How to use Twitter effectively and grow your business?

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Simple recommendations for beginners

Twitter is the place where you can post content, share someone`s tweets, find latest news and, of course, grow up your business. With social media, it`s easy for marketers to connect with the customers, share advertising content and get all information about sold goods. However, those marketers who are only starting their social media activity don`t know what exactly they should do to grow their business. So, in this article, we will tell them how to use Twitter effectively.

Create and optimize your Twitter profileTwitter profile

The first thing that defines your Twitter effectiveness is your own profile. Remember that you will be working with customers. They will visit your profile to look on the goods and decide what to buy. Your task here is to give them all information about your brand and your your personal hashtagsproducts.

Make up your bio. Add your location, address (if needed), your personal hashtags and a link to your website. With all these points, customers will understand who you are and what can you give to them.

Create your personal hashtags

Twitter is like a huge chest with docs, and every doc has its own name – a hashtag. With your personal hashtags, you will be able to mark your posts and your customers will easily indicate them in their news feed. Your hashtag should be no longer than 10 symbols, because people won`t search with long tags made of 20 symbols or more.

Prepare your content before publishing

It may sound strange, because you can`t write huge posts on Twitter – you have only 140 symbols! However, if you want to use Twitter effectively, you should work really hard. When you finished writing the post, check it for a few times and, if needed, correct all mistakes. Remember that you can add visual content to your text, so choose appropriate image, video or GIF and publish your post. Don’t forget to add hashtags!

Know when to post on Twitter

Don`t think that you can open Twitter every time you want and start posting. If you really want to understand how to use Twitter effectively, you should know when your audience can give you the best engagement. Here are some tips that can help you with posting:

  • Friday is the best day to post on Twitter
  • The best time to post on Twitter is between 9am and 10am
  • The safest times to post on Twitter every day are between 10am and 12pm
  • Sunday morning are the worst for getting engagement on Twitter

However, these recommendations won`t work for everyone. You should orientate on your audience and analyze it`s activity. If you see that they are the most active during a specific period of time, you should prepare your posts for this moment.

Engage with your readers

People hate when brand owners ignore their questions and offers. It`s not good, because you take risks to lose your regular clients. Take time to respond to as many questions as possible. People will see that you are an active user and you won`t focus only on your content. Engagement helps marketers to keep clients on their profiles for a long time, so they won`t live after a few weeks of subscribing.

Monitor your performance

While working in the social media, it`s important to fix all your actions (posts, engagement, number of sold goods). Without this point, you won`t have a clear understanding of what to do next. For example, if you see that people don`t like video content you share, it will be better to stop posting it. However, you won`t be able to realize it without monitoring. so, if you want to use Twitter effectively, you must monitor your performance.


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