Top 9 White Label Marketing Tools to Reap Larger Profits

Top 9 White Label Marketing Tools to Reap Larger Profits
Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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While there is no one-size-fits-all winning formula for white label digital marketing agencies, a sure thing is that your revenue depends on how optimized your team’s workflow is. Your customers expect efficient, fast, and gainful solutions from your agency, which are not always achievable without… a pitch of magic. In this article, we are going to discuss really magical applications to help you manage activities in your team successfully.  

Indeed, ignoring such a treasure as white label tools is a crime. They are simple, easy-to-customize, and some of them are free (or at least partly free). Most marketing agencies are already using a pack of tools to manage their business, so you should own a couple as well not to trail far behind. The time has come to equip yourself with an arsenal of mighty tools! To make it easier for you, we have prepared a detailed list of instruments you can use to boost revenue and optimize the way your team works. Let’s get started!

Summary of our picks: Top White Label Marketing Tools in 2022

    1. Best for social media marketing: PromoRepublic
    2. Best for SEO services: SE Ranking, Agency Analytics
    3. Best for brand image establishment: Mention, Synup
    4. Best for CRM: Sendible
    5. Best for data gathering and reporting: Dashthis
    6. Best for marketing automation: Mautic

How to choose the right white label marketing tool?

Tools listed below are diverse – they are used for different marketing purposes. That is why, it is important to arm yourself with the right ones, those that meet the needs of your business and your customers’ demands. White label digital marketing services could provide various services, such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, blogging, conversion optimization, and more. First, the pack of required tools depends on the scope you span. Second, you should analyze your work processes efficiently. 

In general, everything that could be automatized should be automatized at least partly – this is the main rule of the modern digital market. Following this formula, you have a chance to avoid project protraction and numerous human-factor mistakes. 

Top white label marketing tools to try out

1. PromoRepublic


Free plan: No | Free trial: Yes
Main goal: Social media management

PromoRepublic is a multifunctional social media management and white label marketing platform. With its help, agencies and marketers can easily optimize their SMM activities. The pack of features presented by PromoRepublic includes instruments for posts scheduling, content creation, and performance analysis. Also, the tool can boast of a huge library of templates, where marketers and SMM specialists can find numerous ready-made templates with high-quality images. Aside from a rich collection, the scheduling and analytics features will suggest the best time to publish your posts, so that thousands of eyes will see them.


In-built image editor

Great branded reports for your customers

Advanced analytics with the most important metrics


No scheduling for Instagram

Best for:

Professionals and small businesses

Works great with different social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Pricing plans:

Standard – $49/month

Professional – $99/month

Enterprise – custom pricing

2. Sendible

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (14 days)

Main goal: Social media management, CRM 

Sendible is a multi-purpose tool for social media/email/SMS marketing, CRM, targeting and retargeting, automation, and others. Its wide suite of features and tools can cover most of your white label needs. The best thing about Sendible is numerous customization opportunities, which allow you to rebrand onboarding processes to your preferences and create multiple accounts. 

Also, the app works perfectly to help agencies tailor social media strategies for brands. You can use it to manage several social media platforms at a time, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Sendible creates clear and precise reports to let you provide your customers with concrete numbers and results.  


Convenient interface

Content recommendation engine 

Predesigned report templates for your customers


Not all metrics are covered in the analytics

Best for: 

Professionals, medium and large businesses

Suits for different social media platforms  

Pricing plans:

Starter – $29/month

Traction – $99/month

Growth – $199/month

Large – $299/month

3. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (14 days)

Main goal: Customers’ campaigns reviewing, tracking, and reporting; dashboards  

Agency Analytics lets you create and customize dashboards for your customers. Not only you can track, manage, and interpret the results of your marketing efforts this way. Also, with neat branded reports, you will make your company look really professional and reliable. This one is great digital marketing software for agencies that strive for better revenue and brand name establishment. Custom reports may include numerous juicy features, like your logo, company’s name, etc. 


Convenient all-in-one reporting app

A pack of advanced SEO tools


No free packages, only a trial version
Best for:


Works for 50+ platforms to build branded dashboards

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking
Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (14 days)
Main goal: SEO 

SE Ranking is an SEO tool designed for white label goals. If your customers need some SEO assistance, this one might be a winning solution. Whether you are a SEO expert or webmaster, you can set up your or client’s domain by entering the name – no hosting required. 

SE Ranking provides numerous customizable tools for optimization needs. With its help, you can easily perform a website audit, track backlinks, monitor position ranking, etc. SE Ranking is a worthy SEO platform to add to your white label marketing arsenal.  


Advanced rank tracking

Smart progress reports and manuals

Competitors traffic analysis (organic and paid)

Low keyword ranking limits
Best for:

Professionals, small and medium businesses 

Perfect for white label marketing agencies focused on SEO services

Optimum – $39/month 

Plus – $71/month

Enterprise – $151/month

Custom – starting from $39/month

5. Synup

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (14 days)
Main goal: Reputation management

When talking about white label tools, we usually focus on those for social media marketing, reporting, and SEO. Synup is pretty unique here – this app can be used by white label marketing agencies to improve customers’ brand awareness, brand image, and sales results. With its help, agencies can easily distribute and optimize content across various digital channels and improve content performance. 

Synup helps control and manage the brand’s online presence, research customers’ comments, and create positive service reviews. Synup’s dashboard provides performance metrics, profile, and review analytics. 


