Does Your Social Account Design Matter?

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Lana Miro
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With the consumers dictating the rules of the online game, social media is the glue that sticks brands with audiences. Want to command their attention? Do it right with the design that matters.

Do you know where your consumers ‘live’ online? Your audience likely won’t be everywhere all the time, so you need to know where they hang out and be there. Not able to do that? Well, chances are your business won’t go very far. Yet, treating your social account profile in a smart way can help meet your audience where they are.

Indeed, many companies recognize the necessity of social media today, yet, many of them still fail to do it effectively. Does your social account fit your brand image? Or does your social media account make the life of the target audience easier? As time progresses, social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will always evolve. What about you? How often do you change your social account profile design?

The problem is that most companies treat each of them as a stand-alone element, instead of a whole integrated system. Want to ensure you stay on top of your game? Without a great social account design, nothing happens.

Why Does Your Social Account Design Matter?

Of course, everything has its own reason and the design of your social account is no exception, too. It can be difficult at times, but when you learn that there is a purpose to this, it can be helpful.

Reason #1: Social Media Drives Targeted Traffic

No matter your industry, segment, and market, without a social presence, you risk losing a large chunk of your customers. In 2019, there are 3.49 billion internet users and 79.27% (3.48 billion) use social media actively – these numbers have no end in sight!

Having access to all those potential customers is a smart way to boost traffic. Wouldn’t you want to capitalize on that?

Digital around the world

As a recent Pew Research Center study reveals, age is not a barrier to social media activity. Also, Facebook and YouTube dominate the social landscape with over 68% of adult American users. In fact, users in age between 18 to 24 are addicted to Instagram (78%) and Twitter (45%). Do you know how much time people spend on social media every day? You’ll be surprised to learn these numbers. Yet, if you’re serious about growing your brand, learn some remarkable social media stats and facts first. It’s won’t hurt, but the impact is significant.

Reason #2: Social Media Boosts Your Website’s SEO

With millions of online users floating around, how to help your target audience climb your pages much faster? With SEO optimized pages, that trick is easier to do. In fact, your killer content strategy is the only way to improve your search rankings. And it’s not always about creating a lot of new content. Sometimes, simple re-sharing of evergreen content does wonders. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Well, Twitter is another great place to find targeted followers. What is the best way to find those who are interested in your niche? Indeed, establishing trust. No matter your niche, the value of an interesting and unique social account profile can never be less. All in all, it’s your smart bet to get new quality followers.

Want to challenge yourself as a specialist in web designing? No problem, with tons of social media templates, anything is possible. Want to get creative with your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account? Make your life easier from the start. Create a social network or community website that tells your story in a more creative way.

Reason #3: Social Media Boosts Engagement, Increases Loyalty and Generates Word of Mouth

Never forget that engagement is key when it comes to social networks. Your customers don’t want to be pitched, one thing they are looking for is authentic engagement. From the moment you find a way to connect with them, you can transform your brand into a universal resource. In times when you think you’ve tried everything, one thing you definitely missed out is a story. Stories command attention and get the audience wanting more. So, prove your authority on topics, answer their questions, inform them with pin-worthy content, entertain them, give them a reason not to forget you.

Indeed, these are only a few benefits of social media for both startups and established brands. But the biggest one is the ability to reach your target audience and respond to them quickly. Competitors have a habit of keeping you on your toes, so, don’t give them a reason to beat you up. If you want to boost your business, make sure your social account design sparks attention.


How to Design Your Social Account Profile and Grab People’s Attention?

No matter how great your content is, no one will engage it unless you spruce it up with visuals. That’s why your social media design matters. No matter what audience your brand communicates to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, entertain them. So, whether its graphics, images or videos, it should be a cut above the rest on the social media market. Otherwise, you risk a lot.


Indeed, the design of social media profiles varies. From a very professional approach of LinkedIn to a more free-form like design of MySpace. All in all, the majority of sites are somewhere in between. They tend to keep their social media design both professional and personalized. So, what is the best way to design your social account profile?  

Find Your Unique Voice

Every brand is unique, yet, does it have a hook to stand out? How effective is your personality in breaking through the online noise? As long as you keep your focus on your unique voice, you can not only create demand and grow conversions, but also build better relationships. So, add a personality to your social account profile and you’ll see how easy your ideas could be consumed. So, find the voice you are comfortable with and keep practicing and developing it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your personality. So, keep working hard.  


You can always start with custom social media templates to get started quicker. Yet, it’s in your own interest to customize it to the full until you find your own unique voice.

Create Outstanding Social Account Profiles and Covers

As you may know, consistency is key, especially when it comes to recognition and success. So, use your company’s logo or a creative variation of its design to maintain online brand recognition. That’s where graphic elements such as color, typography, and imagery come in handy. Sure, the variety abounds, so make sure you use content creation tools that save you time and money. Again, you can use pre-designed templates to get started quickly and grow from there.


Define a Content Strategy for Each Social Network

It’s a well-known fact, that what works on one network, might not work on another. So, do your job carefully. Do you know why your social media marketing is working here and not working there? Find the reason and polish your content strategy where it works best. Learn from your mistakes to get smarter.

Keep It Simple

What is the best answer to designing a great social account profile? Well, keep it simple and you’ll never miss the aim. Forget about overcrowding your social account with large graphics, mixed fonts or contrasting colors. What’s your goal – to impress or to grow conversions? The answer is obvious, right?


Let the Image Do the Talking

Did you know that a tweet with image shows to get 150 percent more engagement, according to BrightTalk? So, as long as people respond well to great design, it’ll make sense to design a social account profile with care.

Visuals for consumers

So, use pictures that are not only creative but also convey your message to your target audience. Better yet, in a way you need to be consumed. Besides, you can easily use icons to replace text in your designs. I bet, it works without a doubt.

Be a Human

Being a human is one of the best practices used by many brands today. In fact, this is a big one. Today customers avoid faceless brands sounding like corporate drones. Instead, a human social media presence is what makes a difference in success. Don’t shy away from showing your human side. Never. Show off the faces behind your brand to build that much-needed connection between your brand and customers.

And General Advice…

Don’t try to find a silver bullet for a greater social account profile design. There is no one winning solution that works wonders for everyone. Instead, you need to go through all small tactics and strategies to pick a few and work on them. If you struggle with your social account profile design, go and learn how the biggest brands do it on social right now. Sure, you can always take advantage of the tactics they use. All in all, doing so is more likely to take time, but the impact is easy to measure. Yet, one thing is sure, your social account profile design needs to be a cut. Otherwise, chances are that you can grow your brand and pad your wallet are next to nothing. So, keep working hard.  


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