New on Hootsuite’s App Directory: Visual Сontent Discovery and Сreation App IS Live

Max Pecherskyi
Max Pecherskyi
Max is a passionate SaaS entrepreneur who is on a mission of connecting professionals, SaaS companies, and startup hubs to help them form long-term relationships and sustainable win-win partnerships. Max is splitting his time between Kiev, Helsinki, and San Francisco. Current challenge: Connecting angel and institutional investors, co-founders, best talent and partner companies across 3 countries (UA/FI/US) to make venture succeed at global scale. Prior to co-founding PromoRepublic, Max worked 10 years in marketing agencies, being responsible for business development, digital marketing, and sales. Co-founded digital agency New Strategies Group and acquired accounts Kimberly Clark, Danone, Philips, Ferrero, Johnsons&Johnsons, Henkel to name the few. Fields of expertise: startups, strategic business development, enterprise sales, branding, digital marketing, fundraising.
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Hootsuite graphics editor - PromoRepublic

Hootsuite becomes a visual marketing tool with PromoRepublic integration! The biggest social media marketing platform now has access to a native graphics editor and template library with 100,000 post templates and images to discover your posts.

Hootsuite has always been the most powerful social media management tool:

  • A wide range of networks to share your posts
  • Scheduling and publishing
  • Sourcing engaging curated content
  • Responding to your followers
  • Monitoring your progress with analytics

But there was a feature that Hootsuite was always missing – a graphics editor with an integrated post templates library. From now on their 15m+ users can discover and customize professional premade visual templates or create their own from scratch.

Why Does Visual Matter?

Pictures matter when you need to get your post noticed. It applies to all types of your posts:

  • Engaging posts: quotes, polls, memes, GIFs (likes, comments, shares)
  • Promotional posts: special offers, discounts, company news (clicks)
  • Educational blog posts (clicks)

Your followers do not read captions, they perceive the message in your visual. They scroll through their feed and stop when their eyes find catchy image. It doesn’t matter how unique and great your content is, when it is lost among thousands of other posts.

“85% of marketers use visuals; 41% of marketers claim visuals are the most important form of content, more than blogging, videos or podcasts.”, Michael Stelzner, SMMW17.

What Was on Visual Market Yesterday


Indeed, you felt like a designer with Canva and it’s design templates, but you couldn’t manage your social media marketing like you can do with Buffer and Hootsuite.


You could create your own images with Pablo by Buffer and schedule them to all your social networks, but there are no pre-made posts as in Canva and PromoRepublic.


Hootsuite had its enhance free stock photo editor app, but unfortunately it is for mobile only.

Today the new visual app has officially launched. It means that you can work within one tool to manage all your work for social media: from discovering and customizing your visuals to scheduling and posting.

Start Creating Visual Posts with Hootsuite

To start your work:

  1. Install the PromoRepublic application from Hootsuite App Directory.
  2. Fill in the short from to get authorized:


Discover 100,000 Templates and Visuals

Discover post ideas in seconds, navigating through the library with post templates and images using the smart content search.

The best thing is that the post ideas provide ready-to-go templates for dozens of industries (from clothing/accessories to event planning, real estate, insurance companies and more) plus templates for holidays, events, special occasions and trends.


Customize or Create New Visuals

Customize any post template from ideas or create visual posts from scratch using a robust library packed with background images, icons and graphics. Use royalty-free Unsplash and Pexel photostocks backgrounds for free in the editor.

Hootsuite graphics editor - PromoRepublic

Post right from the Hootsuite dashboard

Add your finalized visuals to the Hootsuite scheduling tool with just one click. Finish the post with a description and a link and you are ready to go. All the power of Hootsuite posting and scheduling is now enriched with custom-made visuals!


Completely free to try

The free month plan allows you to use 200 templates and download up to 5. You can also get a $19,99 monthly plan with 6,000+ pre-made posts templates and download 20 per month.

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