Automatizes numerous processes and saves time

Insightful reporting

Worthy toolkit for an average price

Confusing UI
Best for:


Suits for social media marketing well

Starting from: $30/month

6. Dashthis

Free package: No | Free trial: Yes (15 days)

Main goal: Data gathering and reporting

Dashthis is a tool designed for marketing agencies that help customers improve SEO, SMM, PPC, etc. The application has a reach customizable dashboard with numerous widgets and features. All of your SEO, social media, and email marketing data can be united in one report to give you meaningful insight and a full picture of your efforts. Reporting is adjustable, convenient, and automated. To impress your customers, you can add their logo to reports, change fonts, headers, and add notifications. Dashthis will save a lump of your time if you are used to manual data collection and interpretation. 


Intuitive interface 

Integrates with Instagram Ads, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp

Custom features for experienced users

All the important metrics included 


Creates basic reports without advanced suggestions or forecasting 

Limited chart types

Best for:

Beginners, individual marketers and SEO specialists 


Individual – $33/month 

Professional – $109/month

Business – $209/month

Standard – $339/month

Enterprise – $499/month

Elite – depends on the amount of chosen features

7. Mention


Free package: Yes  

Main goal: Social media management and brand awareness

Mention helps companies improve brand awareness, find new clients, and boost their online reputation. As the name of the tool suggests, it gathers your customers’ brand mentions online – considering this data, white label agencies can offer detailed reports on the company’s reputation as well as respond to negative and positive comments. Also, the tool allows you to perform the same research with your competitor’s brand to analyze their online presence. 


Great online database of million sources in 40+ languages

Smart reporting

Helps you find influencers and analyze competitors 


Might be a bit expensive for small businesses 

Keyword search is limited

Doesn’t store data in the archive – once the comment is deleted, it is lost

Best for:

Professionals and large businesses 


Solo – $25/month

Pro – $25/month

ProPlus – $167/month

Company – $450/month

8. Mautic

Free package: Yes
Main goal: Marketing automation 

Mautic is a practically free white label marketing automation solution with an open code. You can install it to your server and customize it with all the required brand features, like logo, domain name, design, etc. The platform helps users manage their social media campaigns, email marketing strategies, and create meaningful reports. This tool automatizes the workflow when used wisely.

Among the other apps we have already reviewed, Mautic is not specifically for white label marketing, but you can use some of its features for your projects. It is a pretty powerful instrument to make your own automation solution tailored to customers’ needs – they might be interested in what you can offer in this regard.


Advanced and potentially profitable

Saves your customers’ costs for automation 


Hard to set up and manage

Requires in-depth expertise  

Best for:


A pretty serious tool for teams that like challenges and experiments

Free open-source platform 

9. White Shark

White Shark
Free package: No

Main goal: PPC management 

If your agency specializes in PPC advertising solutions, then White Shark is the right white label project management software for you. Also, this platform can help you and your customers with local SEO solutions. The tool provides valuable insights into Adwords and Google Analytics, as well as instruments to create and manage full-fledged campaigns that increase ROI and boost brand performance. 

The platform is straightforward and easy to use, while numerous customization options will help you adjust the settings properly and make them fit your needs. Tools for in-depth analysis and different network issues detection will definitely make your SEO efforts more fruitful. 


Filters and search to detect network issues

Traffic monitoring and reporting

Showcase of the information is cloggy

Might be a bit confusing for beginners

Low rating on the web

Best for:


Agencies that provide advanced SEO services and PPC management help


Monthly Budget – $500-$10,000

Monthly Management Fee – $200-$600

One-Time Setup Fee – $200-$600

A quick review of white label marketing

It is hard to imagine a modern digital marketing industry without white label services. Young businesses might lack the expertise and skills to manage all aspects of their workflow while growing and large companies might need extra help from partners to handle their in-house strategies. Brands seek additional support to boost their performance and this is where white label agencies step on the stage.

With rapidly-evolving marketing strategies and technologies, white label agencies work to provide the following services:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Analytics and measurement
  3. SEO
  4. Graphics design
  5. Digital advertising
  6. Chatbots 

White labeling is used in numerous industries, where products can be resold, customized, and used by brands. Digital marketing is not an exclusion – professional account managers, SMMs, copywriters, web analysts, and SEO specialists unite in agencies to deliver high-quality assistance to aspiring brands. They usually rebrand existing products, templates, and services to help clients get the most of their business ideas. 


Digital marketing agencies work hard to deliver outstanding services to their customers and these tools make the way to success shorter. After scrupulous research, we have chosen and listed the best white label tools for social media marketing, SEO, CRM, brand awareness, mentions, analysis, and more. These applications are great for boosting your customers’ business performance, dealing with statistics, creating meaningful reports, and improving overall performance. Use them to optimize your work processes and deliver only the best services to your dear customers!  


What does white label mean in marketing?

White label means that the agency rebrands existing products or strategies and offers them to customers. In general, with white labeling, brands don’t have to invent a bicycle – they can save time and benefit from a reinvented product, service, or marketing plan.

What is a white label solution?

White label solution is a kind of partnership when one company creates goods and sells them to another company, so the latter one can use these goods as their own. In the world of digital marketing, white-label solutions mean that a successful company has its own advertising technologies and plans to sell. Other brands buy ready-made solutions to improve their business or hire professionals that implement innovations into existing brand strategies. 

What is a white label social media?

In social media marketing, white label means reselling pre-made social media marketing solutions under your brand (having your logo and name on the product). 

Is white labeling profitable?

Yes, because white label brands are not expensive to create, but they have great potential to bring significant profit. Using white label solutions is cheaper and faster than creating everything from scratch. And vice versa – white labeling your brand allows you to sell it to numerous customers and therefore get a significant revenue.  

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