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Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

Social Media in 2018 is all about new Facebook Algorithms, Rich-Media formats, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence. We started PromoRepublic back in 2014 to try and simplify Social Media Marketing for SMBs.  And now, it’s time to move forward.

It is not only time to streamline our product for easy content scheduling and graphic creation; it is time to get tangible results through sales and traffic. We need to shift our marketing language – how can we acquire and retain customers? And how can we analyze results from Social?

In today’s evolving tech-world, your customers are just as Social Media and content savvy as you are. They are uploading videos, chatting with Messenger Bots and creating Instagram and Snapchat stories. As a business owner or marketer, you need to align yourselves with these new updates from Social networks.

We cater to all your Social Media Marketing Needs with our new tools and professional services:

  • Suggestions and New Tools in Calendar.

    We continue to work on AI inside the content calendar. Our upcoming Smart Planner will suggest best times, frequency and even content types to post; based on your followers activity and post effectiveness. Additionally, with the Campaigns feature you can create post sequences with specific goals. And new social networks like Pinterest will be added soon.

  • Rich Media Formats.

    Let your products shine via custom-designed Instagram Stories, Facebook Canvas, videos, GIFs and our very own PromoPage format. If your goal is to expand the reach of your business, this type of content works best with Paid promotion.

  • Retargeting Campaigns.

    This is the cheapest and most effective retention marketing tool. Our new updates enable sales on your pages through advertising and help retain your customers with retargeting. They deliver ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions and show website visitors the products that they’ve viewed on your website automatically with Dynamic Ads.

  • Analytics and Social ROI.

    View all spend and performance from Social paid and organic campaigns. Through partnerships with leading ecommerce platforms and top data tools like Facebook Analytics and Google Data Studio, you will have access to the latest analysis of important metrics including post engagements, followers, and ROI.

  • Monitoring and Social inbox.

    We are working on tracking mentions and comments in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We want to give you the seamless ability to stay connected with your customers, create sales opportunities from your inbox and discover social influencers.

Full Funnel Analytics Tracking with Ecommerce Integration:

The goal of our new platform is to guide new customers from organic posting and paid campaigns to your product page and show ROI from this channel. We are launching Professional Services with a sophisticated setup of Facebook Pixel and Retargeting Campaigns (static and dynamic), plus Ecommerce Reporting, using Facebook Analytics, Google Tag manager and Google Data Studio.

Your followers don’t want to see a link to your product pages, they want to be able to visualize  themselves using the product. This is where Rich Media Formats come into play with the integration of content created Stories. Bringing together Social Media and Ecommerce is one way to tap into their emotions. On top of it, we have partnered with Shopify and Magento to provide you with even more automation.

To our Current Customers and Appsumo Partners:

We updated our features and pricing on February 21, 2018. If you are already using PromoRepublic in any monthly package or annual subscription, you can continue to use it until cancellation. After that, you can only choose new packages. All new features like Pinterest, Rich Media content types, Retargeting and Analytics will only be available in the new packages.

What will I get as an AppSumo Customer?

If you purchased PromoRepublic with the Appsumo deal or Briefcase you can continue using it with the same features (including 30 profiles and access to the Post Ideas library). We are continuing to evolve our DIY tool functionality which is at the core of our new platform, so you will be able to take advantages of these updates including the Smart Planner, video uploading and post recycling. If you are interested in moving from DIY content creation and scheduling to an automated campaign based platform, you will have to sign up separately.

For further information please check out our website and pricing page.

The PromoRepublic Team.

P.S. Check our upcoming Online conference for Ecommerce.


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