience’s behavior to inform your business decisions. Wondering how Audience Insights work? If you want to generate a free report, the only thing you would need is to choose a country and mention a couple of job roles, hashtags, and keywords. Then, it takes a couple of hours, as the tool analyzes millions of accounts to provide you with the most relevant information.

Enough tools to try out for one day, right? These were the gems we tested to spur growth, track analytics, and optimize performance on Twitter. What Twitter apps would you recommend that are not on this list?

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