Keep a Unified Look Across All Designs With the New Brand Styles Feature

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Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
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Upd. on: 27 Mar 2022

No business gets far without brand consistency. A consistent presence at every stage of the customer journey is crucial for gaining brand awareness and building customer trust.

We created Brand Styles to help you protect your brand’s identity and secure your brand’s image from inconsistencies that may arise from your employees, individual locations, or distributed workforce. This new feature is available for all PromoRepublic users and plans.

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Users utilize our Graphic Editor to edit ready-made templates or create their own designs from scratch. This is the moment whenbranded visual elements can change the game. 

From now on, any Workspace owner can pre-set and manage multiple Brand Styles consisting of custom fonts and palettes. As a result, users can create and share customized content safer and faster, as they don’t have to worry about fonts and colors. This new feature helps project a unified look across all designs and saves hours of work on customer content. Less user effort means fewer business risks.

Sign up and see Brand Styles in action. More updates are coming soon – stay tuned!

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