Ideas for August Social Media Posts to Remember [Images & Quotes Included]

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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

The last, but not least month of summer upon us! Have you figured out your summer plans yet? There’s still a chance. Anyway, you can never be prepared for the end of the summer — it comes unexpectedly. What you can do is make your content plan in advance. To add more certainty in your August, let me show you some social media post ideas that can become a nice addition for your pages.

Greet August with welcome posts

Hello August images to post on social media

August is no worse than Christmas, right? So why doesn’t it deserve a special “Merry August” wreath? We’ve taken care of this slight misunderstanding. Your subscribers will be happy to support the idea with shares!

This pic can also be of help. Such hello August pictures unequivocally show you are happy August is finally and at long last, here.

Hello August quotes to post on social media

Make your posts memorable adding more emotions about the month to come. Metaphors, associations, comparisons, and quotes for August are welcome. Just like this one.

Don’t forget your posts should be smart, too. There are so many words starting with «au», it’s just the time to learn more about them and welcome August with quotes and sayings! Such content captivates the attention and people just can’t do anything but share it.

Post Happy August images to cheer your audience up

Sometimes it’s hard to keep people optimistic when the summer is almost over! Don’t worry, our cheerful templates will definitely help you with that!

Get bright ideas for social media posts for August holidays

There are so many special days in August! Most of them are relevant for the general audience, but we are sure you want to build your unique image on social and post something special. So let’s sort pictures for August holidays into categories. Just find which one suits you the best!

Ideas for those who sell goods

National Underwear Day

August 5 is the date to think about what’s beneath. Literally. Just think of all the types of underwear you can find in shops! Or maybe, you’re selling it yourself? Then it’s your day to post on Instagram!

National Book Lovers Day

Reading is always trendy, but August 9 is apogee! Greet your subscribers with some discounts or just invite them to celebrate the day together — your book shop’s reputation will definitely benefit from that!

National I love my Feet Day

You’re selling shoes? Doing pedicures? August 17 is your moment to remind how very important it is to take care of the feet! Now, it’s official!

Knife Day

As bloody as it may seem, Knife Day is more about cooking. Show it in your post! And educate your subscribers, meanwhile. Whether you’re a shop or a restaurant, it will be topical!

National Lipstick Day

It’s not just about cosmetics. It’s about Style! Whatever you’re selling, Lipstick Day is a must for all retailers connected with the beauty industry and their Pinterest boards. Just choose the color!

Ideas for those who like food and drinks

Social media topics for August include many fruity days. Well, it’s a very fruity month, in the end anyway. Hope it will be fruitful for your business, too! Just don’t forget to celebrate the following:

National Watermelon Day

Delicious, healthy, beautiful — everyone likes watermelons! Posts with them will be successful, too.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

There’s no «too» when it comes to chocolate! So celebrate the day by adding chocolate to your cookies and social media pages!

National Rum Day

Drinking can be aristocratic. Prove it with witty images for August drinking holidays! Invite your subscribers to chill-ax.

National Ice Cream Pie Day

It doesn’t even have to be hot outside — ice cream is always relevant to the topic! Especially, when it’s pie.

National Potato Day

It’s your golden opportunity to bond with potato lovers and drive engagement to your Facebook page!

Lemonade Day

Have you already brewed up your perfect lemonade? Anyway, there are no limits to self-improvement. Let your subscribers know you’re working on this, pronto!

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Wow, something prim and proper, at last! The best moment for vegetarian, organic, or just healthy food cafes and restaurants. Show your subscribers you care!

National Bacon Day

Australian? Or Italian? Choose your bacon and learn more about yourself! Invite your subscribers to vote on Facebook or Twitter.

Eat Outside Day

A great holiday for those who are always on the go! Greet them and show what delicious street food you sell. Or anything you can take out.

Ideas for those who appreciate fun

You don’t have to always be salesy to make your business succeed on social. Fun or even «stupid» posts can bring you more than you expect from them. At least you will laugh yourself, and laughter makes you live longer!

National Lazy Day

It’s a sacred holiday. Nothing to add.

National Tell a Joke Day

Well-well-well! No matter what kind of jokes you like, it’s time to share! It can be a great Facebook campaign, by the way.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

That’s right, black cats particularly! Worship their fur! Worship their yellow eyes! Write posts about them!

