PromoRepublic Launches Groundbreaking Analytics Suite for Franchises, Chains, and Multi-location Brands

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Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Content Marketing Manager
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30 Apr 2024

PromoRepublic has unveiled its new Analytics Suite, a game-changing solution designed to empower franchises and multi-location businesses with key insights for every location.

This suite solidifies PromoRepublic’s position as the leading data-driven platform for enhancing marketing and customer experience across locations.

Franchises and chains struggle to understand the data from customer interactions across their locations because they face issues like sourcing data from all locations, decentralized dashboards, and limited integration with other business intelligence tools.

PromoRepublic’s Analytics Suite enables franchises and multi-location businesses to adopt a data-driven approach to marketing & operations, providing tools to effectively automate data analysis at scale.

Committed to being intuitive and unified, PromoRepublic’s Analytics Suite elevates strategies to outperform competitors in the area. It also facilitates the efficient execution of marketing and customer experience initiatives at scale, reduces costs by automating reporting—which saves numerous workdays—and enables faster responses to reputation crises and trends.

🌟Key highlights of the launch include:

  • Key insights for every location in the unique and unified Location Performance Dashboard: Offers a comprehensive leaderboard with key metrics and scores, enriched with sentiment analysis and competitive insights, to guide per-location marketing and operational strategies.
  • Holistic Reporting Across Digital Channels: Delivers unique segmentation and filtering capabilities, providing a 360-degree view of brand consistency and customer experience at global, regional, and local levels.
  • Sentiment Analysis for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Monitors sentiments in reviews to enhance customer experiences across locations and evaluate brand health.
  • Copilot – Your Custom Data Analytics: Features tailor-made dashboards that deliver actionable insights and to-do lists, making sophisticated data analytics accessible without the need for expensive resources.
  • Export to the BI solution of your choice (e.g., Tableau or PowerBI): Export or integrate with other databases and systems. Combine data assets, eliminate silos, and maximize the ability to make impactful business decisions.

“With our upgraded Suite, businesses gain the tools to not only navigate the challenges but to outperform competitors in the ever-evolving market,” said Max Pecherskiy, Co-Founder and CEO of PromoRepublic. “Our Analytics Suite isn’t just a collection of metrics; it’s a strategic asset that fuels competitiveness and growth.”

We can easily segment out the data creating a system that not only allows us to measure the impact for individual locations but also enables us to compare against peers.” – Kasey Skala, Director of Strategic Marketing at City Wide Facility Solutions, a maintaining and cleaning franchise, PromoRepublic’s partner that recently crossed a 100-location milestone.

This launch marks a significant milestone in PromoRepublic’s decade-long commitment to serving local and multi-location businesses. Already serving over 80 franchise brands and managing over 15,000 locations on the platform daily, PromoRepublic continues to innovate, integrating actionable insights that drive strategic decisions and operational efficiency.

For more information about PromoRepublic’s Analytics Suite, visit its page.

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