29+ Social Media Post Ideas for May To Use in 2019

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Is your social media calendar loaded to the max with killer post ideas for the month of May?

With the warmer weather upon us, your consumers are enthusiastic about spending time outdoors, spending time with their families and friends and of course, spending money.

The more posts you have circulating on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram – the more exposure your brand or business has on the web.

This month we honor all the heroes in our lives with Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day and Memorial Day. Every business or marketer should already have campaigns rolling out for these highly engaging holidays.

Get ready to fill your calendar with all the following topics for this magical month of May:

As a business, it’s always a challenge to come up with unique and inspirational ideas that will engage and connect with your existing and potential clients. With our library chock full of educational, engaging and promotional templates – you will always have something interesting to share.

PromoRepublic social media calendar includes daily post ideas that can be scheduled for 5 social media channels!


Monthly Social Media Content Ideas For May

Capitalize on the holidays for the month of May. Select the ones that are relevant to your business and create campaigns that can benefit your product/service. Here are some great ideas:

Better Sleep Month ????

Encourage your followers to spring out of bed with helpful insights on sleep. Alert customers are happy customers A happy customer is a buyer!

Clean Air Month ????

Environmental concern is not a growing trend, it’s a reality that we are all facing now. Enlighten your followers with statistics and fun facts.

Heal The Children Month ????

No matter what business you own, chances are you have customers who are parents, aunts/uncles, mentors, etc… Why not create a promotion raising money for a children’s organization in your town?

International Business Image Improvement Month ????

Every business needs a second chance to make a first impression. This month build better customer relationships by asking them how you can improve. Engage!

Mental Health Month ????

Raise awareness by sharing personal stories because we know there are millions of people suffering from anxiety and depression. Use hashtags like #EndTheStigma on your posts this month too.

National Hamburger Month ????

Attention all restaurants!! This month is an ideal month to come up with a new recipe or offer deals on all your delicious burgers. Do you own a home goods store? Discounts on grills are a surefire way to get your customers hyped for Memorial Day!

National Meditation Month ????️

Ommmm… Namaste. Every month is a potential stressful month for your followers. Restore mindfulness by posting a list of daily affirmations or tips that can better them. Gratitude will be granted in the form of product or service purchase.

National Pet Month ????

Calling all dog, cat, bird and iguana lovers! Share fun memes or educational posts. Open the forum by asking your followers to flood your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with fun pics.

National Asparagus Month ????

Do you have a favorite recipe that you want to share with your followers? If you’re a restaurant or café, maybe feature asparagus foods every week. Share the nutritional information as a bonus.

Women’s Health Care Month ????‍

Posting educational templates on how to improve your female followers health is always a good call. Go ahead and showcase inspirational women in the wellness and medical field who are contributing to our lives.

Weekly Social Media Content Ideas For May

Hyping up your customers on a weekly basis with fresh, new Facebook Business post ideas is a compelling way to keep them coming back for more. It can be a creative way to flaunt your product/service. Here are some ideas for you:

International Coaching Week (Apr 29 – May 5) ????

Are you a business coach, a sports or fitness trainer, life coach? Promote your services this week by offering a discount or other incentives, like a free session.

Be Kind To Animals Week (May 5 – May 11) ????

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. There are millions of pet owners and sharing tips and quotes with animals is a win-win for every industry!

Reading Is Fun Week (May 12 – May 18) ????

Encourage your followers to share their favorite book, classic or pop culture, on your social media platforms. Do you have a business that can gift an e-book. This week is the time to do it!

National New Friends, Old Friends (May 19 – May 25) ????

This week is all about connections and opening your networks. Take advantage of this week by rewarding your existing clients with VIP discounts and your new clients with introductory offers.

National Tire Safety Week (May 25 – June 1) ????

Share Summer road trip tips with your customers. No need to be in the car or garage business. The vast majority of your followers own a car or a bike!

Daily Social Media Content Ideas For May

Never run out of ideas with our library chock full of content marketing templates. With a medley of educational, engaging, promotional and inspirational content – you will keep your followers on their toes each and every day.

May 1 – Global Love Day ❤️

How are you going to spread the love today? Behind the scenes or employee appreciation, day or customer love are glorious ways to highlight the positive aspects of your business. #Love

May 2 – International Harry Potter Day ????

Channel the inner wizards in your fans with a match game of spells. #Riddikulus #HarryPotterDay

May 4 – Star Wars Day ????

Share some #StarWars wisdom with your fans #MayTheFourthBeWithYou. Involve your customers, suggest to them that they dress up as their favorite character for a discount. Your fans will love it!

May 5 – Cinco De Mayo ????

Any festive event like this one will surely bring in the crowds. As a restaurant, it’s a great way to attract new customers with a festive promotion!

May 7 – Teacher Appreciation Day ????

With the semester coming to a close, let’s show our appreciation to all the hardworking teachers out there. Celebrate the heroes who have planted the seeds of knowledge in our brains and helped us move forward.

May 10 – National Shrimp Day ????

Calling all restaurants, foodies, wellness! This is your day to promote your shrimp dishes and/or the benefits of eating tasty shrimp.

May 11 – Eat What You Want Day ????

Are you a restaurant? Why not offer a special on “All You Can Eat Fries” today? Or let them choose their favorites from a menu.

May 12 – Mother’s Day ????

Social Media will explode with tons of promotions. PromoRepublic proposes giveaways, photo contests and special offers for this event. Shower your moms with love!

May 17 – National Endangered Species Day ????

We are living in a world full of animals and insects that are at risk of extinction. Raise awareness with your followers by donating a percentage of sales to helping this cause.

May 21 – National Memo Day ????

Any business can use this template. Just replace one of the tasks with: “Buy Your Product” or “Register to Webinar” or “Make Appointment with…”

May 22 – National Sherlock Holmes Day ????

Reach out to your crime thriller fans out there. This is a fab way to engage with fans who are addicted to investigative dramas flooding Netflix and HBO.

May 23 – National Lucky Penny Day ????

Have fun today and ask your customers to present you a 1975 penny for a discount. It takes a simple interactive sale to get them coming for more. #LuckyPennyDay

May 24 – Red Nose Day ????

Raising awareness for child poverty can only shed a positive light on your business. Do your part today, take off a percentage of your sales and give it to those who need it the most.

May 25 – National Wine Day ????

People love wine so much that they made it into a holiday! It’s sure to go viral – so have fun with it! Drink Wine! Save Water! *If you’re a bar/restaurant – use it to your advantage!

May 27 – Memorial Day (US)

Let’s not forget why we celebrate this holiday. By honoring the fallen on your newsfeed, respect from your followers is almost a guarantee. #WeWillNeverForget

May 30 – Loomis Day ☎️

Where would we be without wireless? OMG we just cannot imagine it! Sarcasm aside, now everyone can buy from us online wherever and whenever!

May 31 – No Tobacco Day ????

It’s all of our responsibilities to keep trying to drive the message of this harmful addiction to every last one of our followers. #RaiseAwareness

Grow your business with these social media ideas for May. Remember to use an equal amount of promotional, educational, engaging and inspirational posts throughout the month. Your objective is to keep them coming back for more. If you inundate your platforms with too many one-sided templates, you may have to work hard the next month to recuperate your followers. It’s imperative to post on all platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn for maximum exposure.

Happy posting this May! Make it magical! Make it memorable!

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