How To Become A Pinterest Manager [2021] – Beginners Guide

Nazar Begen
Nazar Begen
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Nowadays lots of social media can be used in business, marketing, PR and also SMM. Every social is useful and each of them makes sense for similar reasons. But have you ever thought about Pinterest as a social media?

First of all, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest started in 2010 and has quickly grown as a leading social media platform. It has a reputation as THE platform to hit up when we need design inspiration, quick recipes, new blogs to read, cleaning checklists, or home improvement know-how.

 If we hear about this social media, we always imagine something with photos, pictures, arts, and something that makes us think about inspiration. Sounds like Instagram, does it? And also looks like a website that doesn’t need a manager, who will be responsible for the account..

But don’t fall for it. A Pinterest manager is a job of the future. People in America and Europe have highlighted this service for a long time and use it not only for promoting the place of your blog but also for making traffic to their website. Let’s discover, what does it include? 

If we compare Pinterest with other socials, we will see that it was created for people that are searching for ideas. And as we know, ideas is the most important part of every business. What social would you choose if you need references for the most comfortable and cozy house in the world? Not sure that it will be Facebook. And just imagine how many people’s wishes we can turn into traffic. 

So, let’s deal with Pinterest, how does it work? It is a kinda search engine for users, so be sure that your pins can be found easily with some tags and keywords. This is one of the main terms and traffic will mostly come from it. People can download some photos to their boards that are called “pins”. Other users can do “repins” and share with people.

Audience of Pinterest is very varied, that’s why sometimes people don’t look at this social media for advertising. And also are afraid that there are only housewives with no money. To be honest, most of Pinterest’s users are women. It’s true. But they are 18-24. Also they are interested not only in recipes and house ideas. Pinterest is a good place for internet shops, handmade, tourism etc. 

It’s good for:

  • visual marketing
  • inspiration
  • promoting clothes, etsy shops, recipes etc 
  • keeping of the ideas

Also some stats of Pinterest:

  • current users of Pinterest are more than 250 mln
  • 98% of people, who used Pinterest, tried the things which were found there
  • 93% of users use Pinterest as a shopping list
  • one of the most popular websites at the creative area
  • most popular boards are at the high places at Google Search

But do any companies use Pinterest? Or is it just a social for private use? There are 2 types of accounts: private and business. Business accounts have access to the stats. There you can watch for verified company pages, рinterest аnalytics and similar pins. Every private page can be changed for business. 

A Pinterest Manager is an assistant for potential followers who begins offering Pinterest management services. You may add these onto your existing general admin services, or you may make a full-fledged leap and start calling yourself a Pinterest Manager. Sounds good and attractive. But! If you want to work with Pinterest as a manager, you need to know how to promote it. There are some talking points. 

  1. Create an account with a catchy name and userpic. The user’s eye will catch it first. Also as friendly advice — use the same picture as on other socials. It will be easier to memorize you for your potential followers and customers. 
  2. Use keywords. Yes, we have said about it, but it’s very important. That’s once again. keywords are all for us! It should be the same as the words that users will search for. When users are searching for something that they need, search engines show not only the pins with similar themes. Pinterest also shows accounts with these words and boards with keywords. That’s one of the main reasons to make a good and speaking name for our account. 
  3. The name is good but it’s a piece of your account. Create a good description cover and link to the site which will be promoted. 
  4. Boards. You can have some boards, but one of them should be main. There you can place all the information about the account. On other boards, you can share with different themes. During the design of your boards, you can analyze your audience and try to make their life easier. Every board should be with specific keywords and different avatars for easier ways of finding. Also, it can help to share the thematic boards in the head of our potential followers. 
  5. Every board should have a name. You know that visual is the most important part of Pinterest. But you can make good pins without good names. Make them in English, ‘cause most of the pins are in English language and it’ll be easier to work with your content. But if you need the audience from a specific region, use the language of it. For example, in the CIS region the Russian language will work better than anything else.
  6. Pin at least 10 pins by yourself, don’t use any tools. Just as advice, Pinterest’s algorithms will promote your content better. 
  7. Vertical pictures. Pinterest is mostly visited by mobile users and that’s the reason for vertical pics. Horizontals are also good, but vertical and the squad will be better on mobile devices. Take care of potential users!
  8. If you want to delete the board, remember that it’s not such a good idea. Deleting boards will remove their followers also. What should you do better? Just rename this board and make a new type of content. Some followers will unsub your account, but it’s better than losing all of them. 
  9. Post pins as regularly as you can. People will see your content more often and followers will grow. 
  10. Make research sometimes. Pinterest is a young social and it can change very fast. Don’t follow old trends, ‘cause it’s literally cringe and looks like zoomers trying to catch up with youngsters. For the money, of course.

Pinterest manager

Working with Pinterest is a good idea, ‘cause there are not lots of advertising and people are not tired of it. Just remember, how many advertising posts and stories can you notice in your Instagram feed? Pinterest is from it. We can be sure about the future, but if you speak about the present, that’s how it is.

Every person can become a Pinterest manager if he or she is good at aesthetics. This word means a lot for the current generation. There are some main points for a good Pinterest manager:

  • The skill of searching for something unusual in ordinary things
  • Awareness of attractive combos of photos 
  • Desire and passion to create something beautiful
  • Preference for creating content, not for any kind of community management and chatting with customers 

Don’t be afraid that it sounds like something easy and every person who uses the Internet can deal with it. Just do what you like and try to make people love your job. 

Don’t take themes that you are not interested in at all. Just imagine, would an account with cars be interesting if it’s managed by a person, who is crazy about animals and distinguishes automobiles just because of their colors? Hope that I’ll never see it. Sorry.

Reach for potential clients. You can find them everywhere, but let’s stop on Linkedin and Facebook. That strict socials are fool of strict business accounts that are waiting for some aesthetics. Ask if they or anyone they know might be interested in using your new service.

Remember that there are no useless socials for any business. There are different audience adt it’s absolutely awesome that we can find them in different places. And they won’t cross with each other!

It’s hard to say how long the entire process will take, but my best guess is that if you got your first Pinterest client today, you would be able to rebrand entirely as a full-time Pinterest Manager between 6-12 months from now if you put in the work.

Remember, if you do your job with passion and interest, everything will be good. ‘Cause your passion and concern is seen by followers and your future clients. Good luck, have fun and create the best pins ever!

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