14 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

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When we talk about popularity on Instagram, we first and foremost, of course, think of the likes. Getting them is not as easy as it seems. You have to think about more than just how beautiful your photo or interesting your video is. It would be best if you had a complete content plan and strategy. 

Do you publish new posts on Instagram and develop them, but do you feel you’re getting too few likes? Then this article is for you because we’ve gathered the main ways to get more likes on Instagram!

Use Hashtags Wisely

Using hashtags is the first thought that comes to mind when you want to get more likes. The main thing is to remember how to use them correctly. Don’t use hashtags that are too popular and have no meaning. Avoid hashtags like #beauty, #nature. You will not get likes from real people with them. Better put a few less popular hashtags that will really convey what your post is about. That way, you can attract a new audience, get more real likes, and avoid the invasion of spam accounts on your page.

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Use Calls-to-Action

The golden rule of marketing: if you want to get action from your audience, ask them for it directly. Want to get more likes on Instagram? Add a call to like or a question to discuss in the comments at the end of your post descriptions. It will help a lot to support the development of your account.

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Want More Likes? Like It First!

If you want to get likes, like the posts yourself. Track mentions of your brand on Instagram through notifications or a branded hashtag and like and comment on those posts. People will love that you’re paying attention to them, and they’re more likely to like your future posts.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/forrestaguar/

Watch Your Followers’ Stories

Let me say right away that we are not talking about automatic viewing of stories with the help of special services. As with the likes and comments, watch your followers’ stories manually. These can be stories of new subscribers or ones with mentions of your brand.

It’s a very simple mechanic that works to increase audience loyalty. If people feel that a bot rather than a human watched their story, not only will it not produce results, but it can also play against you.

Don’t Forget to Show Your Location

Geotags are convenient for promotion in a specific territory. If your target audience is limited to a particular geographic area, geotags are the best tool for promotion. Not everyone specifies geotags under a publication, but in the search engine results, along with accounts and hashtags, geotags (if there are any for this query) are also shown. Your task is to arrange and use them correctly. Then your publications will be visible to a greater number of users, and therefore the number of likes will also increase.

The advantage of geotagging is that you are acting directly with your target audience. Today, this fact solves a lot and allows you to solve several problems simultaneously: to gain a mass of subscribers and to become popular.

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Share Posts on Other Social Networks

If you’ve taken up promoting your business on social networks, Instagram is probably not the only platform you use. As soon as you publish a new post on Instagram, immediately share it on other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words, practice cross-posting.

The main rule — give people a reason to go to Instagram and not limit themselves to the likes on another social network. For example, post only part of the content and tell your followers that you can watch the rest on Instagram.

Promote Your Posts

Use targeted advertising. Official post promotion, set up through the Facebook ads or a simpler version on Instagram (available only to those who use a business profile), will help your followers see the post. This promotional tool will also positively affect the growth of the interested audience: they will see the promoted publication on their feed, even if they are not subscribed to your account. 

Diversify Your Content Plan

Use different types of posts, from photos and videos to carousels. The advantage of diversifying your content on Instagram is that you can track your performance to find successful patterns. For example, if you notice that your carousel format posts attract more attention and get likes faster, it’s worth focusing on those.

Ask your Followers to Share the Post

If you think the post might be interesting not only for your audience, ask them to forward it to their friends or tag them in the comments. Do this only if you are absolutely sure that your post will not irritate the people to whom it is shown. Otherwise, you risk not only wasting your time but also catching a wave of negativity in the comments.

This is a fairly common mechanic for Instagram contests, but it can also be used for the most common posts.

Tag All Users Related to the Post

It doesn’t matter at all who you are tagging. Your goal is to emphasize that they are somehow involved in this publication, you value that contribution, and you want to share it with your followers.

In doing so, there’s a good chance that their audience will also appreciate the mention and like your post or even become your subscribers.

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Speak to Your Followers in the Comments

Don’t hesitate to respond to comments from followers under your posts, especially if you’re asked a question. The more you engage in communication, the greater your audience’s loyalty, and with it, the greater the number of likes.

Write Engaging Descriptions

A banal but very useful tip — write long, interesting, and informative descriptions for your Instagram posts. Some might say that Instagram is a visual social network, and long text in your posts is inappropriate. That’s not entirely true. Precisely because of Instagram’s emphasis on visuals, it’s hard to surprise audiences with just high-quality images.

Write an engaging summary that complements the visual, talk about your experience, ask the audience a question, and increase the chance that a person will like it.

Post Beautiful Photos

One more piece of advice that many people will consider trivial, yet here it is. Instagram is a place for visual content. So to gain likes, you need to work on the attractiveness of your content. Make sure you have a good camera, shoot diverse and beautiful content, and don’t be afraid to use filters. Remember that a specific style of your photos forms your uniqueness to Instagram users. There, they will unmistakably distinguish your content from the images of other users in the immense social media feed.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/ikeausa/

Use Stories Highlights to Store Old Posts

Stories Highlights are one of Instagram’s very effective marketing tools. You can save stories that you want to keep for your users longer than 24 hours. You can also separate them into different categories by topic, so your audience can find the information they need more easily. This is a very convenient way to give users the answers they need without wasting their time communicating directly with you. In addition, this way, you draw attention to your previous posts and collect more likes on them. Make highlights with FAQs, a selection of your products in a specific category, or posts on a particular topic. By doing so, you can get more likes and not just on new publications.

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