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What is an Instagram Pod?

We can define an Instagram pod as a group of users who cooperate to gain higher engagement for the account of each member. It can include from several to more than 1000 members, but the most effective are small groups with 10-15 users being highly engaged in its operation. In simple terms, a pod is an efficient form of Instagram Group that highly depend on the members’ activity.

Instagram has changed its algorithm in 2016 from reverse-chronological to relevance order and all Instagram users felt the consequences of this change. Currently, the popularity of the post depends on the engagement. It means your post has to receive plenty of likes, comments, and shares to appear in the Instagram feed of other users. It is not quite easy and Instagram pods appeared to bring higher engagement to your business account.

Instagram Pods Rules

There are several important rules for Instagram pods usage bringing success to your business:

  • Respect the other members. Whenever they make a new post, you have to comment on it. You need not use the advantage of the pod yourself
  • Do not use this group for a personal conversation with members. It is just for business needs and each member has to use it for this purpose
  • Place your posts in a predetermined time to simplify the work of other users
  • Remember to comment and share the posts of each member when it appears

You should understand that it might be hard to participate in several pods simultaneously as you might not have enough time to do your job there. A good thing is to work in several pods which are the most valuable for your business needs. Typically, the most profitable groups relate to a specific subject and unite people of similar interests.

How to Start a New Instagram Pod?

Step 1. Choose several Instagram members for networking – these people or businesses should have active accounts in your field and consistently make posts and comments in your area of interest. You can also find your potential members in Facebook groups or Telegram and Whatsapp chats.

Step 2. Contact each member of your choice – you can prepare a simple letter template explaining your intention to create a pod and benefits, which its future member gains after the decision to join it.

Step 3. Create the group, give it a name and invite members

Step 4. Establish the group rules and start cooperation

The Problems with Instagram Pods

Pods on Instagram might bring high engagement to your Instagram account due to the high involvement and cooperation of its participants. Unfortunately, it is not always so. Firstly, your campaigns typically attract only group members and you do not have a full impression on their effectiveness. Secondly, your group members might become lazy and do not make unique comments to posts reducing future engagement. Finally, if you do not cope with your work in-group you will receive a ban very quickly.

All these factors should prevent you from relying on this engagement strategy in long term development. At the same time, it is a good start for bringing attention to your brand and developing your future influencers.

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