October Social Media Marketing Ideas [2021]

Dmytro Polishchuk
Dmytro Polishchuk
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Happy October everyone! Looking for interesting October social media ideas? We got you covered! In this post you will find some cool content ideas to boost your SMM and bring new clients. And the very first day of the month is already packed with international holidays! 

October 1: 

  • International Coffee Day
  • World Smile Day
  • World Vegetarian Day

You can start the day with a smile and a big sip of fresh oat milk coffee. Celebrate with the energy boost and make some posts about these great holidays. Engage with your community and find out how many vegetarians and coffee lovers are there. 

 October 2: International Day of Nonviolence

A great day to celebrate both nonviolence and Mahatma Gandhi B-day. Let’s hope none of the users will start a fight in the comments at least in this post. 

October 3: National Techies Day

Yep, October 3rd is all about the power of nerds that changes the world. Inspire your audience by posting something about tech, innovators, and the progress they gave humanity. 

October 4: World Animal Day

We know you think that every day should be an Animal Day and you know what? We think the same. On the other hand, the Internet is all about cats, so, it’s a victory. This is a beautiful day to recognize all animals in our lives, so get your most cute and engaging animal pics ever and post it. 

October 5: World Teachers Day

Congrats to all the teachers in the world for their hard work, inspiration, and knowledge they share.

October 10: World Mental Health Day

Initiated in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health, this day is perfect for your brand to show your audience that you care and raise awareness. 

October 15: Global Handwashing Day

It is still more relevant than ever. Once again you can remind people of safety, hygiene, and raise awareness in the times of pandemic. 

October 16: World Food Day

Another chance to get the best recipes from your audience and talk about the culinary side of your brand and community. World Food Day is for delicious content and likes with a rumbling sound in the stomach.

October 21: Get to Know Your Customers Day

Yes, there is a whole holiday for this! And thats a great opportunity to start a conversation with your clients and followers to understand them and their needs even more. 

October 30: Checklist Day

We can’t write all the jokes we have for this day in the article, but believe there is a lot of them in our checklist. What’s in your brands checklist for this month or even year? Share it with your audience and start a conversation. 

October 31: Boo! 

When you think October, you think Halloween. It’s a smart business move to start your marketing early especially if your company depends on it for revenue. This holiday is also an entertaining addition to your marketing strategies. It’s a great time to have fun with your customers and begin the buzz for the next two months of sales!

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