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What is Online Visibility and How to Increase It in 2021?

What is online visibility

Online visibility is literally the visibility of your company, products, and online channels in general on the Internet. For example, when you give out search results on search services like Google. What does it do for brands? First and foremost, it allows them to reach a huge audience of millions in a very short period of time by using the right strategies. It’s safe to say that a company with good online visibility is one from which services and products are frequently purchased.

How to improve online visibility

Competitor analysis

Working manually and using automated tools allows you to gather enough data to analyze and make a list of improvements you can implement on your site. And a good site is liked by both visitors and search engines, it’s Universal SEO, and everything has long been interconnected.

Pay attention to the appearance of sites, the features of important conversion pages, the quality of content, the presence of interactive elements. Look not only at what is repeated but also look for non-trivial elements.

Expanding semantics

Even if you have collected an excellent semantic core at the site’s main pages and properly distributed it on the landing pages, it does not mean that this point can be forgotten, especially if the niche is constantly changing something.

Over time, the relevance of queries decreases, there are new popular keywords, and the trending queries should not be discounted. It is recommended that every six months to update the semantic core.

First, you can superficially go over the basic queries in Wordstat, and then, where you can see the emergence of new clusters — to collect queries in more detail through specific tools such as Key Collector.

Refinement of existing pages

Improving existing pages is a fundamental job. Otherwise, even with the creation of new, well-designed pages, the “burden of the past” will still drag the site down.

Basic improvements that can provide the fastest and most noticeable return on SEO:

  • Write unique and optimized for target queries Title/Description meta tags;
  • Add high-quality, unique content on pages where there is no text, and increase the volume, if necessary, where it is too little;
  • Work on the structure of the page and content, if necessary, add blocks of photos, video, in general — to close the needs of visitors;
  • Analyze the panel of webmasters for what other queries have been shown and include them in the content of the page;
  • Based on the already mentioned analysis of competitors, you can find a lot of interesting ideas to implement on important landing pages services/product cards that generate conversions.

Different types of content on the blog and social media

Everyone already knows that informational articles work well for attracting traffic. But this is just one of the many formats that can be used. For some information, there are better implementation options than the articles we’re used to. In practice, it allows you to create new points of contact with a potential audience.

Here are a few types of content that can be applied in business, too:

  • interviews and news digests;
  • product reviews and customer testimonials in video format;
  • case studies;
  • Q&As;
  • illustrations, etc.

In this way, you can provide very good variety and significantly increase your reach for various search queries.

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