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What is a Cover Photo on Facebook?

When you ask yourself, “what is a Facebook cover page?” the simplest answer is to define it as the first contact point with your potential customer. In fact, this photo is the very first thing that any user can see on your Facebook business page. To be an even more precise cover image is the large banner introducing your business page to users. As you understand, the first impressions are the most lasting; hence, your business has to get the most from this photo.

How to Make Your Facebook Cover Photo

First, let’s discover one important thing – you can create your cover photo or video. Yes, you understood it right. Facebook Business Pages can upload videos as their cover. The length of this video should be between 20 and 90 seconds and it has to attract the user’s attention. Just remember that this video automatically repeats when the viewer remains at your page, therefore make it adequately interactive.

Follow these requirements to make your perfect cover:

  • Use PNG files as your cover photo
  • Use ready to use templates or customize them to speak your brand voice using the professional content creation service
  • Stick to the 820×312 pixel size to display your photo in the best resolution for mobile and desktop version. Use this comprehensive guide on cover image sizes to be sure it meets the users’ expectations when they sees it.
  • Check the Facebook advertising rules before posting your photo to avoid any problems with restricted content
  • Check your photo or video to be safe-for-work
  • Use images with Creative Common Licenses to avoid any illegal copyright violations

When you are ready to upload your cover photo, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Facebook business page and click “add a cover” at the required space in the top left corner
  2. Upload your cover selecting the photo or video, which you created
  3. Check the preview before publishing and adjust the cover orientation if required
  4. Publish your cover

Best Practices in Cover Images Creation

Remember to make the first impression of your potential customer a positive one. Discover these important tips to get the most from your cover photo:

    • Do not use excessive texts on cover photos try to make them as visual as possible
    • Use your brand colors
    • Balance your cover photo to the right, keeping in mind this is the place for Facebook call-to-action buttons. You can also use some visual elements to drag attention to CTA buttons.
    • Make regular updates of your cover photo – you can use it as a place to make announcements about important events within your company. At any time you are making something new change your cover photo and place the most relevant content below the cover
    • Make you cover photo clickable and direct your potential customers to the page you require.
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