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What Is a Rich Pin on Pinterest?

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If you are using Pinterest for the promotion of your products and services, it is likely that you are well acquainted with what Rich Pins mean. If it is not, it’s never too late to get started right away.

Pinterest Rich Pin is a markup that provides additional information about your product or service. They are different from the standard Pins and not related to the Pin description. Their main role is to transfer information from your website to Pinterest. Whenever you change any information on the site, it displays in Rich Pins and they are always up to date and branded properly.

Types of Pinterest Rich Pins

  • Product Pins – provide shoppers with additional information concerning the products they plan to purchase, including a detailed description of their features, pricing options and a direct link to your site for making a purchase
  • Recipe Pins – give details to a certain recipe, including the main ingredients and cooking time.
  • App Pins – help users to download the application right from the Pinterest
  • Article Pins – provide readers with information about the content they are interested in, including the author’s name and a brief description of the story.

As you can see, such Pin types can significantly enrich your communication with the target audience and bring traffic to your website.

They streamline your business development in a number of ways:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Raise customers trust
  3. Make your content more searchable
  4. Increase the probability of immediate purchase

How to Set Up and Optimize Your Rich Pins

If you are not a developer, it might not be an easy task to introduce Rich Pin functionality to your website. One of the easiest options is to use an application such as Yoast, which helps to install an SEO plugin organizing your metadata on a website. You can also consult Pinterest Developers Page and get a more detailed explanation of how to work with your metadata.

When you managed to gather all metadata from your site, the next step is installation and validation of the Rich Pins. In order to perform it easily use Rich Pin validator and follow the instruction to validate your Pins. Then you have just to use apply button and wait a couple of days to finish the validation procedure.

The final advice for getting the most from your Rich Pins after installation is to use well-represented images in your account. Their role is to attract attention and display your product or service in the best way. If you typically use article Rich Pins, include the attractive heading and popular keywords in its description. If you display a product, name its most important features and advantages for the potential user.

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