30+ Creative Social Media Post Ideas for September Holidays

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Irina Baranovskaya
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Upd. on: 27 Aug 2021

Are you ready to harvest in a new crop of social media templates? As we say farewell to Summer, we usher in a new season ablaze with color. With shorter days and longer nights, your customers will start winding down. Our September social media calendar is jam-packed with templates in seasonal and earthy hues. Ease them into the cooler days by posting motivational quotes or tips and tricks. Give them the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of this season with promotions. This is the right time to start piling on layers of September content ideas for social media.

September starts off on a good foot as we kick it off with Labor Day and the NFL Football season. First, we celebrate with parades and parties and then we hunker down to watch our favorite teams. By the third week of the month, we launch into the official season of Fall. The social media topics are plentiful for September.

Let’s begin with a quick overview of what to expect:

Hello September Images

Come September, there is a moment when your customer will be saddened as Summer fades away. Our duty as marketers and businesses is to re-energize them with vibrant images and transformative post ideas. This month is about renewal: the changes in our wardrobe, our daily habits, our bodies, our mindsets. With the right social media plan, you can easily target your audience and boost conversion rates too. Rally your followers by engaging with them on their favorite platforms. To incite enthusiasm for this new season, plaster hello September images all over your Facebook and Instagram.

Connect with your clients by asking them to write down their favorite memories thus far.
Comment on their pictures for September. Personal attention goes a long way in customer loyalty.

Ask them why they love September. This simple question can get you and your business a deeper insight into your customer’s likes and dislikes.

Prompting smiles and happiness from your followers is also paramount in your social media strategy.

September monthly images

Social Media is an effective tool in representing your brand and showcasing your products/services but we should not overlook the impact that it has as well. These days, promoting your business is not only selling to your audience – it’s also connecting with them.

If raising awareness about mental health issues, for example, can help some of your followers then it’s a win for your brand.

Get them ready with how-to’s on dealing with Mother Nature’s wrath – you never know what she will have in store for your customers.

Share self-improvement tips. Lord knows we all need some help from time to time! And your customer will appreciate the pointers.

Imagine the convenience of having all types of post ideas in one stand-alone social media calendar. Click here for general templates that relate to your business: https://app.promorepublic.com/#/templates

September social media holidays

Leaf your worries behind! We have a social media topic for every day of the month. You can schedule a post every day but if there is no context or relevance to your brand, your savvy customer will know. So we’re here to give you recommendations on how to post them in a clever and shareable way. Let’s jump right into all the September social media events, shall we?

Labor day

Of all the social media holidays in September, this is by far the most lucrative one. With parties, bbq’s and getaways to plan on this long weekend, they are looking for deals!

This is an opportune time for businesses to liquidate their Summer stock.

Go ahead and post Labor Day templates weeks before with cool party themes and fun recipes to get them ready to shop at your store!

Wish the best day ever! No promos today. No reminders of work today. Their happiness is your happiness.

NFL football season begins

Football is not just a game, it has surpassed baseball as America’s new favorite pastime. And on top of that, it also generates heaps of profits for small businesses and restaurants. If you market your brand well enough, you can attract its very loyal fans. Local businesses with teams in their cities can reap the rewards by becoming “the viewing bar” or creating deals tied to each game. Don’t miss the chance of encouraging your local team nor their fans.

Own a restaurant or bar? Invite your customers to a kick-off party. We recommend lots of beer and snacks!

Grandparents day

Mothers and Fathers get their own days, it’s only fair the two people who gave birth to them get their own day too! After all, we all know most grandparents work sometimes harder than their children as they still labor over their stoves for both kids and grandchildren. And as far as we’re concerned, they are the hardest working babysitters around. Give praise to them. Offer them a discount on your product or service. Open up the conversation and let your followers write their gratitude.

Share the love on Facebook, because they deserve it!

9/11 remembrance day

For some of us, it feels like yesterday when we got the call to turn the TV on. And as we watched every disparaging moment unravel on air, we became stronger as a nation. We will never encourage posting promotional templates on this day but you are free to do as you please.

Today is a day to remember the fallen heroes.

We highly recommend sharing templates laced with American pride.

It’s also a good day to remind your customers that there is hope for the future.

International peace day

Share some interesting facts to your followers today about this glorious day. Did you know that there is a moment of silence at 12 noon, around the world? Encourage your fans to fall silent at this time. Stretch your kindness even further by offering them a deal on everything white in the store if you are a fashion or home decor shop. Get the word out by hosting a Peace Event in your online shop or on Instagram.

Get creative! After all, don’t we all want world peace?

First day of fall

A new season brings a list of changes to our diet and lifestyle. Lucky for you, Fall lasts three months so you have plenty of time to post educational and engaging posts to inspire your followers.

This template can be relevant to all industries. Be clever. Be witty. Do you have a jewelry store? Encourage your customers to fall in love again with a ring or pendant. Are you a wellness coach? Give your customers the tools to fall in love with themselves again.

Revitalize their food intake with delightful Fall fruits and veggies. Go on and share some recipes or create some fun fact templates on PromoRepublic to share with them.

Yes. Consumers still love sharing and commenting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Why not give them the open forum to do so – it’s free marketing research for your business.

Raising awareness

Being on social media allows us to keep our finger on the pulse with all the social injustice, global health crisis, environmental changes, and wildlife extinction. As a business owner, we guarantee your followers will approve of any stand you take for or against any issue concerning their well-being.

