Introducing LinkedIn Direct Video

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
Content writer and blog editor at PromoRepublic
≈ 1 min read
Upd. on: 29 Sep 2021

Hey, we have some great news for you! As you know, in PromoRepublic you can schedule videos for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Business, and it will be played directly in the feed as shown below. 

Recently we added the possibility to post videos natively on LinkedIn as well. So, now you can easily create posts with videos and schedule them for all platforms at your desired time in just one click. Remember, you can post only one video per post at a time. 

For our next updates, we are working on a preview selection; the possibility to change the video’s name directly in PromoRepublic’s interface and improve the video re-posting process.

For more detailed information and instructions, please check out our Help Center.


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