6 Reasons Why You Should Include Special Holidays in Your Social Campaign

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

As a social media marketer and the author of many, many articles about why you should include holidays in your social media campaign, I was hesitant to post yet another guide, explanation or “why” post about the subject. I started thinking about it, though, and while I’ve told you, via many channels, that holiday posts are timely and relevant, shareable, and easy to create (and they have tons of emotional appeal), I’ve never really gotten into why I love these types of posts so much. So that’s what I’m setting out to do in this post. These are the six reasons why I, as a social media marketer, love including special holidays in my social campaigns.

I’ve also prepared for you the TOP holidays posts templates for September. You’ll see them with posts ideas, so it’ll be twice easier for you to integrate holidays into your social media campaign. Here it is – come and grab for free!

TOP Holiday Posts Templates for September (PDF)


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A note – I’m talking about special holidays beyond Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the like. I’ll show examples in this post so you see what I’m talking about.

1 – I Love to Bring The Fun to Social Media


Sometimes I miss the fun part of social media. You remember – right? Finding a cute cat picture to send to your coworker who just got a kitten (or anyone for that matter, since cats rule the internet, right?), or posting a funny video because it made you snarf your morning coffee. You felt like you were putting something good into the world. You were lifting someone’s spirit. You were a social media Mother Teresa. Then you got into social media marketing, and the game changed. You’ve created posts with tons of text because of client wishes. You’ve struggled to come up with enough appropriate content for your client’s industry. Special holidays, like Eat a Cranberry Day (random, right?) add a little levity to a user’s Facebook feed and allow you to connect in a whimsical way.  I’ve just written the article for Social Media Examiner where told about 9 weird and funny celebrations.

2 – I Never Know Who I’m Going to Grab

I find that these types of holiday posts resonate with pretty much everybody, but every now and then I post something fun about a holiday or trend and it takes off like wildfire. You never know when someone’s just had a conversation about something, and if you post something about International Tea Day on December 15th, and one of your fans had JUST had a conversation with her aunt about tea, you can bet that fan is going to share your post. Because how weird is that? Trust me, once you build your social audience, you’re bound to hit on a touch point that is special to one of your audience members. It happens to me all the time.

3 – Special Holidays Let Me (And My Brand) Seem Super Hip

I might be one of the biggest nerds on the planet. And, it’s fine to share Dr. Who/GOT mashup memes on my personal page. My friends love me for who I am. BUT, it’s not OK to share my nerdcore stuff on my clients’ pages. Obviously. Special holidays are rarely controversial, and they have an almost universal appeal. That makes them perfect for practically every industry, and the designs I use (by my team at PromoRepublic) are professional and awesome-looking.


4 – I Can Be Consistent, But Able to Post a Wide Range of Post Types

The design lets my brands be consistent in terms of color, graphic elements, and the like, but special holidays really run the gamut of topics, which opens me up to other types of posts (infographics, pure visual, quizzes, questions and more) about the topics presented in the holiday posts. In other words, it opens up the world of social media posts in a way that lets me post more about cranberries, for instance, on a chiropractor’s Facebook page, after Eat a Cranberry Day, provided that post got a good response. I can post an infographic about the health benefits of cranberries, or the types of home remedies cranberries can be associated with. Or, if I’m posting on a restaurant’s Facebook page, I can post about a cranberry recipe we use, or talk about our new cranberry and brie crostini. You get the picture. It really gives me a lot of flexibility in coming up with plenty of content for my customers.

5 – I Can Use Them For Promotions and Opt-Ins

Just like I can customize these special holiday posts to a client’s industry, I can also use them for promotions and opt-ins. Because these types of social posts are so infinitely shareable, I see a lot of conversions on them. Beyond Black Friday and your given big shopping days, you can run a “Start of Winter” promotion on December 21st for last-minute Christmas shoppers that could get you plenty of click throughs or redemptions of coupons. I find that these are great for online retailers, software companies, brick and mortar stores – yep, pretty much everybody.


6 – One Holiday Can Lead To Another – With the Right Tool

Obviously, I use PromoRepublic for my social media content creation and my holiday marketing. The content calendar is packed with suggestions, and the team updates the calendar frequently, so there are tons of special holidays for me to choose from. And, the templates make it easy to create a professional-looking post for one client, with a logo and a CTA, and then I can use the same template for another client, with different text, a different logo, etc. It makes it super easy for me to create tons of great posts for all my clients all in the same place.


So, these are the reasons why I’m such a fan of special holiday posts. I think you can see why. If you want to start using PromoRepublic for event-driven, special holiday posts that are professionally designed and ready to go, sign up for a free trial today. If you’re already a member, schedule some time with us to find out how to better leverage your PromoRepublic account.


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