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What Is Social Selling?

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If you have business accounts on social media you have probably started social selling, but have not yet understood that you did it. First, you should not think of social selling as spamming your users in messages and with ads. Social media selling is the lead generation strategy focused on building a trustworthy relationship with potential customers and interacting with them with the purpose of future sales.

The idea of social selling meaning is to find the proper moment in social conversations to present your product or service as a solution to the customer problem. The role of the brand here is not to push the customer to buy something he does not need, but to make his life easier and solve his problems.

Why do Businesses Require Social Selling?

Research shows a strong correlation between social selling and achieving sales goals. There are several reasons for that:

  • People hate cold calls – social selling shows the other way to reach them. According to LinkedIn research 78% salesperson using social selling in their work, get higher results than the ones who do not use it.
  • Buyers look for the products and services online, hence involve in social buying
  • Competitors outperform companies not involved in social selling

Some time ago it was hard to build a relationship with the customer before his intention to make the purchase, now the company has all the instruments to influence his buying decision in the online world. If you would not like to stay far behind the market, it is time to start social selling today.

How to Make Social Selling Effective?

Let’s investigate these important tips to make social selling work for your business:

  1. Build real engagement – social media is the world, where building Rapport with customers is impossible without real people. You have to prove your credibility to potential customers. Optimize your social media profiles to show your value for clients. Do not overuse bots for sales; make your communication human and engaging across all social networks.
  2. Monitor all information about your brand and products online – the best way to find leads is to listen to their needs. You have to analyze all mentions related to your products and react immediately when you can recommend to potential customers the way out of their problems. You have to analyze the trends in your industry, as well as the activity of your competitors. This will help you not only to react quickly with your own product’s updates, but also to establish collaboration with competitors.
  3. Bring value – when you present content in social media does not think of it as a presentation of your business. Think of it as a piece of information that can present you as an expert in a certain field and help other people to understand how you can help them. You can share the posts of other people as well if you think they can bring value to your target customers. Think more about building relationship, not about sale at a first time.
  4. Stay in touch – after the first contact with a potential lead, never disappear from the communication. Your goal here is to contact with him regularly. You can leave a comment under his post, share the content he posts to his page or answer some questions that he posts to social media. Establish yourself as person in your industry who has the answer to any question related to it and you will see how quickly people will come back to you for the new advice.

Social selling helps businesses to communicate with customers and build engagement on the other level. You have to learn potential clients’ needs and respond with a solution to their needs. That is the key to your social selling strategy.

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