20+ Facebook Tools to Boost Engagement, Conversions, and More

Facebook marketing tools
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There’s no way one can make a social media strategy work without the right Facebook tools.

Facebook has been in the social media sphere for years, providing great support and opportunities for marketers and salespeople. As of July 2019, it currently sits at 2.38 billion monthly active users. In fact, every minute, the number of signups to join increases by another four hundred people. Sounds like a paradise for marketers, right?

But let’s not forget that as the biggest social network in the world, Facebook is also the most challenging one. There’s no chance you’ll get thousands of followers overnight unless you try hard, spark creativity, and know how social media algorithms work. To survive in the blast of this social boom, we’ve prepared some essential Facebook business tools that can help you out in managing your day-to-day social media tasks that will make the curves go up.

Facebook Marketing Tools for Better Engagement

The day before yesterday, one couldn’t think that social media will be such a hive. Yesterday, one couldn’t imagine that we can make honey out of it. Today we do both. Page management on social media shouldn’t be all that difficult, especially with the new Facebook business tools that enter the market fast.

1. PromoRepublic

One of the best tools for small businesses, agencies, and freelancers that want to have everything in one place. PromoRepublic alleviates many pains – from social media posting to brand watching. But the most valuable asset it gives to brands is unique fresh content that rocks, premade to be published on your social channels. Your engagement will start to skyrocket!

how to get more likes on facebook posts

2. Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Insights is a go-to if you want to learn more about your audience and how it interacts with your content. There, you’ll see what resonates most with your followers and be able to track actions, views, likes, and more. The insights Facebook provides for its business pages can help you understand the direction in which your audience wants you to move. In the long term, based on this information, you’ll create consistent engagement.

Facebook Insights

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media engagement platform. It works with almost three dozen networks and helps you manage engagement workflows. Anytime there’s an inquiry from your audience on social media, you’ll be there to respond, just like superman always ready to react to another disaster. By replying fast, you’ll boost engagement under your posts and it will have more impressions.

Facebook tool

4. Post Planner

Post Planner is a money and time saver, as well as an engagement booster for many customers. Buzzsumo and Buffer have proved that Post Planner posts get five times more engagement than other tools, 921.8 to be exact, compared to 216.766 that don’t use any application. Wondering how it works? Simple. The tool allows you to find top-performing content and share it on your page. Its recommendation engine analyzes content and finds pieces that will resonate most with your audience.

Facebook marketing tools

5. Sumo Share

Have you seen these beautiful social media buttons in your competitor’s blog? You can do exactly the same using Sumo Share. It’s one of Facebook marketing tools for business and a free way to get built-in buttons to enable the readers to share content.

Facebook Community Management Tools

How do we know the mood of our community and where meaningful conversations take place? It wouldn’t be possible without a set of Facebook group management tools that bring the most important insights to the table.

6. Agorapulse

Agorapulse provides lots of opportunities to manage your community. There are a lot of scheduling options and their famous Social Inbox to catch up with every conversation. In fact, it has built-in CRM that allows you to track your followers and segment them into groups if necessary.

tools for Facebook

7. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a powerhouse of Digital Consumer Intelligence products and a top social listening tool with access to over 80 million sources. You can access Facebook data through Brandwatch, but first, you’ll need to give your permission for the tool to do the dirty job, just like the cleaner cleans the house. In return, you’ll get an impressive amount of data with the ability to segment and categorize it.

analytical Facebook tool

8. RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a sentiment tool that distinguishes between positive and negative engagement. To do so, the software analyzes unstructured content sources, for instance, Facebook or online reviews. It highlights the areas for growth and spots the trends among your customers.

how to collect data from Facebook

Facebook Tools for Design

It all starts with a great design. Good design is the new word for signaling success, don’t you think? We live in a world that strives to become more beautiful and social media is not an exception. If you’re not an expert in graphics, the following tools will make you more confident.

9. Canva

Canva is a classical tool to design something fast and post it to social media, for free. With lots of templates to choose from, you don’t need to be a professional to create a beautiful visual. Canva has definitely got small businesses covered from extra costs spent on graphics.

design tool for Facebook

10. Adobe Spark

Everyone needs a short video, especially on Facebook, trust me. And you can definitely get one done on the go using Adobe Spark. Aside from videos and social graphics, this tool can also assist you in web design.

where to find images for Facebook

11. Unsplash

If you’ve just started on social media, you’d like to know that there are sources of freely useable images like Unsplash. Not exactly a Facebook tool, but a database that has some nice photos, fresh and free. Everyone can find something special there, especially if your posts need a vibrant touch.

visuals for Facebook

Facebook Tools for Analytics

There’s no way to iterate and improve your performance on social media without checking analytics and tweaking your strategy based on data you manage to collect. Do you agree? The following Facebook page marketing tools will help to make decisions backed up by data.

