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What Is a Facebook Boost Post?

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Businesses create and post marketing materials online with an aim to promote their products and services. This is the point where Facebook boost post function comes in place. When you boost a post on Facebook, you make the paid advertisement of your post. This action has to attract your target customers in addition to people following your business page at the moment.

It is different from the traditional Facebook ad in terms of specific customized settings such as duration of the boost on Facebook and certain parameters of audience you plan to attract, including their age, sex, and interests. Boosting a post on Facebook also presumes the setting up of certain budget for the promotion of each post. The higher your budget is, the higher the opportunity to get in touch with the target audience.

Quick Guide for Facebook Boosted Post Creation

There are several important steps you need to follow to boost your post on Facebook:

  • Define a post you are planning to advertise
  • Click “Boost Post” button
  • Choose your audience
  • Determine your budget
  • Choose the period for the Facebook boost post
  • Check your post before boosting
  • Select a payment method
  • Perform boosting your post with the help of “Boost now” button

In most cases, you can perform posts boosting for some specific pieces of content not involving in your regular Facebook Ads. It is especially useful when you have a promotional campaign and have created an interesting new post not connected to this campaign. You can promote it separately though the mechanisms of Facebook boost post.

What Does aBoost Post Do On Facebook for Your Company?

Look through the Facebook boost post potential advantages for your business:

  1. Overcome the new Facebook algorithm limitations – recently this platform made a new step towards posts prioritization through a focus on showing more posts from family members and friends. This step reduced the effectiveness of traditional Ad campaigns and the natural opportunity to increase the organic reach was to use boost post function.
  2. Attract the audience you wish – the application of this approach helps approaching the target customers for your product or service as you have an opportunity to specify the parameters of the target audience. You can show your post to as narrow or broad audience as you like.
  3. Simplify your Facebook promotional activities – there is nothing easier than the “Boost Post” command on Facebook. You can promote any post with just a few clicks. You can boost several posts to understand which type of content works better for your audience and such an approach is less costly in comparison to Facebook Ads
  4. Project the results of your activity – when you boost a post on Facebook you can easily see how many people it is going to reach for the invested budget. You have several options to choose from as you see the number of people you attract for various budgets and duration periods

The most interesting thing about the boost posts option is plenty of opportunities for experiments. You can set any budget you want starting from just $1 per day and depending on a number of people you aim to reach and the duration of your promotion Facebook calculates your potential reach. It is one of the best tools to use for promotion, taking into account a small budget and high potential reach.

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