How to use Instagram for small business? Advices and recommendations

Instagram for small business
Dmytro Polishchuk
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70% of all businesses in the world have their own accounts on Instagram. We can find the official account of Zara, LC Waikiki, McDonalds and other giants of different industries. However, we should forget about small businesses. Marketers are using Instagram to grow it up, get more followers, increase leads and have a bigger income. Of course, they can`t achieve the same goals as the giant companies, but they don`t want to. They have their own targets and specific methods of achieving it.

However, beginners simply can`t understand how to use Instagram for small business. so, to solve this problem, we will show you simple tips that can help you to grow up your small business.

Form the right bioForm the right bio

In every social media, it`s important to present yourself to the audience. If you are expecting for a huge audience, you must show people that you are a good marketer and your company provides qualitative services or\and goods that users could buy. First of all, you must mention the sphere that you are working in. After that, add your current location, your personal hashtags and, of course, a link to your website. make the customers` life easier.

Work with Instagram storiesInstagram stories

A long time ago, when people used to post videos and images to attract people, they didn`t have any alternatives. But now, when you can post a short video (only 15 seconds) or an image in Instagram story, the whole process becomes much easier. If you want to make an announcement or inform your subscribers about new post in your profile, you can use Instagram stories. Just post a photo of your post and add an active link, so user will be able to click on it and read the post.

Monitor your content. Look what`s better for you

It`s good when marketers are working with different types of content, but with the time people are getting tired of repeated images, simple style, captions, hashtags and other things that are not changing.

If you don`t want to lose your fans, it will be better to analyze all your content and find types that have the smallest engagement. If people don`t like it, it will be better to stop posting such content. There`s no need to make ballast for your small business.

Engage with customers in comments

People hate when marketers ask them to show their opinion in comments under the post, and then just ignore it. That`s not how we do things. If your fans are really important for you, you must reply to their comments. If they say that you need to change something in your profile, you`d better do this. They give you a massive engagement with their comments, so why not to talk with them? Maybe they need to hear something from you.

Instagram contestLaunch an Instagram contest

How do you think, what can help you to grow your small business on Instagram? Of course, it`s an Instagram contest. People enjoy when bloggers and marketers perform such activity on their pages, because there you have a chance to win something that you really need. In most cases, contest lasts from 10 to 14 days, so it`s a smart move for you to get a massive engagement, get more followers and make people stay with you. They see that you are an active social media marketer and your profile is not only about advertisements and sales. Just pick up the right prize, set the budget for your contest and start promoting. Then, when the time comes, choose a winner and let him take his prize.

Keep an eye on your competitors

It doesn`t matter which social media you use, in what sphere you work or how good you are, there`s always someone who wants to be better than you.

Remember that if you want to be better than someone, you must know his weaker places. Analyze your competitors` profiles, look what they post. If you see that their methods are better than yours, try to include some of their elements to your strategy. Who knows, maybe you will use their methods better than them.

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