Delivering Holidays and Trends to Buffer and Hootsuite Accounts

Tatiana Caciur
Tatiana Caciur
VP of Partnerships @ PromoRepublic by day. Darth Vader disciple by night.
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Upd. on: 2 Aug 2021

PromoRepublic, creator of the next layer of content marketing, has exciting news!

The social media service provides a pre-populated editorial calendar, professionally-designed templates, as well as the ability to post directly from the tool. However, some users have asked for Buffer and Hootsuite integration. Now there’s a way to post PromoRepublic’s thoughtful event and trend-driven content within your existing Buffer or Hootsuite account. All it takes is two clicks and you’re on your way to well-designed, on-point content that’s delivered to your Buffer or Hootsuite account.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The integrations are completely free
  • You are not required to register with PromoRepublic to get started
  • The event-related templates are scheduled automatically on their respective day

You can easily integrate PromoRepublic into your Buffer account in just a few clicks:


Hootsuite users are provided with events supported by a ready-made template that they don’t have to edit before posting – for every holiday and event PromoRepublic covers (and it’s A LOT – no worries there).

Get started here to integrate PromoRepublic’s awesome templates with your Hootsuite account:


PromoRepublic is constantly thinking of new ways to support social media marketers from the freelance and agency worlds. These new integrations are just one new thing in a long list of ways we’re improving our software to provide a truly indispensable tool that turns social media blah into social media WOW. Check out PromoRepublic today to discover YOUR next level of content marketing.


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