12. Likealyzer

Likealyzer is one of the best analytical Facebook tools, totally in a class all its own, when it comes to social media. What it does exactly is grading your Facebook performance looking at 70 different factors. Based on the score you get, you can compare yourself to other industry leaders and improve consistently. Additionally, Likealyzer will show you how to maximize your reach on Facebook. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Facebook analytics

13. Facebook Page Barometer

Facebook Page Barometer is one Agorapulse initiative that reflects on your page performances and compares it to thousands of pages added. You get your page insights shown in nice graphics, including monthly organic reach, viral reach, and paid reach.

Facebook Barometer

14. FanPage Karma

FanPage Karma is an all-inclusive, but in social media management. It incorporates analytics, provides publishing features, enables communicating opportunities, gives you a room for research and transforms it all into beautiful reports. Wondering how it can help you extract more from Facebook analytics? FanPage Karma is a research giant, actually. It can analyze an unlimited number of Facebook profiles, including content and time of day analysis. All of this can be wrapped into customized chart boards. The tool will also keep you posted on recent trends, sending you morning reports.

Fanpage Karma

Facebook Tools to Get More Leads & Increase Conversions

Lead generation has become simpler on social media with the emergence of messenger marketing and bots. And so has conversions, taking into account recent stats.

15. ManyChat

Did you know that more than a billion people use Messenger every day? ManyChat is a vivid example of a tool involved in messenger marketing. To be exact, it is the #1 bot platform on Facebook Messenger useful for marketing, retail, and support teams. The inventors of the software promise 80% open rates and 25% CTR with increasing opportunities to engage prospects and drive sales. So how does it work exactly? You create a bot in just minutes, either using one of ManyChat’s templates or customizing your own.


16. Heyo

Heyo has a specific purpose. That is to alleviate marketers’ pains through running contests, sweepstakes, and interactive campaigns. They have a lot of examples of what can be done on different social channels and here’s one for Facebook.


17. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an alternative to ManyChat and a favorite messenger tool of Neil Patel and other top marketers. MarTech named it as one of the best marketing bot platforms. If you want to test Facebook Messenger Ads, consider MobileMonkey the right tool to start with.

Chatbots for Facebook

Social Marketing Tools for Running Facebook Ads

Today, Facebook Ads seem to be an indispensable part of a marketing strategy. Still, a recent study conducted by AdStage shows that the median CTR for Facebook News Feed ads as of Q1 2019 is only 1.33%. Check out the following tools for Facebook to iterate on that number.

18. Adespresso

Adespresso is one of the marketing tools for Facebook, Instagram, and Google that make Ad creation a cinch. You can easily create, manage, and analyze all your ads under one roof. At the same time, the tool allows you to collaborate with your team in the system, which helps you stay on the same page. The reviewers also recommend investing in personal consultations with Adespresso experts, as they share best practices in ad management.

19. Compass

Facebook Ads Compass is one of Adespresso tools dedicated to Facebook completely. It helps marketers discover their best and worst choices in ad campaigns by generating one free report. In essence, the analysis will let you understand what’s bringing money into your pocket and exclude unnecessary practices next time. Additionally, the compass will benchmark you against your competitors and show if any improvements are needed.

Compass for Facebook

20. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a real saver, especially if you need to analyze any of your campaign headlines for clickability. The tool is useful for Facebook and any other social network, as it breaks your title down and suggests measures to improve it. You’ll find out if your headline has enough power and emotional words, and if it has any chances of bringing you more traffic. CoSchedule will score your title from 1 to 100. Try to make it green, no less than 70.

Headline Analyzer for Facebook

21. AdRoll

Out of many promotion tools, AdRoll is all about retargeted Facebook ads. To put it simply, you can show ads to your website visitors who haven’t completed the desired action. Retargeted campaigns give you another, second chance to attract your readers, but this time on social media. AdRoll will help you collect data from your website visitors and get them engaged on Facebook, for example.

Facebook marketing tools

22. Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is another Facebook retargeting tool that makes your readers come back to your website after their first website visit. Aside from retargeting at its core, the app provides you with conversion and revenue tracking. Perfect Audience also works with Twitter, so you can retarget on multiple social media channels all at once.

Perfect Audience

23. Qwaya

The beauty of Qwaya is in the optimization of Facebook campaigns. This add-on allows you to carry out A/B testing and split your targeting into a few segments to get the actual comparison side by side. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of texts and images, as Qwaya will eventually choose the best one.

Facebook tools for professionals

Facebook Tools for Businesses to Promote Brands

There are many social media tools for Facebook and each of them was designed to help marketers promote their clients’ brands. Facebook tools can increase engagement, help you manage communities, drive campaigns. But the most important thing is that they might contribute to your lead generation strategy and increase conversion rates. Choose the one from the list that seems a fit and matches your needs. Share your choice with us! Don’t forget to try PromoRepublic and its creative templates for social media.


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