Q3 ’21 Digest: Content Analytics + Labels + Post Approval

content analytics
Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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Upd. on: 26 Apr 2022

Users of HQ accounts can now label and filter posts suggested for distributed marketing teams, identify which types of content perform best, and collaborate even more effectively. Let’s see it in action.

Update #1: Content Performance Analytics

As a marketing leader of a multi-location business, when it comes to social media, your role is to equip your teams and local partners with the right content at the right time. But that’s only half the story. Keeping track of content usage and its performance and adjusting your social media marketing strategy accordingly is what makes a real difference. 

Monitoring the right metrics helps marketing teams spot underperforming content and promptly pinpoint the best samples. Our Content Performance Analytics consolidates all the content-related data in clear and concise dashboards to help you find the perfect “recipe” for your content marketing success.

content performance analytics

How Does Content Performance Analytics Work?

The Content Performance Analytics aggregates high-level data at different stages of the content life cycle within the PromoRepublic platform – beginning from the moment the content is uploaded to when it’s live on one of the social media channels.

The dashboard displays how your partners are interacting with different types of content suggested by Headquarters. Users of HQ accounts can also compare changes to a similar previous reporting period.

content analytics

The full list of metrics you can track with the Content Performance Analytics:

  • Total content published on social media 
  • Content published using the platform
  • New assets added
  • Assets used
  • Posts proposed for approval
  • Top shared assets
  • Top performing content (Proposed posts / Individual posts)
  • Publishing behavior

publishing behaviour

HQ users can also segment their audience by location, brand, or any internal tag and create custom views if they want to drill down. 

Update #2: Content Label Performance Widget

Users of HQ accounts now can assign custom labels to content uploaded to the platform. Labeling makes managing and tracking content performance easier and more accurate. For example, you can label promo-related content or limited collaboration and always have a performance widget at hand. 

This widget highlights the five most-used labels related to the content published by local teams. It’s based on the labels HQ users assign for the suggested posts and is available in the Content Performance Dashboard tab.

content labels tags

Why Label Content and How Do Labels Impact Analytics?

Together Content Performance Analytics and Labels allow you to see which types of content (product categories, campaigns, etc.) are performing best. These data will then help you understand what works for your audience across different channels and locations and, as a result, optimize your spending.

By customizing the Label widget and Content Performance Dashboard, teams can slice and dice aggregated data to uncover even more insights and optimize their content strategy. Labeled templates also make browsing our content library (Asset Manager) easier.

Once you filter labeled content, you can see the following metrics via the Label Widget:

  1. The 5 top-performing labels for the selected period
  2. Post impressions 
  3. The total engagement for all labeled and published content
  4. Engagement per impression rate
  5. Reactions, comments, etc.

HQ users can label content right at the Content Editor when creating the template or selecting the post for approval. The admin panel is also an option – and it’s the only place to delete labels.

workflow post approval

Update #3: Post Approval Workflow

Labels and content analytics are for sure crucial for managing your brand assets and tracking success, but it’s people who ensure it. To help teams collaborate more effectively, we’re introducing Post Approval Workflow to set up user roles for submitting, reviewing, and approving outgoing posts.

Admins may shape the team members’ roles by granting specific permissions to ensure brand consistency and a compliant online brand presence. There are three types of permissions available – can publish, can propose for publishing, can approve or reject.

Post Approval – HQ Flow

Corporate users can access Post Approval Workflow via Content Hub Settings. You can see posts sliced by creation date, publishing date, social media, caption, brand, status, and buttons for their approval or rejection on the workflow page. If the posts are rejected, the approver may include a note with the reason why.

post approval

Sorting by the date or brand may help you decide what to approve first. You can select one, several, or all posts to bulk approve and/or reject.

Submitting for Approval – User Flow

The company can choose two types of workflows to allow users to post with or without approval. 

  • Even if the users are allowed to post on their own, they can still suggest posts for approval if they need more eyes on important content.
  • If the users can post only after approval, HQ approval of posts will be automatically suggested.

approving posts

Users can see all the posts in their calendars:

  • Posts that are waiting for approval are marked orange;
  • Approved posts are kept white;
  • Rejected posts are marked red.

social media calendar

We can’t wait for all our enterprise clients to try out and test these new features and immediately propel their marketing. Want to know how our local marketing platform can work for your brand? Book a demo and talk to us.

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