Bad Poetry Day

Who hasn’t ever written poetry? I don’t believe such people exist! So it’s a great holiday for all of us!

National Ride with the Wind Day

For those who’ve always dreamed of speed. Or, of the scene from «Titanic» with Kate’s hair flowing in the wind. Either romantic or extreme, it’s the right holiday for you!

National Toilet Paper Day

Well, it can be pretty serious… But who said you can’t make light of serious things?! Celebrate the date, it’s definitely worth it!

Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day

Whether it makes you relax or gets you nervous, you have to accept — there’s a special holiday for that! Deal with it and use it for awesome August 28 post.

Ideas for those who value socially-responsible content

Having shown your subscribers you know how to make fun let them know you value important things too. Also, there are some dates for that this month.

National Kids Day

A holiday to greet not only kids, but everyone who keeps some childhood spark inside.

National Son’s & Daughter’s Day

That’s right — we love our children any day in the year but it’s the date to tell the world about that!

National Relaxation Day

Don’t confuse it with Lazy Day! Relaxation is about having a rest after the hard work, and you should take it with all responsibility. And even post this on LinkedIn to show your potential employers you know how important rest is.

National Senior Citizens Day

It’s not sad at all! For everything there is a season. And it’s useful to remember that in order not to waste your time.

National Dog Day

They are friends that love us more than themselves.

And they can prove it with actions! Sometimes we have to remind people of such examples of humanism. And we have National Assistance Dog Day for that earlier in the month of August!

National Women’s Equality Day

Years of fighting for women’s rights have finally resulted in the global movements like HearMeToo and Women’s March. It’s the day to support women rights advocates with inspirational images, quotes, and hashtags.

Ideas for the fans of topical posts

August is rich with historical dates for your social media content. If you want to present yourself as an erudite, don’t forget to post those:

National Dollar Day

It’s not just about money! It’s a history of the banknote as well. So educational posts are a total must.

Perseides Meteor shower

It’s science and it’s beautiful! Make your wishes and social media posts all neat.

Elvis Day

It’s classic! The famous King of Rock and Roll is never to forget. So take your white overall from the closet and start dancing!

World Photo Day

What do you think, how old photography is? It turns 177 in 2019! It’s basically your duty to post some crazy pics on Facebook or Instagram on this day.

First Hashtag Day

Digital natives use hashtags all the time as they increase reach and engagement of a post. Did people actually live without them?! No way!

Ideas for those who like sweet content

Let August warm your heart. There are some special dates to think of your significant others and dedicate your posts to them. Also, such content helps build trust with your audience. Double-bonus!

World Friendship Day

Friendship, along with love, is one of the most mysterious things we experience. People may have different concepts of friendship but no one will deny how important it is. That’s why Friendship Day posts will set your account on fire.

Happy Friendship Day quotes and images

Friendship Day pictures show us happy people laughing and hugging, but it’s not only about having fun. Think of your besties, why do you love them in the first place? Choose happy Friendship Day images and quotes for your Facebook page to show what you value the most. Is it support? There are Friendship Day pics with quotes about support, like this one:

Maybe, you think your friend is the person who knows everything about you? Even the name of your first significant other’s dog. The person who has seen you drunk, depressed, hysterically laughing, but talks to you despite all that. Then you must love this pic:

If you are looking for images and quotes on Friendship Day for Facebook business page choose the ones with questions. They drive more engagement as people start sharing opinions and discussing them. Offer some discounts for those who write the best answers. Get tips on which of your goods will make the perfect present for the holiday.

If you work in healthcare, your Facebook images for Friendship Day should emphasise positive impact of healthy relationships. And here are some examples proving it:

There are so many ways to show you care!

American Family Day

In any variations, family is your fortress. And posts on social are not nearly enough to show that. It doesn’t make them less important though.

Be an Angel Day

To make this day relevant for yourself, grow wings! Just kidding. Start doing something sweet. And not only today.

National Kiss and Make Up Day

Kissing reveals intimacy in the relationship and reduces stress. Maybe, thinking and posting on social about kisses has the same effect? You’re welcome to check.

Oh, that August! It’s the end of the summer, but there’s no end to holidays and special dates. Actually, they keep the cycle of the year going. And how is our social media life different? It’s all the same, the way of expression is the only thing that matters. Our post ideas and templates are always there to help you make your social media rock.


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