September 4 is National Wildlife Day. So many animals are going extinct because of climate change. If every business donates 1$ from every purchase – we could start seeing some changes.

September 13 is Stand Up To Cancer Day. Unfortunately, too many people we know have suffered with cancer. Today celebrate the ones who have survived the battle. Praise them and give them a discount or a freebie.

September 15 is Greenpeace Day. Their main goals are climate change, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and anti-nuclear issues. Encourage your customers to donate or volunteer.

September 22 is Car Free Day. For every customer who shows up with a bike helmet, bus pass, or walking shoes – give them a free coffee or tea. Nothing changes IF nothing changes.

September 18-24 is Pollution Prevention Week. Share your knowledge and gain new followers. Share interesting stats like this: Did you know Americans buy 29 million bottles of water each year, but only 13% of the bottles end up being recycled?

September 29 is World Day of Migrants and Refugees. For everyone living in North America & Australia, we were all immigrants at one point in our lives. If not us, then someone in our lineage. Give your followers the forum by celebrating someone near and dear to them.

Foodie alert

Food and drink social media templates are not only for restaurants, bars and bakeries. Many industries can benefit from these post ideas like fitness trainers, wellness gurus, and even life coaches. Your followers eat food every day so they have an emotional connection, whether they admit to it or not. Use these posts to your advantage.

September 13 is National Chocolate Day. Today is an easy day for engagement. Go on and ask the fundamental question – How does chocolate make you feel? Get ready for the comments!

September 15 is National Double Cheeseburger Day. If you own a restaurant, we dare you to give this double whammy for FREE today. Imagine all the repeat customers.

September 20 is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. You own a small business and can’t give out free pizza all day, we get it. Why not do it for one hour? Lineups can be free advertising, by the way!

September 21-Oct 6 is OKTOBERFEST. It’s all about beer and sausages so go on promote the heck out of these. You have 2 weeks to get your customers to join in on the festivities.

September 28 is National Beer Day. This is an obvious template for all the restaurants and bars. Brighten up your beer fans by beer emoji’ing them – one beer emoji, one free beer.

Who are you calling a geek?

Nowadays, these “geeks” are self-made millionaires. So, no one is looking down on them, that’s for sure. They do have their own subculture and if you are in an industry that caters to this community, there is fun to be had.

September 8 is International Star Trek Day. Decipher who the true fan is by the way they answer the question.

September 12 is National Video Games Day. Video games are still going strong. Granted, the games of yore are incomparable to the games of today. Still, die-hard gamers can recognize the difference and still respect it.

September 17 is National IT Professionals Day. Share the love with your favorite IT guys and gals. Welcome them online or in your shop by giving them a discount on products unrelated to their field.

September 24 is National Comic Book Day. Go on and ask which comic book hero is their favorite? Engage with them. Incentivize them with deals and freebies.

Attention shoppers

You have an online shop and need to spruce it up with non-generic Fall ideas? PromoRepublic can help with “outside the box” social media post ideas.

September 7 is National Clean Out Your Garage Day. Do you own a thrift shop or second-hand store? Encourage your customers to clean out their closets and exchange their goodies with you. Do you own an online store? Inspire them to get a new wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new.

September 13 is Bald is Beautiful Day. The only way they are this beautiful is because of their local barbershops. There are many men afraid to go bald, so make it a cool trip by creating a fun package deal.

September 16 is National Tattoo Story Day. Everyone seems to have a tattoo these days, so let’s hear from them. Start with a story of your own and let it domino-effect from there.

Random fundom

Random events can ignite your social media planning and create an everlasting spark. You know your customers by now and you understand their humor, so let’s have some fun!

September 6 is National Lazy Mom’s Day. We are starting the month right by honoring the woman who gave you your customers. Treat them right by offering a “lazy” promotion today. They don’t have to lift a finger – well maybe just one click for a free gift.

September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day. Even as business owners, you can relate to this post. Be relatable and share a story or two on how you procrastinated your way into owning a business.

September 6 is National Read a Book Day. Appeal to all the book lovers (and trust us there are many!) – ask them what their all-time favorite novel is and why in 5 words.

September 19 is the First Emoticon Day. This is an easy engaging post. Ask your followers to post their favorite emoji. Expect to find a colorful and animated page!

September 22 is 100 Days Left in the Year. If you sell high priced items, we recommend offering a $100 savings to your loyal customers. You can also give them 100 points or 100 stars or 100 smiley faces. Be creative.

September 27 is Google’s Birthday. What and where would we be without this amazing search engine. Share the love!

September 30 is National Chewing Gum Day. Appeal to the nostalgic followers who actually chewed bubble gum and were well-versed in the art of making the perfect bubble. Ask them to take a pic or video of their bubble-making skills. All in fun, of course!

We feel confident leaving you with all these Social Media topics for September. As a PromoRepublic user, you can go ahead and launch your social media plan for September and for Fall, as well. If you are not yet our user, try it for free right here: https://app.promorepublic.com/

Fall is about new beginnings. It’s also the calm before the storm (i.e. Thanksgiving). We highly recommend you steer your customers into a wave of change that is calming and stress-free. Replenish your network with September social media ideas boasting nature’s palette. Showcase the beauty of the season with uplifting how-tos and thought-provoking quotes. Make them want to bundle up with your Facebook or Instagram page on their mobile.

September’s calendar pictures are waiting for you…We are ready when you are!


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