Agency and Freelancer Academy Relaunch

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Upd. on: 17 Nov 2021

Hey, we are proud to announce that the Academy for Agency and Freelancer by PromoRepublic is launched! It is an online educational platform for marketing professionals building their business with digital and especially SMM services. You can now discover, learn, or improve the skills, systems & processes you need to start, run, and scale a highly successful social media marketing agency. 

The platform’s main goal is to collect and share relevant knowledge, up-to-date industry tactics, and techniques in the area of digital agency business. With hands-on experience from the best experts, you can choose your top methods of agency enhancement. 

Here you can find different educational content formats like live streams with Q&A sessions, recorded videos/webinars with top-tier industry experts, and podcasts. For example, here are some topics covered in Academy videos and podcasts:

  • Agency Growth Secrets and Tactics
  • Acquiring New Customers for the Digital Agency
  • Client and Agency Relationships
  • How to Price Package and Sell Social Media Services
  • Digital Toolset for the Digital Agency

Also, we invite highly qualified experts in their field who can share their experience and knowledge on trending topics. The list is constantly expanding as we find more and more experts. One of the most active experts sharing his knowledge is Dylan Hey, Co-Founder at HeyDigital Agency, Host of The SaaS Marketing Show, Agency Growth Expert. In the fall, we plan a roundtable How to Price, Package and Pitch Your Social Media Services in which other experts will participate. You can register now not to miss this event.

A new video/webinar is uploaded every two weeks so you can get your fresh portion of useful information regularly. Also, for your convenience, audio versions of videos will be uploaded to our Podcast. Covered information will be the most suitable for digital agency owners, managers, strategists, marketers, SMM experts, and freelancers. Click the link and start growing your agency to the next level.

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