PromoRepublic Introduces Intelligence Engine to Break Down Silos in Local Marketing Data

Daria Ivanova
Daria Ivanova
Head of Marketing @ PromoRepublic | Marketing & data geek
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25 Oct 2022

PromoRepublic, the local marketing intelligence platform, is launching the first-of-its-kind Intelligence Engine, a proprietary analytical technology that detects insights and generates suggestions for franchise and multi-location businesses to grow their visibility on local search and social. 

Since 2020, there’s been a transformation in the way customers choose businesses to buy from. Before making a purchase decision, consumers evaluate brands across multiple online platforms. For instance, customer use of Google to evaluate local businesses jumped from 63% to 81% in the past year. 

Major online platforms react to changes in customer behavior and innovate with new features like Neighborhood Vibe, recently launched on Google Maps, or Maps experience, launched on Instagram.

“According to Yelp statistics, there are about 26,000 reviews being published on the platform per minute. Besides that, customers produce tons of user-generated content like ratings, pictures, and other engagement with profiles of local businesses in directories and maps. Other consumers consider that information to make purchasing decisions,”  says Val Grabko, co-founder and COO of PromoRepublic. “That means that in addition to a standard workload, a marketing manager has to not only reply to reviews but also know how to improve their service and suggest grow revenue based on feedback from customers.”

The complexity of tracking metrics like ratings, new reviews, and rankings, and getting actionable insights based on that, multiplies as a brand scales across different geographies.

That’s why PromoRepublic built the first-of-its-kind Intelligence Engine that gathers primary local marketing metrics in one dashboard, finds and visualizes interconnections between the state of search, reviews, and social, and generates visibility growth suggestions for business locations.

“We built a unique Local Intelligence Engine,” says Roksolana Badun, Product Manager at PromoRepublic. “It’s the first to stitch together platform data across 130 directories and listings. What’s more important, it connects the dots between how reviews influence positions, and we can split that granularly for particular locations and geographies considering local competition. The Engine consolidates insights in easy-to-read dashboards and suggestions, so you get answers to your most important questions like “How do my locations perform on local search and social? What impacts my location rankings? How can they outperform their competitors and win more customers for my brand in a specific geography?”

Generating insights & suggestions with the Intelligence Engine is possible starting today as part of PromoRepublic’s Local Marketing Intelligence platform. Apply here to get insights now. For more information on PromoRepublic’s Local Marketing Intelligence Platform and Intelligence Engine, visit 

About PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic helps brick-and-mortar companies win customers across their business locations. Our Local Marketing Intelligence Platform empowers marketing & operations teams grow their brands’ online visibility with actionable suggestions and tools. PromoRepublic’s Intelligence Engine generates insights & suggestions for brands and their locations at scale. Innovative companies like Expedia Cruises, doTERRA, 1st Class Real Estate, and Clean Franchise Brands trust PromoRepublic to fuel their business growth. For more information, please visit

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