Save Time On Analyzing Performance Across Locations

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Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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Upd. on: 6 Feb 2023

Keeping track of online visibility in Google searches across locations can be time-consuming and challenging. Especially when you need to track the results of working with different agencies and consultants across locations. We realized there were no existing solutions on the market that aggregate locations’ findability data and give corporate offices a complete overview without manual work. That’s why we developed a unique Google Visibility Dashboard for Franchise & Multi-location Marketers.

With our new Google Visibility Dashboard, marketing & operations teams in corporate offices can easily understand local visibility performance, see which locations are dominating in local search results, where there’s room for improvement, and compare search performance across locations.

Google Visibility Dashboard displays the most important search and map metrics. That means you can focus on improving your playbooks or launching creative campaigns without wasting time on gathering, analyzing, and visualizing local visibility data to find what’s slipping.

With Google Visibility Dashboard, you can:

  • Oversee a heatmap of Average Ranking for keywords for Locations
  • Get a view from the Locations Leaderboard that displays: average location rank in all search engines, average rating and number of reviews, position in each search engine (Google Organic, Google Maps, Google Mobile Maps, Google Organic Maps), change in numbers compared to a selected data period
  • Dive deeper into a specific location’s performance in the Local Ranking Reporting
  • Export numbers in CSV for further data processing or in PDF for easy presentation within the team

Check out this 1-minute video to see a new Dashboard in action.

Ready to test-drive the Dashboard? Contact your Customer Success Manager or book a live demo with our Product Expert and get it for your team.

About PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic helps brick-and-mortar franchise and multi-location companies win customers across their business locations. Our Local Marketing Intelligence Platform empowers marketing & operations teams to grow their brands’ online visibility with actionable suggestions and tools. PromoRepublic’s Intelligence Engine generates insights & suggestions for brands and their locations at scale. Innovative companies like Expedia Cruises, doTERRA, 1st Class Real Estate, and Clean Franchise Brands trust PromoRepublic to fuel their business growth. For more information, please visit

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